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Unit7 Section A 课件

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Unit 7 You’re supposed to shake hands.
Section A

What do the people do in our country when they meet for the first time?

In Korea what do the people do when
they meet for the first time?


Korea—Korean (s)

They are supposed to bow.

What do the people do when they meet for the first time?

Brazil-Brazilian (s) kiss

In Mexico what do the people do

when they meet for the first time?

shake hands

Mexico—Mexican (s)

In Japan what do the people do when
they meet for the first time?

In the United States what do the people do when they meet for the first time?

Countries 1.__Brazil c 2.__the united b states 3.__Japan a 4.__Mexio b 5.__Korea a


a. bow b. shake hands c. kiss

What are people in India supposed to do when they meet for the first time?

We put hands together in front of the chest.

1 .—In your country, what are you supposed to do when you meet someone for the first time? 在你们国家,初次见面时 应该怎样做? —You're supposed to shake hands.你应该握手。

(1)be supposed to do sth.意为“应该做某事”或“被期望做 某事”。如: You're supposed to look after your parents. 你应该照顾你的父母。

(2)for the first time 为介词短语,意为“首次;第一次”,

For the first time he has to pay attention to his health. 这是第 一次他非得注意自己的健康不可。 (3)shake hands 意为“握手”,shake hands with sb.意为“与 某人握手”。如: They shook hands with each other and then sat down. 他们握 了握手, 然后坐了下来。


shook ________ hands with each other and said goodbye. They ________
②当我们在校园遇到老师,应该向他们问好。 are supposed When we meet teachers at school, we ________ ________ to say hello to them. ________ ③第一次,他意识到他应该对他的父母好点。 time For ________ first ________ the ________ ________ he rea-lized that he should be kind to his parents.

2.You should have asked what you were supposed to wear. 你应该事先问一问该穿什么衣服。

should have done 表示“本应该做某事而实际上没有做”。
其否定形式是 shouldn't have done,表示“本不应该做某事而实 际上做了”。如: You should have been here earlier. 你本应该早点来的。

You shouldn't have cheated in the test.

needn't have done 表 示 “ 本 没 有 必 要 做 某 事 而 实 际 上 做 了”。如: It is Sunday today.Mary needn't have got up so early.今天是星


—The flowers are all dead!

—You ________ them! It's too dry.
A.watered B.shouldn't have watered C.should have watered D.needn't have watered

解析:C 题意:“花都死了。”“你本应该给它们浇水的, 太干了。”should have done 本应该做……。

3 .

Often we just walk around the town center, seeing as many of our friends as we can!我们经常只是到市中心走走,同 时尽可能多地见见朋友!

(1) 本句中的 seeing as many of our friends as we can 为现在

分词短语,在句中作伴随状语,可以改写成由 and 连接的并列
分句,即 and see as many of our friends as we can。如:

She stood there waiting for the bus.
=She stood there and waited for the bus.


(2)as...as one can 意为“某人尽可能……地”,可与 as...as
possible 互换。如:

Tell me the good news as soon as you can.
=Tell me the good news as soon as possible. 尽可能早地告诉我好消息。

①All the students walk towards the school gate, ________ and laughing happily.

C.to talk 解析:D

D.talking 题意:学生们往校门口走去,开心地谈笑着。

talking 为现在分词作伴随状语。

②You should come as early as possible.(改为同义句) as early ________ as ________ you You should come ________ ________ can ________.

be supposed to do sth.的用法 be supposed to do sth. 意 为 “ 应 该 做 某 事 或 被 期 望 做 某 事”,常用于表示根据规定、计划或传统习惯等不得不做或应 该做某事。其具体用法如下: 1.在 be supposed to do sth.的结构中,人称、时态、句式上 的变化通过 be 动词的变化来体现。如: The new laws are supposed to prevent crime.(肯定句)


You are not supposed to smoke on the bus. (否定句) 你不能在公共汽车上抽烟。

2.be supposed to 与 should 的区别: be supposed to 表示一种客观的陈述,语气显 得委婉,不带强烈的命令色彩;而 should 则侧重 于说话者主观上的判断,语气比较生硬。

①You ________ ask for the teacher's permission if you want to leave the classroom. A.supposed that B.are supposed to C.are wanted D.are suggested

②每个人在汽车里都应该系安全带。 to wear a is supposed Everyone ________ ________ ________ ________ seat-belt in the car. ③这些书你不能拿出屋去。 supposed to take aren't ________ You ________ ________ ________ the books out of the room.

shaking hands:You should shake hands with others with a smile. At the same time you shouldn’t wear hats or gloves when you do this. Usually, the time of shaking hands shouldn’t last no more than 3 seconds. It is polite to wait for the ladies, the leaders or the old to show their hands first, then you can shake with them.

bow:When you bow to others, you should stand at attention and take off your hat to show your respect. kiss: If you meet a friend or your relative, you can greet him or her with a hug or a kiss on the cheeks. If you are a couple, you can hug and kiss, but if you are parents and children, you just kiss on the face or forehead. If you are brothers or sisters, you jus

t kiss on the cheeks.

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