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一般现在时 学案

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1. 动词的一般现在式的构成: 1.


3 .

2. 动词的一般现在时的定义:

知识点2 一般现在时的几种特殊的用法:




2. (1). 表示感觉的动词不能用现在进行时。表示感觉的动词,如__________________________等,常用一般现在时来代替现在进行时。

(2) .表示感情的动词不能用现在进行时。如___________________________等,常见一般现在时来代替现在进行时。

(3) .表示存在的动词不能用现在进行时。此类词有:____________________等,常用一般现在时来代替现在进行时。Be 有时候可用于进行时态中表示一时的表现。

(4) .表示占有与从属的动词不能用进行时。此类动词有:_______________________等,常用一般现在时来代替现在进行时。


例题1.【2011上海】Now my father _____ his bike to work every day instead of driving.

A、 rideB、 rodeC、 ridesD、 will ride 解析:

例题2. 【2011湖北·武汉】John likes playing soccer very much and he _____ about one hour playing it every day.

A、 spent B、 will spendC、has spent D、 spends




1. 【2011湖北·武汉】 Tom was so careless that he _____ his right arm when he was riding to school.

A、 hurtsB、 hurt C、 has hurt D、 had hurt

2. Actually, his new novel________more________his own experience.

A、 is based; on B、 was based; atC、 based; on D、 bases; at


3. Now my father _____ his bike to work every day instead of driving.

A、 rideB、 rode C、 rides D、 will ride



4. 、【2011四川德阳】 If you _____ your homework, you can go out to play football.

A、 finishB、 will finish C、 are finishing

5、【2011广东深圳】— When should I hand in my paper?

— Your paper must_________as soon as the bell________.

A、 hand in; ringsB、 hand in; will ringC、 be handed in; will ringD、 be handed in: rings C级

6、Sound 1(travel) through air at a speed of about 340 metres per second.

7、The book he is fond of 1(描述)how birds live.


1. I like my new car. It ______ very well.

A drives B. is driving C. is driven D. has driven

2. The sofa ______ nice and soft.

A. is felt B. is feeling C. feel D. feels

3. China ______. You will find the differences everywhere.

A. changes B. is changing C. was changing D. will change

4. --- Have you ever______ Hangzhou to see the West Lake?

--- Yes, I have.

A. went to B. gone to C. been in D. been to

5. Lucy _____ a novel these days.

A. is writing B. writes C. writing D. has written

6. --- Who cleaned the classroom yesterday, May?

--- Mike ____________.

A. was B. does C. did D. is

7.—Mum? May I play basketball for a while?

—______ you_____ your homework yet?

A. Do; finish B. Are; finishing

C. Did; finish D. Have; finished

8.—Oh, Mrs. Green, your dress looks nice. Is it new?

—No, I______ it for two years.



A. had B. have had C. bought D. have bought

9.—Will your father ______ you if you______ the math exam?

—Of course not. Because I am trying my best.

A. be angry with, don't pass B. be angry with, won't pass

C. be angry to, don't pass D. be angry to, won't pass

10. Look! Some of the students __________ about Harry Porter. Let's join them!

A. are talking B. talk C. will talk D. talked

11. Our English teacher _______ the grammar already.

A. teaches B. taught C. will teach D. had taught

12. I don't think I __________ you in that dress before.

A. have seen B. was seeing C. saw D. see

13. She will have a vacation as soon as she ___________ the work next week.

A. finishes B. doesn't finish C. will finish D. won't finish

14. ---Where is Mr. Green?

---Oh, he is not here. He ___________ to Hong Kong.

A. goes B. will go C. is going D. has gone

15. When she was 22 years old, her dream to be a teacher ________ already.

A. has came true B. come true C. came real D. come real

16. I'm sorry you've missed the train, It______10 minutes ago.

A. left B. has left C. had left D. has been left

17. If you lunch at school today, so will I.

A. have B. will have C. will be D. had

18. I don’t know if she me when she

A. tells, arrives B. tells, will arrive C. will tell, arrives D. tell, arrive

19. This medicine . It hasn’t worked for years.

A. didn’t work B. wasn’t working C. doesn’t work D. isn’t working

20. Daniel’s family their holiday in Huangshan this time next week.

A. are enjoying B. are to enjoy C. will enjoy D. will be enjoying

21. When he the door, he found his keys were nowhere.

A. would open B. opened C. had opened D. was to open



22. --- Have you finished your composition already, Jack?

--- Yes, I it within twenty minutes.

A. have finished B. finished C. finish D. had finished

23. He more than 5000 English words when he entered the university at the age of 15.

A. has learned B. would have learned C. learned D. had learned

24. — Come on, Mary. I want to show you something.

— Oh, how nice of you. I you to bring me a gift

A. didn’t think, were going B. never thought, were going

C. never think, are going D. haven’t thought, are going

25. — Don’t put the waste on the ground.

— I’m sorry, I the dustbin there.

A. don’t see B. didn’t see C. haven’t seen D. hadn’t seen

26. Now I who he is.

A. know B. am knowing C. knew D. was known

27. — Have you ever seen the hot movie Harry Porter?

— Yes, I it three times.

A. have seen B. had seen C. would see D. saw

28. Unluckily, Sally when I got to her home. So we only had time for a few words.

A. has just left B. was just leaving C. had just left D. just left

29. — I’ve bought a box of chocolates for our son.

— Oh! But he doesn’t like sweet things. That?

A. Don’t you know B. Haven’t you known

C. Didn’t you know D. Hadn’t you known

30. My brother the Army for three years.

A. has joined B. had left C. has been in D. has been attending

31. —Did your father buy any clothes for you when he was in the USA?

—He was always meaning to, but never

A. do B. done C. does D. did

32. How long ___he______ the library book.

A. has, borrow B. has, kept C. has, bought D. did, buy



33. Mr. Green isn't in the office, He __________to the library.

A. has, gone B. went C. has been D. will go

34. Mr. Smith _______to Tokyo and he will be back in a week.

A. has been B. has visited C. has sent D. has gone

35. They _________ China for two years

A. have been to B. have been in C. have gone to D. have come to




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