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Unit one 知识点总结

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Unit one

? 1 rare adj. rarely adv. 很少;难得 seldom很少;不常 hardly 几乎不 nearly/almost 几乎 ? 2 valuable adj. value n. 价值; vt. 珍视;尊重;为…估价 value our friendship 珍视我们的友谊 value the house at 100000 $ 为房子估价… be of (great) value= be valuable 有价值的

? 3 survive Vi.& Vt. survival 继续生存,幸存 survivor 幸存者;残存物 survive the earthquake/ accident/ flood…… ? 4 search sb 搜某人的身 search sp搜查某地 search sp for sb/sth 为了某人或某物搜查了某 地 search for sb/sth 寻找某人或某物 in search of = in one’s search for 寻找 He returned to the hotel in search of his gold ring.

? 5 amaze Vt. amazed adj. 惊奇的,吃惊的 amazing 令人吃惊的 amazement n. 吃惊 amaze sb使某人吃惊 be amazed at/by 对…感到吃惊 such amazing news 如此令人吃惊的消息 to one’s amazement = to one’s surprise 令人吃惊的是 in amazement 吃惊地 ? 6 design Vt.& n. be designed for 为…设计;打算作…之用 by design= on purpose 故意地 by chance= by accident 偶然地;意外地 be designed to do 目的是… in design在设计上 ? 7 fancy adj. & Vt. fancied fancied fancy doing 想要做某事 fancy sth/have a fancy for sth 想要某物 fancy oneself 自以为是;自命不凡 fancy sb as/to be… 认为某人是… in the fancy style popular in those days

? 8 decorate…with… 用…装饰… be decorated with 装饰着 decoration n. 装饰 ? 9 a jewel/ many jewels a piece of jewellery ? 10 sth belongs to sb 某物属于某人 a book belonging to/ which belongs to me belong既无进行时态也无被动语态 ? 11 in return作为报答 in return for sth 作为对…的报答 in turn轮流;反过来,反之 take turns to do/ at doing 轮流做某事 by turns 依次;轮流 ? 12 be at war (with some country)/ in the war/ at peace / in peace

? 13 remove…from … 从…搬开/移走… remove doubts/ fears 消除疑虑/恐惧 ? 14 less than 少于 no more than 仅仅,只 not more than 不比…多;至多 more than 多于;很,非常;不仅仅是 more A than B 与其说A还不如说B more than one + 单数名词+单数动词 “不止一 个” ? 15 doubt 用于否定句和疑问句时,后边跟that, 用于肯定句时,后边跟whether/if without doubt 毋庸置疑

? 16 值得参观 be worth a visit/ be worth visiting/ (be worthy of being visited/ be worthy to be visited ) ? 17 former以前的;从前的 the former/ the latter ? 18 take sth apart 把…拆开 fall apart 散架 apart from sth /doing sth 除了…以外 ? 19 explode Vi. explosion n. 爆炸 ? 20 sink sank sunk Vi. ? 21 We think highly of him. / He is highly thought of by us. = think well of think little of 不重视,轻视 ? 22 debate with sb about/on/ over sth 就…和某人辩论 under debate 在辩论中 under discussion 在讨论中 under repair 在修理中 under c

ontrol 在控制中 ? 23 rather than 而不是 other than 除了 or rather 更准确的说

? 24 by the light of moon 借月光 ? 25 the entrance to swh 到…的入口 ? 26 return sth to sb把某物归还给某人 return to swh 返回某地 ? 27 This book cost me 10 yuan. I spent 10 yuan (in) buying this book./ on this book. It took me 10 yuan to buy this book. ? 28 情态动词+ have done 29 remain的用法 remaining作前置定语,left做后置定语 ? 30 serve as ? 31 be lost/ be gone/ be missing

? 32 consider 的用法(考虑、认为) ? 33 light lit lit(不能做前置定语)/ light lighted lighted(可做前置定语) ? 34 a lost/ missing boy ? 35 afford to do ? 36 prove +n. / adj./ that-clause It is proved that… prove 做系动词既无进行 时态,也无被动语态 ? 37 do with 处理 what…do with/ how…deal with

? 熟记下列句子 ? 1 The design of the room was in the fancy style popular in those days. ? 2 It was also a treasure decorated with gold and jewels, which took the countries best artists about ten years to make. ? 3 The room was not made to be a gift. ? 4 The king of Prussia, to whom the amber room belonged, decided not to keep it. ? 5 The room was completed the way she wanted. ? 6 Sadly, although the Amber Room was considered one of the wonders of the world, it is now missing. ? 7 This was a time when the two countries were at war. ? 8 What happened to the Amber Room remains a mystery. ? 9 By studying the old photos of the former Amber Room, they have made the new one look like the old one.

? 10 China has more people than any other country in the world. ? 11 In a trial, a judge must decide which eyewitnesses to believe and which not to believe. ? 12 Nor do I think they should give it to any government. 我也不认为他们应把它给任何 政府 ? 否定词或否定短语位于句首要倒装,直接跟 一般疑问句 ? I don’t want to attend the wedding, nor do I care (我也不关心).

重点句型总结: ? 1 There is no doubt that……毫无疑问 There is no need to do 没有必要做某事 There is no point (in) doing 做某事没有意义 (It is) no wonder (that)… 难怪…;…不足为奇 It is no use/ no good doing 做…没有用 It is no pleasure (in) doing 干…没乐趣 ? 2 This is/was a time when…这是…的一段时期 ? 3 否定词与否定短语位于句首要接一般疑问句 Nor do I think they should give it to any government.

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