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2012-2013学年下学期第一次月考 七年级英语

一、基础知识(共25分) Ⅰ.根据句意及首字母提示,在横线上填入一个适当的单词,使句意完整,语法正确。(5分) 1. I can s________ English. I can join the English club. 2. Can you play the g_______? 3. My brother usually gets d_______ at six o’clock in the morning, 4. How far is it from your home to school? About 3 k________. 5. The boy usually r_______ his bike to school. Ⅱ.用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。(10分) 6. I can swim. I want to join the _________ (swim) club. 7. Do you want _________ ( join ) the music club? 8. What time do you usually brush your ________ (tooth)? 9. Tom usually ______ (take) the subway to school. 10. Sally can speak Japanese, but she can’t speak it _______ (good). 11. Scott has an __________ (interest) job. He works at a radio station. 12. This is a ________ (fun) book. 13. Sally can ________ (draw) and sing. 14. My mother ________ (watch) TV every evening. 15. How much is this jacket? It’s one _________ (hundred) yuan. Ⅲ. 选择填空(10分) ( )16. --- Can he play the violin? --- _____________. A. Yes, I can B. No, she doesn’t C. Yes, he can D. No, he can ( )17. I can’t play the piano _____ the violin. A. and B. or C. but D. with ( )18. We don’t usually go to school ______ the weekend. A. in B. on C. about D. for ( )19. Bob usually take a shower ___________. A. at six thirty B. at thirty six C. on six thirty D. on thirty six ( )20. --- ________ is your birthday?

--- It’s on March 6th.

A. What time B. When C. What D. How ( )21. _____ Sunday morning, I usually go to my grandparents’ house.

A. in B. at C. for D. on ( )22. --- How far is it ______ your home ____ school?

--- About four kilometers.


A. from …to… B. between…and… C. either…or… D. not…but…

( )23. Let’s go there ___________.

A. by bus B. by the bus C. take a bus D. by a bus ( )24. Please call me _____ 669-7279!

A. in B. to C. on D. at

( )25. Lucy _______ Chinese well, _______ she can’t speak Japanese.

A. speak, and B. say, but C. speaks, but D. tell, but


Ⅳ. 根据对话内容,从方框内所给的句子补全对话,其中有一项是多余的。(10


A: B: It’s 10 kilometers from my home to school.

A: How do you usually go to school?


A:How long does it take?

B: 20 minutes by bus and about an hour by bike. A: My home is near to my school.

B: Do you usually go to school by bike?

A: No.

26. ______ 27.______ 28. ______ 29.______ 30._______

Ⅴ. 根据对话内容,在空白处填写一个适当的话语(单词、短语或句子)使对话完整。(10分)

A: Hey, Mary. Is this your new bike?


A: I usually take the bus.

A:I’m not sure…does it take you to get to school?

bike. It’s good exercise.

A: Yeah. Well, have a good day at school.

B: You, too.


Ⅵ. 选词填空。从下面方框中选择适当的选项填入短文中,使短文通顺、完整,选项中有


I have a good friend. His name is Jim Green. He is a student. He in a small village. His school is far his home. Every day it him a lot of time to get to school. He can’t go to school bike. He often goes there by bus or on foot. It takes him twenty minutes to get there by bus and about hour on foot. He must very early every morning. He has no time for breakfast at home. He often some bread on the bus. He doesn’t want to be late for to school. 36.____ 37.____ 38.____ 39.____ 40.____ 41.____ 42.____43.____ 44.____ 45.____ Ⅶ. 阅读理解。(30分) (A) This is Wang Ping’s Day. He’s a young worker. His job is carrying coal (运煤).

( ) 46. When does Wang Ping have breakfast? A. At 5:20 in the morning B. At 5:10 in the afternoon. C. At 5:40 in the morning D. At 6:00 in the afternoon. ( ) 47. Where does he have his breakfast? A. At home. B. In the coal mine(煤矿)。 C. In the restaurant(餐馆). D. In the factory(工厂). ( ) 48. Wang Ping watches news_______. A. over the radio(收音机) B. on TV C. every noon D. every morning ( ) 49. Wang ping goes home ________. A. at 7:40 every evening B. at 5:20 every evening C. at 7:30 every morning D. at 5:20 every morning ( ) 50. --- How old is Wang Ping? --- ___________. A. About 50 B. About fifteen C.25 D. We don’t know (B)


name is Dennis. I’m a worker(工人) of a big store. I don’t work in the morning. I work at night. Every morning I come home at around 6:30. I have breakfast at 7:00. After breakfast I go to bed. I get up at around 2:30. I have lunch at 2:45. and dinner at 7:40. Then I go to work at 8:30. My work starts at 9:00. I look after(照看) the store every night. I like my work very much.



( ) 51. Dennis is a worker of a factory.

( ) 52. Dennis gets home at around 6:30 in the afternoon.

( ) 53. Dennis goes to bed after breakfast.

( ) 54. Dennis gets up at around 2:30 in the afternoon.

( ) 55. Dennis goes to work at 8:30 in the morning.


My name is Tom. I want to join a club of my school. I'm not famous (著名的) now, but maybe I can be famous some day. I can't sing, dance or act in movies, but I can do many other things. I can play three kinds of instruments: the guitar, the violin and the drums. I think I can be in the music club. Maybe I can be a famous musician. I like to read story books and I can write stories. Maybe I can be a famous writer. I like sports, too, but I am not good at sports, so I don't join the sports club.


( ) 56. What's the meaning of the word "instruments" in Chinese?

A. 乐谱 B. 乐器 C. 乐章 D. 琴

( ) 57. What can't Tom do?

A. Play the guitar. B. Write stories.

C. Play the violin. D. Act in movies.

( ) 58. Tom thinks he can be a famous _____ or a famous writer.

A. musician B. actor C. singer D. sportsman

( ) 59. What club can Tom join?

A. The art club. B. The movie club.

C. The chess club. D. The music club.

( ) 60. Why doesn't Tom join the sports club?

A. He doesn’t like sports. B. He can't do sports.

C. He isn't good at sports. D. He is not strong enough.


Mr. and Mrs. Jones live (居住) in Paris. Mr. Jones takes a bus to the bank(银行) every day. He is a clerk(办事员,职员). He often goes out in the morning and comes back in the evening. Mrs. Jones works in a school. She usually goes to work at eight in the morning and gets home at about five-thirty in the afternoon. So they have no time to look after their little son, Jerry. Who looks after Jerry? His aunt, Mary. She is Mr. Jones’ sister.


61. Where do Mr. and Mrs. Jones live?


62. What’s Mr. Jones’s job?\


63. What time does Mrs. Jones get home?


64. Do they have time to look after their little son?


_____________________________________________ 65. Who looks after Jerry? _____________________________________________ 四、书面表达(共15分) Ⅷ. (A) 根据短文内容,完成短文,每空一词。(5分) Musicians Wanted for the School Music Festival We want four musicians for the school music festival. Are you good 66.____ music? Can you sing? Can you 67.______ the piano, the violin, the drums or the guitar? Do you want to 68._____ us? Then you 69._____ be in our school music festival. Please 70.______ Mr. Zhang at 622-6033. (B) 每一天你都是怎样度过的?从早到晚,你都会做哪些事情?请根据以下提示,以My Day为题写一篇不少于60词的短文。(10分) What time do you usually get up and get dressed? When do you eat your breakfast and brush your teeth? When do you leave home? How do you go to school? How long does it take you to get to school? How far is it from your home to school? When do you have lunch? When do you finish your school? What time do you get home and do your home work? …… _________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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