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In the past, I used to spend plenty of time playing badminton and I used to be very shy. But now, I realize that study becomes more and more important so that I have to use less and less time to keep my hobby. I think it’s necessary to play badminton to keep healthy and relax myself. So I decide to keep a balance between my study and my hobby now. And because I was shy, I had a small circle of friends and the school life was boring. But now I change my personality and have a great time.

I think although in Grade 9 pressure is all around us but we can also change ourselves better than before to make life colorful. In Grade 9, I will try my best to get rid of my bad habit and make great progress.


Changes in Junior 3

This term, I’m now a Junior Three student. Junior Three is a turning point in my middle school life. It changes both my daily life and my personality.

In Junior 3, schoolwork gets a lot more stressful than before. We used to have tests only on Fridays. But now we have small tests almost every day. So in order to catch up on my studies, I had to change some of my daily routines. I quit playing basketball--which has been my favourite sport in the past two years, in order to save time for studying. I also spend less time listening to music, because I want to focus on my studies.

Junior Three also changes my personality. When I first started middle school, I was naughty. I often speak loudly in class and the teachers were angry with me. Now in Junior Three, I begin to listen to the teacher carefully in class, because now I think you can get more knowledge in class than studying all by yourself. Now, I’m much maturer than before.

Junior Three is stressful, and there are challenges ahead. But with these positive changes, I think I’m ready to deal with this stressful life and face the challenges.


Life sure changes. To fit in, I have to change too. In the past few months in Grade 9, I have changed for better in some aspects.

I used to be shy and quiet. I felt extremely nervous in front of my classmates, especially while giving a speech. It was just like a kind of “phobia” which troubled me all the time. In order to overcome this problem, I started with making conversations with my classmates frequently. I was delighted to see that I had a sense of humor. I told myself to be confident and honest. Now I’m not afraid to

communicate with others any more.

My hobby also changes. I had an obsession with online games. But after staring at the screen day by day, I came to realize that it can bring you joy but the joy in the digital world was like an addiction to drugs. I found that I was distracted in class because of playing games too often. So I picked up my books, enjoying the harvest of knowledge and thoughts. Reading can not only enrich your knowledge, but also broaden your horizon. I feel wealthy and cheerful now.

Changed turn out to be a massive treasure for me. I hope with these changes, I can enjoy the beauty and happiness in life.

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