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Chinese New Year (the Spring Festival)

Chinese New Year
play firecrackers

get red packets eat dumplings and lots of nice food wear new clothes watch TV



the Mid-autumn Festival
enjoy the moon eat mooncakes

Qu Yuan

The Dragon Boat Festival
Eat rice dumplings
have a dragon boat race

We have known some Chinese traditional festivals, do you know any western festivals?

have a Christmas tree have a lot of presents sing Christmas songs

turkey Thanksgiving Day
have a big dinner with the family


make pumpkin lanterns dress up as a ghost

Look and Match

Chinese New Year Christmas Mid-Autumn Festival Dragon Boat Festival





Thanksgiving Day


Which is your favourite festival?
Why do you like it?

Asking about festivals
A: Which is your favourite festival? B:
A: Why do you like B: Because I like to

. .

Listen and Look :

What festival are Eddie and Hobo celebrating?

Look and answer:

Why is Eddie so happy?

Because it’s Halloween today.

Look and answer:

What does Hobo look like in the picture?

He looks like a ghost.

Look and answer:

What does Hobo look like in this picture? He looks like Monkey King.

1.Why is Eddie so happy?

2. What does Hobo look like in the picture?
3.What does Hobo look like in this picture?

after tape

Please act the dialogue out with your partner

I’m dressing up as a ghost.
Dress sb. 给某人穿衣服 如:I often dress my daughter in a red coat. 我常常给我女儿穿红外套。 put on sth 穿上衣服,强调“穿的动作” 。 如:It’s cold outside. Please put on your coat. wear sth 穿着衣服,表“穿着的状态”。 如:She is wearing a red T-shirt today. try on sth 试穿衣服 如:The shoes look beautiful. Can I try them on?
dress up 装扮,化装 as prep. 作为,当作 如:I will give it to you as a present. 我将把它作为礼物送给你。

(广州市2005年中考试题) -Do you like the new coat, Jack? -Well, let me _____ C and see. A. wear it on B. put on it C. try it on D. dress on it

Oh, Danny. It’s raining outside. You’d better ________your raincoat.(河北省2005年中考试 题) A. put on B. put up C. dress D. wear Meimei is five. She is _______ to ______ herself. (四川省2005年中考试题) A. too old, dress B. old enough, dress C. so old, wear D. very old, put on

Look for some more information about the festivals you like on the Internet.

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