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Unit 2 I’d like some noodles

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Unit 2 I’d like some noodles.


( ) 26. His mother doesn’t like fish _________ broccoli.

A. so B. but C. or D. and

( ) 27.There are two _________ on the table.

A. bowls of porridge B. bowl of porridge

C. bowl of porridges D. bowls of porridge

( ) 28. If you are hungry, you can eat some _________.

A. water B. tea C. ice cream D. noodles

( ) 29. —_________ are these dumplings?

—Five RMB for 10.

A. How B. How much C. What D. How much

( ) 30. —Would you like some apples?


A. Yes, I would B. Yes, please

C. No, I don’t D. That’s right

( ) 31. —What size shoes would you like, sir?

—I’d like a _________ one.

A. brown B. green C. little D. medium

( ) 32. For _________, I like strawberries.

A. noodles B. fruit C. vegetables D. food

( ) 33. —What’s your favorite _________?

—Orange juice.

A. food B. drink C. meat D. fruit

( ) 34. There are some ________ and ________ on the table.

A. tomato; potato B. tomatos; potatos

C. tomatoes; potatoes D. tomatoes; potatos

( ) 35. —_________?

—Yes, I’d like some bananas.

A. Can I help you B. What do you like

C. What kind would you like D. What size do you want

( ) 36. There are many ________ animals in the zoo. Some of them are ________ cute.

A. kind of; kind of B. kinds of; kinds of

C. kinds of; kind of D. kind of; kinds of

( ) 37. What would you like ________ for lunch?

A. having B. to have C. has D. have

( ) 38. She takes _______ order _______ some dumplings.

A. a; for B. an; with C. a; of D. an; for

( ) 39. Tom doesn’t like dancing ________.

A. too B. either C. also D. much

( ) 40. Let’s find something ________.

A. to drink B. drink C. drinks D. drinking


41. 你穿多大号的鞋?

________ ________ shoes do you wear?

42. 先生,你想要什么汤?

What _______ _______ soup would you like, sir?

43. 迈克通常午饭吃一大碗米饭。

Mike usually eats a ________ ________ ________ rice for lunch.

44. 我们有西红柿鸡蛋面。

We have ________ _________ ________ noodles.

45. 妈妈,你想喝绿茶吗?

Would you like some ________ _________, Mum?

Ⅴ.根据要求完成句子,每空一词。 46. I want to go swimming. (改为同义句) I ________ _________ to go swimming.

47. This policeman orders beef and potato noodles. (对画线部分提问)

__________ __________ _________ noodles does the policeman order? 48. He likes tomatoes and potatoes. (改为否定句) He ________ like tomatoes________ potatoes.

49. I’d like a small bowl of noodles.(对划线部分提问) __________ _________ bowl of noodles would you like? 50. This girl would like two cups of tea. (改为一般疑问句) __________ this girl _________ two cups of tea? Ⅵ.

51. His aunt works at a ____________. 52. Alan’s_______________ is 111-9070.

53. He ___________ to visit the art museum(博物馆) 54. Is there any__________ in the glass? 55. There are some_________ in the bowl. Ⅶ.完形填空

Bill is my uncle. He a restaurant on Long Street. It’s across from my house. On weekends I work in it as a restaurants is not big. But you can buy nice at a good price in it. The small beef hamburger is only one dollar. The fruit salad is only 1.6 dollars. If you don’t like Western (西方的) food, you can buy There are dumplings in the restaurant. We also have chicken, cabbage egg noodles. Many Chinese come here for dinner every day. Sunday we have some great specials. On that day if you buy ten hamburgers, you can a pen .And you can free (免费的) French fries. Oh, you can also food. Our telephone number is777-6868. ( ) 56. A. is B. does C. has ( ) 57. A. reporter B. waiter C. doctor ( ) 58. A. Food B. clothes C. fruit ( ) 59. A. Japanese B. Chinese C. French

( ) 60. A. many kinds B. kinds of C. all kinds of ( ) 61. A. but B. and C. or ( ) 62. A. In B. On C. At ( ) 63. A. get B. bring C. sell ( ) 64. A. enjoy B. like C. drink ( ) 65. A. play B. want C. order Ⅷ.阅读理解


Welcome to Green Fast Food Restaurant. It’s on Center Street. You can see it between the post office and the bank. Across from the fast food restaurant you can see a big park. Oh, here is a menu for Green Fast Food

( ) 66. Green Fast Food Restaurant is across from________.

A. the post office B. the bank C. a big park

( ) 67. From the menu, we know a large vegetable hamburger is _______.

A.1.5 dollars B. 1 dollars C. 1.8 dollars

( ) 68. If you have 2.5 dollars, you can buy _________.

A. a large beef hamburger and a small cup of green tea

B. a large mutton hamburger and a small cup of orange juice

C. a small chicken hamburger and a large cup of coffee

( ) 69. From the menu, we know Green Fast Food Restaurant doesn’t have_______.

A. green tea B. fish hamburgers C. apple juice

( ) 70. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. You can have dumplings at Green Fast Food Restaurants.

B. There are three kinds of hamburgers at Green Fast Food Restaurants.

C. Two small beef hamburgers are 3 dollars.


There is a big supermarket near Mrs. Green’s home. She usually goes there to buy food. The shop assistants (营业员) are polite (有礼貌的) and helpful (乐于助人的). The things are cheap, too.

One day, Mrs. Green goes to the supermarket. She buys some noodles for Tim and Mimi. They like noodles. Biscuits (饼干) are also their favorite food. And she buys some milk. Her children always have milk for breakfast. Mimi likes fish and Tim likes hot dogs. She buys some fish and sausages (烤香肠) for them, too. Mrs. Green doesn’t have enough rice at home. She wants to buy a bag of rice, but she can’t take it. It is very heavy. David, the shop assistant, is helping her.

( ) 71. Where does Mrs. Green often buy food?

A. In the shop. B. In the supermarket.

C. In the biggest market.

( ) 72. Who likes biscuits?

A. Tim. B. Mimi. C. Tim an Mimi.

( ) 73. Mrs. Green buys some ________ for breakfast.

A. milk B. eggs C. dumplings

( ) 74. Does Mrs. Green buy a bag of rice?

A. No, it’s too heavy. B. Yes, she does.

C. No, she has some.

( ) 75. The shop assistant is ________.

A. helpful B. help others C. too heavy

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