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( ) Nice to meet you, too.

( ) My name’s Jane. Nice to meet you.

( ) Hello. I’m Bill. What’s your name ?

( ) C-O-R-N-E-R ,Corner.


) May I have your last name ?

Fang Xiaoling: Good morning, Miss Gao.

Miss Gao: 1 ____________

What's your name please?

F: 2_____________, How are you , Miss Gao?

M: 3_____________, thanks , And you?

F: 4_____________.

Excuse me , Miss Gao , What's this in English?

M: It's a book.

F: 5__________?

M: Yes , B-double O-K, Book.

F: Thank you , Goodbye!

M: 6____________

A: Good afternoon.

B: Good A: What's 2___________ name ?

B: I Xin. My is Li , my ?

are you? B: Fine, How are you?

A: I'm What's your 10 number? B: It’s 281-9176.

Green. I’m in China now. My Chinese name is.It’s.It’s 3:00 now. What’s this? It’s a key. What’s that? It’s a ruler. blue.

1. A a B. an C. the D. /

2. A. name B. number C. girl D. boy

3. A. first name B. last name C. family name D. name

4. A. is B. am C. are D. be

5. A. Zhangxiaohui B. zhang xiaohui

C. Zhang Xiao Hui D. Zhang Xiaohui

6. A. pen B. ruler C. clock D. key

7. A. color B. red C. red color D. what color

8. A.A B. An C. The D. /

9. A. is B. am C. areD. /

10. A. What color B. What C. How D. What’s

Mary. This is my father. His name is Steve. My telephone number is seven six o nine one seven six. My friend is Li Lei. His English name is Tony. He is a Chinese boy. His telephone number is2815248. My English teacher is Jenny Brown. She is a good teacher.

1. What is my first name? _________. A. Jim B. Green C. Jim Green D. Green Jim

2 .My father’s last name is ______. A .Jim B. Steven C. Green D. Tom

3. My telephone number is______.A.7609176 B.6879716

C.2815248 D.7069671

4. What’s Li Lei’s English name? _______.A. Mary B. Jim C. Lei D. Tony

5. Jim’s English teacher is______.

A. Mr Brown B. Mr Jenny C. Mrs Jenny D. Mrs Brown.

通读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从所给的选项中选出一个最佳答案. Hi! I’m Cindy. I’mGreen. I’m in China now. My Chinese name is

.It’s. It’s 3:00 now. What’s this? It’s a key. What’sthat? It’s a ruler.

( )1. A a B an C the D /

( )2. A name B number C girl D boy

( )3 .A first name B last name C family name D first

( )4. A is B am C are D be

( )5. A ZhangXiaohui B zhangxiaohui C ZhangXIAOhui Zhangxiaohui

( )6. A pen B ruler C clock D key

( )7.A color B red C red color D what color

( )8. A A ( )B An C The D /

( )9.A is B am C are D /

( )10. A What color B What C How D What’s

Jim: Good morning!

Jim: Jim Green.

Gao: Jim, please 3 down.

Gao: Welcome 5 our school! D

I have a good friend. Her name is Zhang Ying. She is thirteen years old. We are in the same (相同的) class. She has a brother. He is in Grade Two. His name is Zhang Wei. He is eight years old. Their father ,Mr Zhang is a teacher. He teaches (教) English in No. 2 Middle School. His office (办公室) telephone number is 87649521. Mrs Zhang is a teacher, too. But she teaches Chinese. Their home telephone number is 87546836.

1. What’s Zhang Ying’s family name?

A. Ying B. Zhang Ying C. Zhang.

2. Are Zhang Ying and Zhang Wei students?

A. Yes, they are. B. No, they aren’t. C. We don’t know.

3. Are Mr Zhang and Mrs Zhang in the same school?

A. Yes, they are. B. No, they aren’t. C. We don’t know.

4. How many (多少) people are there in Zhang Ying’s family?

A. Three. B. Two. C. Four.

5. What’s the telephone number of Mr Zhang’s office?

A. 87642951. B. 87649521.

C. 87546836

A: Hi ! I’m Mary, ?

B: I’m Jim. Nice to meet you!

Smith? B: No, it’s Green. What’s your last name? A: It’s Brown. ?

B: 210-2055.

A: What’s this in English?

B: It’s a watch.

A:A watch ? ?

B: Yes. W-A-T-C-H, watch.

a: What’s your name?

b: Can you spell it?

c: What color is it?

d: What’s your telephone number? e: Is your last name?

1、--Hello, Jenny!


--Good morning!

2、--How are you?

3、--My name is Mary, --My name is Peter.

--Nice to meet you, too.

4、 --Her name is Mary.


--It’s 331885.

James _____ (be) his name .

What’s your _____ ( one ) name . 2838129 ____ ( is ) my telephone . what’s this ? ____( it/this) is T.

There is _____ ( a/an) f in the word friend .

How old ____ you?(be)

1. 2. His family name is Lim.

3. My telephone number is 5556786.

4.What’s your first name ?

5.What’s your family name?

A: Hello!


A: ___2_____________?

B: My name is Jones.

A: Nice to meet you .

B: ___3__________.

A: What ‘s your phone number?

B: ___4____________ 309-5582.

A: ___5______________?

B: Her name is Tanya.

A: ___6____________?

B: It’s 477


1. —Hello! ______am Gina. Nice to_____________. — I ______Jim. Nice to______ ______, ______.

2. —Excuse me. What's your_____________, please?


3. —What's her phone number? —______68790043.

4. —What's your ______ please?


What's, It's, you, last, first

1. What's her ED card number? ______ 1101084609061222.

2. Her ______name is Green.

3. Is his ______name Peter?

4. ______the girl's family name?


Nice to meet______.

A: Good morning.

B: _______ _______.

A: I ______ Lucy. What’s _______ _______?

B: My _______ is Jim.

A: Nice to _______ you.

B: _______ _______ _______ _______, _______.

A: How ______ you?

B: I’m _______. _______ . And you? A: I’m _______, too. _______ you. B: What’s _______ _______ number? A: _______ 555-1234.

B: Thank you.

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