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right ways or we would waste the time or the money. The followings are ways for studying. fresh and our minds are clear. For that reason, we can get good results. we have learned the first one well.

When we are studying, we must put our the book. We cannot read absent-mindedly(心不在焉地), or we could get from the book while we are reading.

We must always ask “why”. If we can’t understand ask our teachers or parents, brothers or friends, in possible way. We must know it completely and then our knowledge can be used well.

Though there are many ways for studying, 提到的)will be helpful if we can __10_ them in heart.

( )1.A.needs B. need C. needed

( )2. A. good B. better C. best

( )3.A.careful B. patient C .bored

( )4.A.as B. until C .after

( )5.A.eyes B. hands C. hearts

( )6.A.nothing B. something C. everything

( )7.A.well B. good C. nice

( )8.A.some B. any C. many

( )9.A. but B. or C. however

( )10.A. make B. keep C. have

One Saturday afternoon, Kate went to buy something for her sister and herself. As Kate was coming out of a , a young lady walked towards her. She said she was Miss Green--a good friend of Kate’s sister’s. Kate her. Then she called a taxi to send Kate home. She told the driver where he should go. Kate was that it was not in the direction of her home.

“Why?” Kate asked. The lady smiled.

When they came to a quiet road, a big rough man on the road. He stopped the taxi driver, knocked him down, tied him and threw him out of the taxi. At the same time, Miss Green took out a knife and Kate. She asked Kate to keep . The man then started the taxi.

“Oh, God! I’m being kidnapped(绑架) ,”Kate said to herself.

She tried to escape, but not succeeded. Suddenly an came to her. She took out a lipstick(口红)from her pocket, wrote “SOS” on the window, and . A few minutes later, a police car passed and the . When the kidnappers saw the policemen, they stopped the taxi, jumped into the grass, and ran away.

The policemen then picked Kate up and sent her home. When her parents knew what had happened, they were greatly surprised. But they were also happy because their daughter had finally come back .

( )1. A. school B. taxi C. shop

( )2. A. knew B. believed C. thanked

( )3. A. pleased B. excited C. surprised

( )4 A. appeared B. climbed C. fell

( )5. A. helped B. frightened C. saved

( )6. A. quiet B. alive C. relaxed

( )7. A. idea B. answer C. interest

( )8. A. hands B. back C. dress

( )9. A. picture B. map C. sign

( )10. A . safe B. safely C. safety

When you want to have your eyesight checked, you go to see a doctor. The doctor makes you __1__ a chart with big and small “Es” on it. Do you know __2__ that chart came from? It’s called the Enellen Chart. It __3__ by Herman Snellen, a Dutch doctor,in 1863.

When reading th chart, you should stand five meters,__4___ from it. Your eyes should also be at the same __5__ as __6___ line of letters.

You should then read the letters _7___ the top line to the bottom line. The letters get _8___ as they get nearer the bottom.

Doctors can __9___ if you are short-sighted ,long-sighted, or if you have good eyesight, by seeing what lines you can read.

If your doctor thinks you need ___10_ ,he’ll tell you to go to the hospital to get some..

( )1. A. read B. reading C. to read

( )2. A .what B. when C. where

( )3. A .makes B. made C. was made

( )4. A. away B. long C. learn

( )5.A. high B. height C. tall

( )6.A.ten B. tenth C. the tenth

( )7.A.to B .at C .from

( )8.A.small B. smaller C. bigger

( )9.A.find on B. look for C .find

( )10.A glass B. glasses C .a pair of glass It’s a library. Please come in. There are many different kinds of books here. There are books about other ___1__,like Japan and Mexico. You can find history books, literature books and so on.

Many students come here. They can study their lessons, find answers _2___questions in books. They can also find some information for __3__papers. There is a big dictionary on a ___4_ little table. The table is__5__ the corner of the library.

There are many things ___6_ here. You can read for fun. You can look at pictures. But__7__ talk aloud. A person must not talk aloud in ___8_ library. Libraries are__9 for people to read.

___10_to the library and enjoy it.

( )1. A. country B. countries C. countrys

( )2 A . of B. for C. to

( )3.A.student’s B. students’ C. students’s

( ) 4.A.special B. specialy C. specially

( )5.A. on B. in C. behind

( )6.A. to do B. doing C .do

( )7.A. not B. don’t C. no

( )8.A.the B.× C.. a

( )9.A.quiet places B. quiet place C.quite places

( )10.A.Go B. Going C. Goes

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