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( ) 1. What’s wrong with my son’s ________? He can’t see things clearly

A. eyes B. ears C. mouth D. nose

( ) 2. She gave the erasers to Lucy and _______.

A. I B. mine C. my D. me

( ) 3. We bought _____for my mother’s birthday.

A. some meats B. some pieces meat C. a piece of meat D. pieces of meats

( ) 4. -- Where are the _____? -- They are playing _____violin in the school hall.

A. girl students, / B. girls students, the C. girl students, the D. girl student, the

( ) 5. He was seen _____something from the shop.

A. steal B. to steal C. to be stolen D. stealed

( ) 6. The sick boy _____ to hospital by the police yesterday.

A. is taken B. was taken C. takes D. took

( ) 7. Waste paper shouldn’t _____ everywhere. It’s our duty to keep our city clean.

A. be thrown B. throw C. is thrown D. are thrown

( ) 8. -- Do you often plant trees in spring? -- Yes, many trees _____ in our school every year.

A. plant B. are planting C. are planted D. are plant

( ) 9. -- I don't know _____ Mr. Green will come to see us. -- He will help us with our English.

A. why B. when C. how D. where

( ) 10. -- Where do you think _____ he _____ the computer? -- Sorry,I have no idea.

A. /;bought B. has;bought C. did;buy D. does;buy

( ) 11. -- Do you know _____?I'm going to see him. -- Sorry,I don't know.

A. where does Mr. Li live B. where did Mr. Li live C. where Mr. Li lives D. where Mr. Li lived

( ) 12. _____a new library _____in our school last year?

A. Is; built B. Was; built C. Does; build D. Did; build

( ) 13. A story _____by Granny yesterday.

A. was told us B. was told to us C. is told us D. told us

( ) 14. Tell Lily to call me as soon as she ____.

A. will arrive B. gets there C. has gone D. reach here

( ) 15. -- Do you know when Dr White ____for dinner this evening? --No, but I think he ____when he is free.

A. will come; comes B. will come; will come C. comes; comes D. comes; will come

( ) 16. -- I called you yesterday evening, but there was no answer.

-- Oh, I am sorry. I ____dinner at my friend's home.

A. have B. had C. was having D. have had

( ) 17. -- Mum, may I go out to play football? -- ____you ____your homework yet?

A. Have; finished B. Do; finished C. Are; finishing D. Did; finish

( ) 18 .-- May I speak to Mr. Smith -- Sorry, he ____Australia. But he ____in two days.

A. has been to; will come back B. has gone to; will be back

C. has been in; would come back D. is leaving for; doesn't come back

( ) 19. Could you help _____with _______English, please.

A. I, my B. me, me C. me, my D. my, I

( ) 20.Last night, there was a food accident. Ten _______were ill, but no _______were lost.

A. child; lives B. children; life C. children; lives D. child; life



What a cold winter! How wonderful it would be if there were a fire! Fire keeps us warm. But fire is very dangerous, and can kill us.

November 9 is National Fire Safety Day. It's a time for us to learn a lot more about fire, especially what to do if we are caught in a fire.

Call 119

Never try to put out a fire by yourself, even if it is a very small one. Get help from your parents or call 119. Tell 119 where you are and what is on fire. Listen to 119's instructions.

Keep down close to the floor

If there is a lot of smoke in your room, keep down close to the floor. There is less smoke down there, so it's easier to breathe(呼吸) and see where you are going. If you don't, the smoke may kill you before the fire does.

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Don't use the elevator

Never use the elevator during a fire. Always use the stairs. An elevator may stop at the floor where the fire is burning. It may also go wrong and keep you inside.

Don't go back

Never go back into a burning building. Even if you have left your pet or favorite toy inside, do not go back for it. Don't worry about your pets. Animals have a very good sense of smell(嗅觉). They often get out of the building before people.


( ) 1.National Fire Safety Day is on November 9.

( ) 2.If you smell smoke or see a fire, you should call 120 first.

( ) 3.If there is a lot of smoke or a fire, you should keep close to the floor so that you can keep away from the


( ) 4.You mustn't use stairs during a fire because it may catch fire as well.

( ) 5.Animals have a good sense of smell.


What is the sky? Where is it? How high is it? What lies above the sky? I am sure you have often asked these questions. They are very difficult to answer, aren’t they?

If someone asks you: “What color is the sky?” I expect that you may answer “Blue”. I am afraid you are wrong. The sky has no color. When we see blue, it is the sun light that is shining on little bits of dust in the sir.

Is the sky full of air? I am sure you have asked this question, too. We know that there is air all around the earth. We cannot breathe without air. Airplanes cannot fly without air. They need air to lift their wings. Airplanes cannot fly very high because as they go higher, the air gets thinner. If we go too high up from the earth, we find there is no air.

Perhaps you can answer some of our questions now. What is the sky? Nothing. Where is it? It is all around the earth. The sky is a space. In this space there is nothing except the sun, the moon and stars.

( ) 6. What color is the sky according to the writer?

A. Blue. B. White. C. Yellow. D. No color.

( ) 7. Why can’t airplanes fly without air?

A. Because the pilots can’t breathe without air.

B. Because they need air to lift their wings.

C. Because they need air to see things far ahead.

D. Because airplanes are driver by air.

( ) 8. What will happen to us if we go far enough away from the earth?

A. There will be a lot of air around us. B. There will be no air.

C. We’ll become light enough to fly. D. We’ll see airplanes flying in the sky.

( ) 9. The best title for this passage would be “______”.

A. Space B. Air C. Sky D. Wrong ideas

( ) 10. Which of he following is Not true?

A. The sky is colorless. B. The sky is all around the world.

C. Planes cannot fly without air. D. The higher the sky is, the thicker the air is.


Popular music in America is what every student likes. Students carry small radios with earphones and listen to music before class, after class, and at lunch. Students with cars buy large speakers and play music loudly as they drive on the street. Adult drivers listen to music on the car radio as they drive to work. They also listen to the news about sports, the weather, and the life of American people. Most of the radio programmes are music.

Pop or popular music singers make much money. They make CDs or tapes which radio stations in many places broadcast. Once the popular singer is heard all over the country, young people buy his or her tapes. Some of the money from these tapes comes to the singer. Wherever the singer goes, all the young people want to meet him or her. Now the singer has become a pop star.

There are other kinds of music that are popular among Americans. One is called folk music. It tells stories about the common life of Americans. Another is called western or country music. This was started by cowboys who would sing at night to the cows they were watching. Today, any music about country life and the love between a country boy and his girl is called western or country music.

( ) 11. ______kinds of music are mentioned in this passage.

A. Two B. Three C. Four D. Five

( ) 12. When pop singers ______,they are regarded as pop stars.

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A. make much money B. make CDs or tapes

C. become popular with their fans D. are wanted to sing on the radio

( ) 13. From the passage we know that country music is about the ______.

A. common life of Americans B. country life and love stories

C. life of cowboys D. school life in America

( ) 14.Which of the following is true according to this passage?

A. Most students in America like popular music.

B. Students with cars in America like to listen to music while driving

C. Adult drivers in America only listen to music while driving

D. Everyone in America wants to meet pop singers wherever they go.

( ) 15. What would be the best title for this passage?

A. American Music B. Popular Music

C. History of Music D. Western Music



2. The food ___________________ very delicious.

3. The ___________________ population is a great challenge of the world.

4. Do you hope to ___________________ studying after finishing school?

5. To land on the moon is a dream that ___________________.

6. I’m ___________________ changing my job.

7. ___________________ before a big exam is important to be successful.


of money. Eight years ago, ___2___ he was sixty-five, he retired(退休). He needn’t to ___3___ food or clothes. He was busy before, but now he has enough time to rest. He loves playing ping-pong and spends most of his time on the game. He had never been ill ___4___ he had got a headache one day. He was ___5___ to a hospital at once. The doctors looked him over ___6___ and did their best to save him but he felt worse and worse. He made his son send for a witch(巫婆).

“Do the people in heaven(天堂)play ping-pong, madam?” asked Mr. Howe.

“I’m sorry I don’t know, sir. ” answered the witch. “Let me go and ask ___7___ it for you.”

That evening the witch came and said, “I’ve just been to heaven, Mr. Howe. I’ve brought two pieces of news to you: One is good and ___8___ is bad.”

“Tell me the good news first, please.”

“Most of the people in heaven play ping-pong,” said the witch. “But you’ll have a game there the day after tomorrow!”



Teenagers should be allowed to work. They have the to decide ① w______ they work or not. Some people say that their first priority (优先权) should be school, but ② I think it’s wrong to say that. Their priority should be to decide what is the most important for them. It can be sports, music, art, or work. School is just one of their choices. However, ③ if a student decides to work, he or she has to be responsible for the job. Even if the work is very easy, he or she mustn’t work with neglect (疏忽). People who neglect their work should not have a job.

My opinion is a general one, so I do not want to deny (否认) that some parents or schools do not allow students to work. Students should ④ f______ their rules, but if they really want to work, they can work. That’s their right.


1. 根据上下文及首字母提示,在①④处填上一个合适的词(2分)

①w___________; ④f_____________

2. 结合上下文,写出划线单词right的汉语意思(1分)


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3. 将②句子改成否定句并译成汉语(2分)


4. 将③句子翻译成汉语(2分)


5. 请找出文中表明作者观点的中心句,并写到下面的横线上。(2分)



John Brown, an office worker, lives in Washington. He inherited (继承) $1,000,000 when he was 23. He didn’t feel happy at all. His college friends were looking for their first jobs, but he didn’t have to. John decided to keep living a simple life like everyone else. He didn’t tell any of his friends and gave $100,000 of his money to a charity that helped poor children to live better lives. Today he is 36, he still wears cheap shoes and clothes and owns a small car only, but he is much happier.

Up to now John has helped 15 children from poor countries all over the world, $200 a month for each. The child does not receive the money in cash (现金). The money pays for the child’s school expenses, food, medical care and clothing. John received a report each year on the child’s progress. They can write to each other, but usually the children do not speak English.

When John first heard about these children, he wanted to help them. “It was not anything special,” he said. “

Once John went to meet a little girl in Africa. He said that the meeting was very exciting. “When I met her, I felt very, very happy,” he said. “I saw that the money was used for a very good plan. It brought me closer to the child in a way that giving money alone cannot.” “I want to do everything I can. I will go on helping those children in need,” he added.


6. What kind of life is John living?(1分)


7. Does John only help the poor children in Africa?(1分)


8. Why did John say that the meeting with the little girl was very exciting?(2分)


9. 翻译文中的划线句子(2分)



David是宁夏大学的一名留学生,现在,他想写封信将这里的生活情况告诉在英国的父母。请你根据以下提示,帮助David 完成这封信。(80词以上)


1. 与中国学生互相学习,友好相处,向他们介绍了很多学习英语的好方法,经常帮助他们练习英语口语;

2. 上个月游览了沙湖和贺兰山,品尝美食……;

3. 来宁夏5个月了,和很多中国人交了朋友,喜欢这里的生活;

4. 希望尽量多学点汉语,并去游览更多的有趣的地方……

要求: 开头已给出,不计入总词数。省略部分请合理补充。

Dear Dad and Mum,

How’s it going? I hope you’re in good health.________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ Yours,


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