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Unit 2 what time do you go to school ?单元测试题

一. 单选

1 _______ does he go to school on weekdays ?

A What B What time C Why D What about

2 We eat breakfast at half __ six in the morning .

A in B to C at D past

3 He usually _____ work at a quarter ________eight .

A go to B goes to ,to C goes , to D go to ,at

4 When do you get _______ there ?

A to B up C at D /

5 We go to _______ at six thirty in the morning .

A the school B a school C school D schools

6 Mike either sings _______ plays the piano .

A to B and C but D or

7 It’s eleven o’clock . you have to go ___________.

A to home B home C my home D his home

8 --- Is it _______ boring job ? ----No, it is ___- interesting work .

A a , an B an , a c C / , a D a, /

9 When ____he ______ his homework .

A does ,does B does ,do C do , does D do , ,do

10 What time is it now , Peter ?

-----Let me see , _______ half past nine .

A is B it’s C it D are

11. It’s ten o’clock. I must go ______.

A. to home B. home C. my home D. his home

12 Are you often late _______ school ?

A to B for c at d in

13 Victor wants to find a new ________. He doesn’t like to _____here .

A work , ,job B job , job C job ,work D work ,work .


14 Kate is often late __ school .

A for B with C on D at

15 We go to bed at a quarter _______ten .

A at B to C pass D after .

16 ________ weekends , we go to the park ______ seven o’clock .

A On , in B At , at C On ,at D To, at

17 My sister _______home at 5:00 every day.

A gets b gets to C get D get to

18 Peter often plays tennis _________four ________the afternoon .

A in , at B at ,in C at , at D in , for

19 Watching TV too much isn’t good __ our health .

A to B with C for D at

20 They have English classes _______Monday ____ Friday .

A form , to B both , and C either, or D to , too

二 完形填空 classes in the morning . He has lunch at school .In the afternoon ,he has two ( ) 21.A .on B .off C .over D .up

( ) 22 A take B takes C do D does

( ) 23 A .tooth B .teeth C .hair D .face

( )24. A .have B .does C .has D .hasn’t

( ) 25 A at B in C to D for

( )26. A do B .plays C .watches D .play

( )27. A .goes B .does C .has D .did

( ) 28 A can B doesn’t C never D want


( )29 A watch B watches C make D sees

( ) 30 A makes B go to C goes to D get up

三 根据提示写出单词的正确形式。

1 He usually _______ (刷牙) in the morning .

2 My brother _____ (从不) eats breakfast .

3 What time is it ? It’s a q_____ past seven .

4 My grandfather often ____________ (散步) after dinner。

1. My mother______ (be) good at_________ (dance).

2. We need two good ____ (music) for our school music festival.

3. Let me _______(show) my photos ____(介词) you.

4. He ______ (can)________ (play) the guitar.

5. Do you want________ (join) us _____(play) basketball

10.Let’s talk _____(介词) our teacher.

四. 按要求完成句子(20分)

1. He can play cards. (改为否定句) He_____ play cards.

2. Tom and Mary can play the guitar. (改为一般疑问句,并否定回答) ____________________________? ____________. 对划线部分提问)


4. They can swim and draw. (用Peter做主语改写句子)

______________________________. 对划线部分提问6. Can you play soccer? Can you play chess?(改为选择疑问句) Can you _____ _____ ____ _____?


五. 阅读理解(20分)


My name is Dennis. I’m a worker(工人) of a big store. I don’t work in the

morning. I work at night. Every morning I come home at around 6:30. I have break-fast at 7:00. After breakfast I go to bed. I get up at around 2:30. I have lunch at 2:45 and dinner at 7:40. Then I go to work at 8:30. My work starts at 9:00. I look after(照看) the store every night. I like my work very much.


( )1. When does Dennis get up?

A. At 6:15 in the morning.

B. At 6:30 in the morning.

C. At 2:30 in the afternoon.

( )2. Where does Dennis work?

A. In a school. B. In a store.

C. In a factory(工厂).

( )3. When does Dennis work?

A. In the morning. B. At night.

C. In the afternoon.

( )4. What time does Dennis start his work?

A. At 8:30 in the morning.

B. At 2:30 in the afternoon.

C. At 9:00 at night.

( )5. When does he go to bed?

A. After breakfast. B. After lunch.

C. After dinner.


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