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My Classmate(同学) I have a classmate called Susan, she and I are the best friends.. Susan is a very pretty girl with long, black hair. She is a nice friend. When I am in trouble, she is always there to give me a hand. Susan likes to play chess and do sports . But she hates to walk in cold weather. At school she is a really hard -working student. And she is good at all the subjects. There is my classmate, Susan, and she is my best friend in the world.

My teacher(老师)

Ms. Li is our English teacher. She is 30 years old .She looks very young .She loves playing basketball . She is not only my teacher but also my best friend .She is strict with me .She often tells us jokes .She asks us to play basketball with her. And She also encourages us to work hard .When we make rapid progress .She is pleased with us. She teaches us how to learn English well and she makes her lessons interesting. We are all interested in English .We likes her very much.

2.介绍学科 My favourite subject

I am a middle school student and I have many subjects such as math, Chinese, English, history, geography, biology, politics, music, art, P.E., computer and so

on. My favorite subject is English. Because our English teacher is very funny and English is very interesting. And English is popular, and very useful. English is the bridge to the world. If I learn it well ,I will have a better life when I grow up.What subject do you like best?Can you tell me?

3.描述生日派对 My birthday party

My birthday is 14th May. On that day,my mother and father bought me a big birthday cake and my mother cooked many delicious foods. We had a party in the evening .I invented my friends to my party. I lit up fourteen candles and made a wish,then I blew out the candles.All my friends gave me presents and sang Happy birthday to me. After having a meal ,we sang songs and played games together,.I had a very happy birthday party. It was great.

4..介绍社区 My neighborhood

My neighborhood is very nice.There is a big supermarket in my neighborhood. It’s only two blocks away from my home.My mother often goes shopping there.There is a small park . Many people go there to have a walk .I like the bookstore best. It’s across from the park. I usually spend my free time reading books in the bookstore..I like donuts.The bakery near my home makes delicious donuts.It’s convenient to live here and the people are friendly. I think my neighborhood is the best. I love living here.

5.谈论理想 My dream

Different people have different dreams. My dream is to be a teacher. I like English and I’m good at it. My English teacher is very helpful.I hope to be an English teacher like her when I grow up. I will be a good teacher. I will be nice to my students and I won’t give them too much homework on weekends. I will always encourage them to work hard. I wish I could not only be their teacher but also their friend. From now on,I will work hard to make my dream come true. I believe I can make it.

6. 交通工具My favourite transportation(最喜欢的)

There are many ways of travelling. We can go to another place by car, by plane and so on.But my favorite transportation is going by bike. A bike is cheap and convenient. I can go almost any place by bike.It’s good exercise.What’s more, riding a bike is good for our environment. If most people choose to travel by bike,our world will become more and more beautiful. Let’s go cycling together.

The future transportation (未来的)

What will the transportation be like in the future? My future transportation is a kind of bike. The bike is clean. It will use no oil or coal to power it. I t takes energy from the sun.The bike can travel on the ground(地面) as well as in the sky.It will go fast .But you can change its speed if you like. Do you want to ride it?

7.谈论爱好My hobby

Everyone has a hobby . It may bring us a lot of happiness. My hobby is listening to music.When I was a child ,I enjoyed listening to cartoon music, I'm good at singing, I often lose myself in it. When I am sad , music can make me happy. When I am very tired , it can make me comfortable . Listening to music is a lot of fun and it's good for my health. Do you like listening to music? If not, I hope you can have a try,you will find it so good.

8. 介绍自己Introduce yourself

My name is Li Ming. I will tell you something about myself. I’m a good person. I love to help others.I’m also a good student.I’m good at all the subjects especially English.I like singing.I often sing a song to enjoy myself when I’m free. I’m good at playing ping pang.I usually win the game.Of course,I have weak points.Sometimes I’m not very confident in myself.But I will try to improve it.This is me.Do you like


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