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Unit 1

1. You should always ________ the views of others, even if you disagree with them.

A. tolerant B. tolerant of

C. be tolerant of D. be tolerant

2. We have got some trouble_______ the silk clothes.

A. wash B. washed

C. do some washing D. washing

3. He pretended _______ everything the teacher said, but in fact he didn’t.

A. to understand B. understanding

C. understood C. understand

4. Don’t leave her _______ outside in the rain.

A. waiting B. to wait

C. wait D. waited

5. When the boss came in , they _______ their conversation _______other matters.

A. turned, to B. changed, for

C. switched, to D. switched, on

6. Which of the following sentences is not correct?

A. Would you please explain the meaning of this expression to me?

B. Would you please explain with me the meaning of this expression?

C. Would you please explain how to understand the expression?

D. Would you please explain to me how to understand the expression?

7. They’ve helped you so much, _______ you should say “Thank you” to them.

A. at least B. at the most

C. least of all D. in the least

8. Let’s try and arrange ________ we can get there at one o’clock.

A. in order to B. so as to

C. so that D. hope that

9. He went forward to the examiner’s table _______.

A. with confident B. confident

C. with confidence D. confidence

10. There have been several _______ our advertisements.

A. response to B. responses to

C. response for D. responses for

11. Now that you have come, you may as well stay. Which of the following expressions could be used instead of the underlined words?

A. Since B. Because

C. Although D. For

12. The old lady _______ making clothes for her neighbor’s children.

A. was engaged with B. busy with

C. was engaged in D. engage in

13. _______ hands with each other _______ a gesture of friendship.

A. Shake, is B. Shaking, are

C. Shaking, is D. To shake, are

14. Exercise is very important to our health , take _______ for example.

A. swimming B. swim

C. the swim D. swimmer

15. The foreigner who came to our school last week can only take with us _______ an interpreter.

A. helped to B. helping with

C. with the help of D. for the help of

Unit 2

1. She was _______ that evening, and talkative.

A.in friendly mood B. in a friendly mood

C.at friend mood D. at a friend mood

2. I can’t go to the cinema with you, as I have _______ to do.

A. something else B. anything other

C. else something D. other something

3. The great man _______ in this house with his wife.

A.used to living B. used to live

C. was used to live D. was used living

4. I _______ the quarrel between Tom and Jack.

A.be involved in B. got involved in

C.am involved at D. got involved on

5. He _______ a job in New York and the family followed.

A.succeed in find B. succeeded in finding

C.ucceeded finding D. successful in finding

6. _______ John’s kind help, we finished early.

A.Thank for B. Thanks for

C.Thank to D. Thanks to

7. Although he has experienced a lot of hardships and difficulties, he has an optimistic _______ to life.

A. carefree B. thinking

C. attitude D. meaning

8. The valley was deep and there was a stream at the _______ .

A. button B. end

C. bottom D. top

9. His father was a successful businessman and _______ a lot of money.

A. made B. earned

C. produced D. both A and B

10. I may forget to repay the five pounds you lent me unless you _______ it.

A. say me of B. remind me of

C. remind me to D. tell me

11. She _______ no clear _______ between the two words.

A. did, distinction B. made, distinction

C. made, different D. did, different

12. In my opinion, mother is the kindest person _______.

A. in earth B, in the earth

C. on the earth D. on earth

13. The teacher told us to be modest and never to _______.

A. show off B. showing off

C. show out D. show up

14. I will _______ what you’ve done.

A. be proud with B. be proud of

C. proud of D. proud with

15. She has got a good job and a lot of money. _______, she is always happy.

A. At the most B. Most of all

C. In all D. For the most

Unit 3

1. The police are searching for a missing boy _______ Tom.

A. name B. named

C. names D. whose name

2. Boys who like playing football _______ their shoes very quickly.

A. wear B. wear away

C. wear out C. wear off

3. I _______ come to your house last night but it rained.

A. intend B. intended

C. intended to D. intended for

4. Children like to _______ little toys _______ pieces of colour paper.

A. be made, out of B. make, out of

C. be made, into D. make, through

5. Don’t stand _______ the fire. Your clothes will catch fire.

A. close B. closely to

C. close with D. closely with

6. ______ poetry myself when I was his age.

A. used to write B. used to writing

C. was used to write D. am used to writing

7. Don’t _______ what he says.

A. take any notice by B. used to writing

C.put any notice with D. take any notice of

8. — I went to Dalian for holiday last week.

— _______ .

A. So did I B. So was I

C. So I did D. So I was

9. Narrow trousers _______ nowadays.

A. is in fashion B. are in fashion

D. is fashion D. are fashion

10. He asked each of us _______ what we had been doing.

A. in turn B. in the turn

C. in a turn D. in turn

11. If you buy more than 10 books, we will cut the price of each book by 10%. The underlined word can be replaced by _______ .

A. reduce B. raise

C. increase D. give

12. _______ he could see, not a single piece of furniture was worth a five-pound note.

A.According B. As far

C. As far as D. By far

13. The child _______ have the candy.

A. eager to B. is eagerly to

C. is eager D. is eager to

14. He was often absent from class. _______, he didn’t pass the final examination.

A. As a result B. Because that

C. With the result D. As the result of

15. Some young people like to have their hair _______ into different colours.

A. dye B. dying

C. dyed D. to dye

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