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Unit 4 What did you do last weekend

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Unit 4 What did you do last weekend?

I. 选择填空

( ) 1. —Did you help me clean my room? —Yes, I _________.

A. did B. do C. does D. doing

( ) 2. —What did Lisa do yesterday?

—She ________ to music.

A. listens B. listen C. listened D. listening

( ) 3. —What did you do last weekend? —I ________ TV.

A. saw B. looked at C. watched D. watch

( ) 4. He ________ into the lake and ________ to it.

A. jumped, swimed B. jump, swam C. jumped, swam D. jump, swim

( ) 5. Did John _________ football yesterday?

A. play B. played C. plaied D. plays

( ) 6. They _________ books last weekend.

A. read B. readed C. look D. looked

( ) 7. Did you play football _________ Zhang Peng?

A. with B. and C. to D. from

( ) 8. Tom __________ busy yesterday.

A. did B. was C. were D. is

( ) 9. Lisa usually __________ her homework after supper.

A. does B. do C. did D. doing

( ) 10. Did you __________ swimming last weekend?

A. go B. goes C. went D. going

( ) 11. What _________ he _________ yesterday?

A. does, do B. do, did C. did, do D. did, did

( ) 12. ________ he ________ football last weekend? A. Did, played B. Did, play

C. Did, plays D. Did, playing

( ) 13. She ________ yesterday.

A. went fish B. went fishing

C. goes fishing D. goes fish

( ) 14. He _________ the clothes yesterday.

A. didn’t washed B. didn’t wash C. don’t washed D. doesn’t wash

( ) 15. They _________ English last night.

A. study B. studyed C. studied D. studying II. 完形填空

Mark lived in a village far away. One day he became very ill and everyone thought he would soon. They sent for a doctor. Two days the doctor came and looked over the sick man. asked for a pen and some paper to write down the name of the medicine. But there was no pen paper in the village, because no one could write.

The doctor up a piece of burnt wood from the fire and wrote the name of the medicine on the of the house. “Get this medicine for him.” he said, “and he will soon get Mark’s family and friends did not know to do. They could not read the strange words. Then a young man an idea. He took off the door of the house, put it on his carriage (马车) and drove to the nearest . He bought the medicine there, and Mark was soon well again. ( ) 16. A. wake B. cry C. moved D. die


( ) 17. A. late B. later C. ago D. before ( ) 18. A. The sick man B. Mark

C. The doctor D. The farmer

( ) 19. A. and B. or C. then D. also

( ) 20. A. picked B. held C. made D. looked ( ) 21. A. wall B. window C. ground D. door ( ) 22. A. well B. worse C. bad D. good ( ) 23. A. when B. what C. where D. which ( ) 24. A. thought B. hit C. caught D. had ( ) 25. A. shop B. farm C. hospital D. village III. 阅读理解


Peter is thirteen years old. He is in Grade Two this year. He likes to play football and watch football matches. And he often reads newspapers. He does his best to know when and where there is going to be a football match. Now Peter is having lunch. He is listening to the radio, too. He is very happy because there is going to be a nice football match on TV at four this afternoon. He wants to watch it very much. But he is going to have English and Chinese lessons. He thinks hard and finds a way.

“Hello, Mrs Black,” Peter says to his teacher on the telephone. “Peter is ill in bed. He wants to ask for half a day’s leave(请半天假).

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” says Mrs Black. “But who is that?”

“It’s my father, Mrs Black.” ( ) 26. Peter is a ___________.

A. middle school student B. Young Pioneer C. worker D. teacher

( ) 27. Peter will be in ___________ next year.

A. Grade Two B. Grade Three C. Grade One D. school

( ) 28. Peter often reads newspapers because ___________.

A. he likes to read news B. he likes to read stories C. he wants to know when and where a football match will be

D. his father wants him to read them

( ) 29. Peter wants to ask for half a day’s leave because


A. his father is ill in bed

B. he wants to watch the football match

C. he doesn’t want to have English or Chinese lessons D. he is ill in bed

( ) 30. Which of the following is right?

A. Mrs Black is going to take Peter to see a doctor. B. Peter likes to watch TV at five in the afternoon. C. Peter is a stupid(愚笨的)teacher. D. Peter is not an honest(诚实的)boy.


Tom went to see his grandparents with his father. In the train Tom often put his head out of the window. His father said, “Tom, don’t put your head out of the window.” But Tom went on putting his head out of the window.

His father took Tom’s hat quietly and hid it behind his

back and said to Tom, “You see your hat is gone.” Tom was afraid. His father said, “Well, whistle(吹口哨)once. Maybe your hat will come back.” Tom whistled. His father put his hat on Tom’s head quickly. “Oh! It’s wonderful!” Tom laughed and said. He quickly took his father’s hat and threw it out of the window. “Now it’s your turn to whistle, Dad!” he said happily. ( ) 31. Tom went to see his grandparents with his father


A. by bus B. by train C. by plane D. by ship

( ) 32. Tom often put ___________ out of the window.

A. his hat B. his father’s hat C. his head D. his father’s head

( ) 33. __________ and his hat was on his head.

A. Tom whistled B. His father whistled C. Both of them whistled

D. The conductor(售票员)whistled

( ) 34. Tom took his father’s hat and ___________.

A. hid behind his back B. threw it out of the window C. put in under his seat D. put it on his own head

( ) 35. At last Tom’s father’s hat ___________.

A. was on Tom’s head B. was on his father’s head C. would come back D. was gone


One day, Mr. Smith went to a dinner party. He was wearing very old clothes. He came into the room. But people in the room didn’t look at him. They didn’t ask him to sit at the table. He wasn’t happy. But he said nothing.

Mr. Smith went home quickly and put on (穿上) his best clothes. He went back to the party. Everyone in the room stood up and looked at him. They gave him good food to eat.

Mr. Smith took off his coat, and put it on the food and said, “Eat, coat!”

The other people were surprised and asked, “What are you doing? Why do you do that?”

Mr. Smith answered, “I am asking my coat to eat food. When I wore old clothes, you didn’t look at me. You didn’t ask me to sit down. Now I am wearing these nice clothes. And you give me good food. Now I see, you give the food to my coat, not to me.”

( ) 36. One day, Mr. Smith went to __________.

A. a birthday party B. a dinner party C. an English party D. a movie

( ) 37. When he came into the room, the people didn’t look

at him. Why?

A. Because the people didn’t ask him to come. B. Because Mr. Smith wore old clothes.

C. Because Mr. Smith didn’t say hello to them first. D. Because it was night, they didn’t see him.

( ) 38. Why did he go home quickly?

A. Because he didn’t want to stay here.

B. Because he went home for his best clothes. C. Because the people there asked him to leave. D. Because he didn’t like the food there.

( ) 39. What’s the meaning of “surprised” in Chinese?

A. 高兴的 B. 不满的 C. 感到奇怪的 D. 生气的


( ) 40. Which statement is right?

A. A person in good clothes should eat good food. B. A good coat should eat good food.

C. We can’t judge (判断) a man by his clothes. D. Mr. Smith is stupid (愚蠢的).

IV. 词汇

(一) 根据句意及首字母提示,完成单词。 41. He w__________ to a park yesterday? 42. I c__________ my room last weekend. 43. Did you r__________ the magazine? 44. Did Lucy c__________ a mountain?

45. Last Saturday, Candy v___________ her uncle. 46. What did you d____________ last weekend? 47. She r____________ a book last night. 48. He went s____________ yesterday.

49. Amy l____________ to music last Tuesday. 50. We w____________ fishing yesterday.

(二) 用所给动词的适当形式填空。

51. He ___________ (visit) the Great Wall last year. 52. We___________ (have) a good time yesterday.

53. We often ___________ (go) to school by bus last year. 54. I ___________ (live) in the village when I was a child.

55. Mike ___________ (see) a big tiger in the nature park last


56. Sam ___________ (do) the housework yesterday.

57. ___________ (do) you ___________ (enjoy) yourself

yesterday? Yes, I _________.

58. There ____________ (be) many sheep on the farm last year. 59. Her father ____________ (read) a newspaper last night. 60. ____________ you ____________ (visit) your relatives last

Spring Festival? V. 翻译

61. 上一周我和我弟弟踢足球并拜访了我们的祖父母。

Last week, my brother and I _________ _________ _________ _________ our grandparents. 62. 昨天晚上他的爸爸洗衣服了。

His father ________ ________ yesterday evening. 63. 你刚才打扫你的房间了吗?

_________ you _________ _________ _________ now? 64. —Tom上个星期天做什么了? —他在家看电视了。

—What _________ Tom _________ last Sunday? —He _________ __________ at home. 65. 那只小狗跳到湖里,朝风筝游去。

The dog _________ _________ the lake and _________ _________ the kite. VI. 情景交际

( ) 66. What did he do yesterday? ( ) 67. Did she wash the clothes yesterday? ( ) 68. What did you do last weekend? ( ) 69. Did you went to the park? ( ) 70. What was the weather yesterday?

VIII.按要求改写句子 对划线部分提问)


77. He played sports just now. (改为一般疑问句)


78. Linda helped her aunt clean the room. (改为否定句)

___________________________________________________ 对划线部分提问)


80. Mike goes fishing every week. (改为一般疑问句)

___________________________________________________ Ⅸ. 书面表达





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