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2012版深圳八年级英语上册Chapter5 讲义二

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Chapter5 Educational exchanges讲义二

教师: 学生: 时间: 课次:第 次

(3)How much do you spend on the book ?(改同义句 )

例1.---Do students ______much time ______playing computer games

---Yes, some of them _______much money _______games.

A spend…in; pay…for B spend….on; pay…for

C pay…for; spend…on D pay….of; spend…in

例2 ---It _______me two months _______the writing work

---It’s really a hard job.

A spent, finishing B spent, to finish C too, to finish D too, finishing

3.success n___________ v____________ adj__________ adv__________

Succeed in doing sth ___________________



She passed the exam ___________.

我爸爸是一个很成功的商人 My dad is a ________________business man .

例1. ---Do you think Lang Lang’s ___________(successful) came easily?

---No, he didn’t ___________(successful) easily.

例2 ---Are these cartoons made in Shenzhen________success?

---Yes, They ______earning much money already.

A great; succeeded B a great, succeeded

C great, have succeeded D a great, have succeeded

4.experience n (不可数) ________/ 可数__________ adj:________________

她有很多的教学经验 ______________________________________


(1)He is a teacher of great _________(experience)

(2)He is an ____________(experience) doctor and many patients went to see him.

(3)----Mary has a lot of ________in teaching us English.

----Yes , she is an __________teacher, we all like her very much .

A experiences; experienced B experience, experience

C experience, experienced D experiences, experiences

5.introduce : v ___________ n __________

(1) 你能给我介绍一下你自己吗? Can you ________yourself________us ?

(2) 你能给我们做一个详细的介绍吗? Can you give us a detailed


(3) please read the letter of __________(introduce)carefully and fill in the form.

6. keep: keep +doing .______________ keep + adj ____________ 我妈妈每天坚持做运动______________________

Doing more exercise can keep you ______________(健康)

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