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命题人:陈立源 审核人:肖琳 第一部分 听力 (25分)

A. By car . B, By bike C. On foot. 请听第二段对话,回答第8 至第10小题。

( )8.Where did Karl spend his summer holidays ?

A) 请听下面5段对话。每段对话后有一小题,从题中所给出的

A ,B ,C 三个选项中选出最佳选项,听完每段对话你都将有10秒钟的时间来回答有关小题和阅读下一小题,每段对话读两遍。

( )1.Why can not Mary go to the birthday ?

A. She has to study for the test. B.She has to take her piano lesson. C. She has to help her brother,

( ) 2.How often does Sally go to the movies ?

A. Never . BTwice a week C Twice a month ( ) 3.Who takes the bus to school?

A. Nancy B.Judy . C.Nancy and Judy

( ) 4.Is the girl going to visit her grandparents tomorrow morning ?

A. Yes ,she is B. No ,she is not C. We do not know ( ) 5. What is wrong with Tony ?

A. He has a headache . B. He is tired . C. He can not sleep. B) 请听下面3 段对话和2 段独白,每段独白后有几个小题,从

题中所给的A B C 三个选项中选出最佳选项。 请听第 一段对话回答第6至第7 小题。 ( )6.What does Allen ask Cathy to do ?

A. To go to the cinema . B. To go to the concert C. To go to a meeting

( ) 7. How will they go there?

A. In Yunnan B. In Nanning C, In his hometown ( )9.How long did Karl stay there ?

A. About one month B. Two weeks C. One week ( )10.Where may the two speakers be ?

A. At home B. At the school C. At the shop 请听第3 段对话,回答第11至第13小题。 ( )11.What is the man doing ?

A.Buying a house B. Booking a room C. Washing clothes

( ) 12. How much does a double room cost a day ?

A, 120 yuan B.150 yuan C.180 yuan ( ) 13. What can not the man do in the hotel ?

A Swim B. Play the tennis C. Wash clothes 请听第1段独白,回答第14至第17小题。 ( )14. When do English students take jobs ?

A, On weekends B. During the summer holidays . C . During the winter holidays

( ) 15. How old must the students be to find jobs ? A. 13 or older B. 15 or older C. 16 or older ( )16 Why do the students help with work at this time ?

A. Beause many of the workers are ill B. Beause many of the workers are asked to go home C. Beause many of the workers go out to spend their holidays

请听第2段独白,回答第17至20 小题

( )17. The Green family is from . A, England B. Canada C. The USA ( ) 18.The Greens teach English .

A. In Beijing B. In shanghai C.in T ianjin ( )19.The small bike is

A. Mr Greens B. Jacks C. Marys ( A,on their bikes B. In their car C. On foot

C) 请听下面一段短文,根据短文内容完成句子,每个空格不超过3个单词。听短文前你有50秒的时间来阅读有关内容,表格读两遍。

21. Jay chou will come to our city and on May 1st . 22. 23. The tickets for a student will be

24. The Workers Stadium Band of China and Hongxing School

25. 二,单项填空(15分)

请阅读下面各题,从题中所给的A B C D 中选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项.(15分)

( )26.I math because it is too difficult . A like B. love C. dislikes D . dislike

( )27.Is there __________in the room?.

A. anything new B. new anything C. something

new D. new something

( )28 Which book is a little __________?.

A much interesting B much more interesting C more interestingD interested

( )29 The hotel is the best here .It has __________room.

A. A the worse B most comfortable C best D the most comfortable

( )30. Getting up early is good _______ people’s health.

A. in B. for C. at D. of

( )31. My cousin has a good ________. He never goes to play games

if he doesn’t do his homework.

A. habit B. result C. friend D. time

( )32 Don’t talk! Please ________ quiet at the meeting.

A. live B. keep C. study D. enjoy ( )33. —________ do you take a shower?

—Every day.

How many B. How much C. How old D. How often ( )34. I enjoy ________. My best friend enjoys it, too.

A. swim B. swimming C. swam D. to swim

( )35. Usually primary school students spend ____ time doing

homework than middle school students. A. little B. few C. less D. Fewer 36. It has the________ clothing store in the town.

A. gooder B. gooddest C. best D. better 37. This clothing store is ____ than that one.

A. bad B. worse C. the worst D. worst 38. This book is ____ of all.

A. cheapest B. cheap C. cheaper D. the cheapest 39,----How about going to the movies tonight? Let us go !

A. Sound boring B. That is a good idea C. Thank you D. That is too bad

40 This is one of ____ films of this year.

A. more exciting B. exciting

C. the most exciting D. the most excited 三 完形填空(25分)


David was a middle school student. His father, Mr Hill,

was a rich farmer and he had a very big 41 . They lived in a small village 42 fifteen years. Later on Mr. Hill opened a shop in our town and 43 a house here last month. Then his family moved to the new house and David began to 44 in our class. But at first he had 45 friends at school. He was always alone. His neighbour Cathy was a 46 girl. She had many friends. When she found the boy 47 talked with others, she decided to 48 him. She talked a lot with him and sometimes played with him. So very soon 49 became good friends.

One afternoon, Cathy said to David, "It'll be my 50 birthday tomorrow. I'll have a birthday 51 . Will you please come " " Certainly. I'm glad to," the boy said 52 . David got home and thought about 53 he could give to Cathy. He was

sorry that he 54 to ask the girl what she liked. At that moment Mrs Hill came and asked, "What's the matter, dear " "What would you like 55 it was your sixteenth birthday, Mummy.”"Nothing," the woman said, "I just wish I were 16."

41. A. school B. factory C. farm D. restaurant 42. A. in B. for C. on D. during

43. A. closed B. opened C. sold D. bought 44. A. live B. study C. teach D. read

45. A. few B. many C. some D. little 46. A. bad B. kind C. shy D. poor

47. A. never B. always C. usually D. sometimes 48. A. ask B. save C. tell D. help

49. A. she B. they C. he D. we 50. A. 14th B. 15th C. 16th D. 17th 51. A. card B. gift C. cake D. party

52. A. slowly B. happily C. lonely D. carefully 53. A. what B. which C. when D. where 54. A. tried B. forgot C. wanted D. liked 55. A. because B. why C. if D. how


56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65


A)请先阅读下面短文,根据短文内容从每小题所给的A B C D 四个选项中选出最佳选项.(每小题2分) A

Mr and Mrs Wilson lived in a big city,and one summer they went to the country for their holiday.They enjoyed it very much,because it was a quiet,clean place.

One day they went for a walk early in the morning and saw an old man.He lived on a farm,and he was sitting alone in the warm sun in front of his house.Mr Wilson asked him,

“Do you like living in a quiet place?” The old man said,“Yes,I do.”

Mr Wilson said,“What are the good things about it?” The old man answered,“Well,everybody knows everybody.People often come and see me,and I often go and see them.And there are lots of children here.”

Mr Wilson said,“That’s interesting.And what are the bad things?”

The old man thought for a minutes and said,“Well,the same things,really.”

66.Where did Mr and Mrs Wilson live?

A.In the city. B.In


country. (B)

C.In town. D.In a school

67.Why did they liked the country?

A.Because it was far.

B.Because they had a farm in the country. C.It was quiet and clean. D. Because it was noise.

68.Did the old man think the good things and the bad things in the country were the same?

A.Yes,he did.

B.No,he didn’t.

C.I don’t know. A.Yes,he didn’t.

Jane was an old woman. She was rich and lived in a big house. One sunny morning, Jane opened the window and looked at her garden. The sun was shining brightly. “What a good day!” She said. Suddenly she saw a man eating grass in the front the garden of her house. She walked to the man and asked, “Why are you eating grass? Are you very hungry?” The man answered, “I have no money to buy any food. I haven’t had meals for days. I’m dying(快死) of hunger(饥饿).” “Poor

boy,” said Jane, “come to the back door.” Then she walked into the house again. “The rich lady will give me some food to eat. It’s so kind of her.” The man thought. But when

he went into the house, Jane opened the back door and said to him, “the grass is taller behind the house.” ( ) 69. What was the weather that day?

A. Windy B. Sunny C. Rainy D. Snowy ( ) 70 What was the man eating when the woman saw him?

A. Some grass B. Some bread

C. Some fruit D. Some chicken

( ) 71. Where did Jane see the man eating?

A. At the street B. In front of her house

C. Behind her house D. In her house

( ) 72. Which statement is TRUE?

A. Jane was very kind, and she gave the food to the


B. The man didn’t get any food from Jane. C. The man was rich. He hasn’t had meals for days.

D. The man got some food from Jane.


I have a lot of friends. My best friend is Mai. She is 16 years old. She is 2 years older than me. We live in the same town and we began to know each other when we were very young. Now we are

classmates. Mai is tall and thin, with long black hair. She has an oval face (椭圆的脸) with big eyes, a high nose and a small mouth. Mai is

helpful (乐于助人的). When her friends have difficulties, she always tries her best to help them. Mai is one of the best students in our class.

I like studying with her. She always helps me with my studies. Although we have the same hobbies and interests, we also have some

differences. I am sociable and enjoy telling jokes. Mai, however, is serious and quiet. We believe in each other, so we are good friends. I

hope we can keep our friendship forever (永远). 根据短文内容,选择最佳选项。(10分)

( )73. The writer is __________ years old.

A. 12 B. 14 C. 16 D. 18

( )74. The underlined word "sociable" means "_________"in Chinese.

A. 爱交际的 B. 喜怒无常的 C. 沉默的 D. 没有耐心

( )75. The writer and Mai can be friends because they __________.

A. live in the same town B. look like each other C. have everything in common D. believe in each other ( )76. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Mai is tall and heavy. B. Mai is outgoing and likes talking.

C. Mai and the writer are in the same class. D. The writer often helps Mai with her studies. D

Mr. Smith usually got up late in the morning, so Mrs. Smith always called him up in order to make him not to be late for work. One day, they had a loud and long quarelling(争吵), so they were not speaking to each other. In the evening Mr. Smith handed his wife a piece of paper. He had written" call me at 7 in the morning" on it. Then without a word, he went to sleep.

Next morning, when Mr. Smith woke up, it was already

9:30.He got up and put on his clothes quickly. As he went out, he found another piece of paper on the table." It's seven o'clock. Get up!"


( )77.Mr.Smith woke up earlier than his wife every morning. ( )78.After the quarelling. Mr. Smith still wanted his wife to wake him up.

( )79.Mrs.Smith did not want to speak to him, either. ( )80.Mr.Smith might be late for work that morning.




Now in China, some children are very lucky. They can spend their vacation in many different ways. During the vacation, 81______,like parks, zoos and museums.82____, such as France, the US, the UK and Australia. They will meet different people and make foreign friends there。83_____.But some other children are not so lucky. They have no money to travel. 84_____, because they have to help their parents do a lot of housework. Some families are too poor, so the children can’t go to school and they have to 85_____ .


假设你即将有一个假期,请根据以下提示,以 My vacation plan 为题,写一篇英语短文,介绍一下你的假期计划. 提示:1. 每周两次去体育俱乐部锻炼身体。身体更强壮了。 2. 每天弹钢琴。比班里其他任何同学都弹得更好。

3. 每周看一部英语电影。我喜欢动作片。它们令人兴奋。我想成为一名演员。

要求:1. 短文应包括所有提示内容,还可适当发挥,以使行文连贯;

2. 不少于80词,开头已给出,不计入总词数

My vacation plan

My vacation is coming .What should I do during the vacation ?Let me tell you my plan.

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