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炜昊教育 专心 用心 爱心


姓名 分数 总分(120分)


I. 仔细听,将相关图片的字母代号填在题前的括号内: (10分)


1—5. ___________________

II. 仔细听,根据对话内容判断下列句子的正 “T”误 “F”(10分)

( )6. His keys are not on the sofa.

( )7. The ID car is on her desk.

( )8. The hat is on the bed.

( )9. His baseballs are in the pencil case.

( )10. The books are in the backpack.

III. 听长对话,选择正确答案: (10分)(第一段对话回答11--12小题,第二段对话回答13--15小题)

( )11. Where are the man and the woman?

A. At home. B. At school. C. In a shop.

( )12. Where is the clock?

A. On the table. B. On the bookcase C. We don’t know.

( )13. Where is Tom’s computer game?

A. In the drawer. B. In his backpack. C. On the sofa.

( )14. How many people are mentioned (提到) in the dialogue?

A. One. B. Two. C. Three.

( )15. Which of the following is WRONG about the dialogue?

A. Mum and Tom are at home. B. Dad’s books are on the floor.

C. Mum can’t see her bag.


一、单项选择: (25分)

( )1.Is your photo in the drawer? ________.

A.Yes, I am B.No,it is C.Yes,it is D.No,I’m not

( )2.---________ my baseball? ---It’s under the chair.

A.Where B.Where’s C.Where’re D.Where are

( )3.---________ under the tree? ---No,they aren’t.

A.Where are B.What is C.Are they D.Is it

( )4.I need some things_________ class this afternoon. A. in B. at C. of D. for

( )5.There ________ a computer on the desk. A.are B.have C.has D.Is

( )6.A notebook and an eraser _________ in the pencil case.

A. are B. is C. am D. have

( )7.I need to take the video tape back _________ the store after school.

A. for B. of C. at D. to

( )8. Look at those ________. They are _______.


炜昊教育 专心 用心 爱心

A. photoes; hers B. photos; his C. photo; her D. photoes; mine

( )9. --- ______ behind ______? --- My alarm clock.

A. What’s; the chair B. Where’s; the chair C. What are; the chair D. Where are; a chair

( )10. Look. This is ________ clock. It’s _______ alarm clock.

A. a; an B. an; an C. an; a D. a; a

( )11. Please ________ this key to your sister. She is at school.

A. bring B. brings C. take D. to take

( )12. Sally. I need my dictionary. Can you ___________?

A. bring me it B. take me it C. bring it to me D. take it to me

( )13. My computer game is ______ the drawer and my books are _______ the sofa.

A. on; on B. in; in C. on; in D. in; on

( )14. Look. This is a picture _____ my bedroom. ________ bedroom is clean.

A. of; A B. of; The C. for; A D. for; The

( )15. __________ my toys. They are new. A. Here are B. Here is C. This is D. That is

( )16.Is your photo in the drawer? ________.

A.Yes, I am B.No,it is C.Yes,it is D.No,I’m not

( )17.________ my baseball? It’s under the chair.

A.Where B.Where’s C.Where’re D.Where are

( )18.________ under the tree? No,they aren’t.

A.Where are B.What is C.Are they D.Is it

( )19.Where are your brothers? ________.

A.He is at home B.He is in his room C.Yes,they are D.I don’t know

( )20.There ________ a computer on the desk. A.are B.have C.has D.is

( )21.________ there water in the cup? A.Is B.Are C.Has D.Have

( )22.What’s under the desk? ________.

A.It’s a football B.I can see a set of keys C.They are red box D.There’s a cat

( )23.He ________ a small room. ________ a nice desk in it.

A.is, There is B.has, Has C.have, There is D.has, There is

( )24.Lucy and Lily ________ a new bike.

A.have B.Has C.there is D.there are

( )25.There ________ an orange and two apples on the table. A.are B.has C.is D.have


1.在课桌下面 ________________ 2.在沙发上面 ________________ 3.在背包里 _______________

4.在抽屉里 ________________ 5.在椅子背后 ________________ 6.在电话旁边 ________________

7.在图片里 ________________ 8.在墙面上 ________________ 9.在梳妆台和床之间 ______________

10.在地上 _______________

三、 完形填空: (10分)

This is a of my bedroom. It’s a nice . The door is . And a ball it. is near the window. You can see a behind the desk. books and flowers it. I my English books in my schoolbag. The bag is now behind chair.

( )1.A.pictureB.book C.map D.family

( )2.A.classroom B.room C.toilet D.home

( )3.A.there over B.here C.this D.that

( )4.A.in B.on C.under D.behind

( )5.A.Me B.I C.My D.Mine


炜昊教育 专心 用心 爱心

( )6.A.window B.door C.clock D.chair

( )7.A.see B.can see C.must see D.look at

( )8.A.from B.on C.at D.of

( )9.A.put B.colour C.find D.put on

( )10.A.a B.the C.an D.of


( A)

My name is Jeff. I’m English. But now I live (住) in China. I am a student. This is my classroom. Fifteen small desks and thirty chairs are in the classroom. They are for (给) classmates (同班同学) and me. A big desk is in the classroom, too. It’s for my teacher. A clock is on the back (后面)wall of the classroom. Next to the clock is a map. It’s a map of China.

My classroom is nice and clean. I like it very much.

( )6. Who is Jeff? A. A schoolboy. B. A schoolgirl. C. A Chinese student D. American.

( )7. What is Jeff talking about? A. The family. B. The school. C. The classroom. D. The park.

( )8. What’s on the back wall of the classroom?

A. A clock. B. A map. C. A map and a clock. D. A picture.

( )9. How many desks are there (有) in the classroom?

A. Fifteen. B. Sixteen. C. Thirty. D. Thirty-one.

( )10. What does the underlined (划线) “it” mean (意思) in the passage (文章)?

A. The classroom. B. The map of China. C. The big desk. D. The school


Do you know from what English people get their family names? Finish the sentences after you read the story. 你知道英国人的姓是怎么来的吗?阅读下面的短文,完成句子。

Everyone has a family name. But what does it mean? From what do family names come?

First, some family names come from the place of their homes. If a man lives on or near a hill, his family name may be Hill. In England people’s names may be Wood, Lake, because they live near the wood or lake.

Second, family names come from a person’s job. If a person is a cook, he may be Cook.

Third, many people get their family names from their father’s given name. If you hear the name “Jackson”, you know that he is the son of Jack.

1. English people usually have ___________ ways to get their family names.

2. Some people get their family names from _______________________________.

3. Some people get their family names from________________________________.

4. Some people get their family names from__________________________________.

5. A person’s family name is Jackson, because he is_______________________.

五、 句子训练(15分) 2. I put my books on the (书橱) _______________.

A. 1. His baseball is under the table.(变为一般疑问句) 3. The (植物) ______________ is near the window. ______his baseball _______ the table? 4. Can you (拿来) ___________ me a pencil?

2. His dresser is next to his bed. (变为否定句) 5. This is a (相片) _____________ of my family.

His dresser _____ _______ next to his bed. 6. ---W_________ is my clock, do you know?

--It’s on the desk. (对划线部分提问)

_________ ______ my keys? 7. The v__________ tape is on the table.

8. Your brother needs the dictionary. Can you t__________it (对划线部分提问)

_______ ______ behind the door? to him?

9. I have a small r________, but it’s very nice. 5. I draw pictures on the wall. (变为否定句)

I ________ ________ pictures on the wall. 10. My keys are in the d_____________. You can’t see.

B. 1. We have a new (梳妆台) ___________________.


炜昊教育 专心 用心 爱心

六、书面表达: (10分)


Dear Li Mei,




I. 听选图片: 读一遍 1—5. BECAD

1. Your backpack isn’t on the chair. It’s on the door.

2. My English book isn’t on the floor. It’s in the drawer.

3. ---Where are my keys. Tony? --- Mom, they are on the floor.

4. We can see a table in the picture. It’s not a desk. 5. My sister has a hat in her hand.

II. 判断正误: 读一遍

6. M: Where are my keys? W: They are on the sofa. ( F )

7. W: Is my CD card on his desk? M: Yes, it is. ( F )

8. W: Is your hat on the dresser? M: No. It’s on the bed. ( T )

9. M: Where are his baseballs? W: They are on the bookcase. ( F )

10. M: Your books aren’t on the desk. They’re in your backpack. W: Oh, yes. Thanks, Tom. (T)

III. 听长对话回答问题 读二遍 11—12. AB 13—15. CCB

(A). W: Where is the clock, Mike? M: Why? It’s on the table, I think.

W: No, it’s not there. M: Oh, look, it’s on the bookcase.

(B). M: Can you see my computer game, Mum? W: I think it’s in the drawer, Tom.

M: No. I can’t find it. W: Is it in your backpack?

M: No, it isn’t. Oh, I see. It’s on the sofa, under Dad’s books.

W: Oh, good. But where is my bag?

4 Li

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