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Unit 7 Enjoy Your Hobby

Lesson 53 A Strange Hobby

育才学校 张丽慧

1.教学分析 2.教学目标


5.教学过程 3.教学方法

1、教材的地位及其作用 2、教学重点、难点

◆Teaching emphasis 1)To master some words and phrases: cover, seem, be full of, add … to …, in one’s spare time 2)To help the students learn to talk about their own hobbies ◆Teaching difficulties 1) The usage of “seem like , cover”

知识与技 能

①. Master some important words and phrases: strange; spare; rock; Germany; seem; reason; cover; in one’s spare time; add … to …; be full of; ②. Help the students to grasp the main idea of the reading ③.Encourage the students to communicate with each other in English.

①Make our teaching atmosphere relaxing and


happy ② Follow the principle of gradual improvement and try to arouse the enthusiasm of the students ③Make the students as hosts in the class to improve their abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing.



①Train the students’ interest of learning English ②Train the students’ right views of hobbies

1.Student-centered teaching method
2.Task-based teaching method 3.Activity-based teaching method

1.Make our teaching atmosphere relaxing and happy to make the students as hosts in the class 2.Give them enough chances to practice and let the students take an active part in all kinds of activities. That is “Learning by doing, learning by using”.

五. 教学过程
Step1. Warm up and Lead-in (task 1)

Step2. Learn the new words
Step3. Listening Step4. Reading(task2) Step5. Solve the students’ difficulties (task3) Step6. Retell the story

Step7. Do some exercises
Step8. Let’ singa song

Step9.Summary and homework

Interview some of your classmates about his or her hobby

A story
I have an ordinary hobby-----collecting rocks. But a guy in Germany has a strange hobby. He likes to collect books with green covers. He just do it for a special reason---he wants to cover a wall in his bedroom with just green books one day. That seems like an interesting hobby. But it is very hard. So in his spare time, he spends a lot of time in bookstores. Do you think his hobby is strange?

Listen to the tape and fill in the chart below: Person
I My sister A friend of mine A guy on the train


study the night sky go skating collect rocks
collect books with green covers

Read the text loudly then discuss the following questions:(任务型阅读)
1. The writer saw a guy reading a book on the train about rocks. (T or F) 2.Why has his mom asked him to stop collecting rocks?

Because his room is full of rocks. 3.Are there many books with green covers? No,there aren’t. 4.If he finds an interesting one, he will take it home and add it to his collection.(翻译成汉语) 如果他找到了一块有趣的石头,他

就会把它带回 家并且把它加入到自己的收藏中 5That’s what my mom always says. (翻译成汉语) 那是我妈妈总说的

Read in small groups , find out the language
points and difficulties!

Language notes: 1. That’s what my mom always says.

这是一个主从复合句,“what my mom always says”是 表语从句,相当于名词的作用,其中“what” 是 “所??的”意思 E.g. That’s ________ he told me the other day. A. that B. which C. when D. what √ 2. cover (n.) 封面 The cover of the magazine has a cock. (v.) 覆盖 cover…with… 用……把…..盖上
I cover the table with a piece of paper. be covered with 被……覆盖 The ground was covered with snow.

3. seem (v.)好像;似乎;看来 seem like 看起来像…… look like 看起来与某人或某物相像 sound like听起来像 feel like 想要
E.g. –I haven’t seen you for a long time. --Yes, it ______ like years since I last saw you. A. looks B. seems C. feels D. sounds

I, study the night sky

my sister, go skating, in her spare time

a guy, in Germany, strange, cover → Different hobbies

A friend of mine, collect rocks

Fill in the blanks according to the Chinese meaning, use the right form.

studying 研究) the night sky. 1.My hobby is _________( spare (空余的) 2. My sister likes to go skating in her _____ time. full ______ of (充满….的)rocks. 3. Now his room is _____ 4. Last year when I was in Germany _______(德国), I saw a reading (看)a book about stars. guy _______ 5.That _______ seems (似乎) like an interesting book. 6.The guy was reading the book for a special _________ reason (理由). collecting 收集) books with green 7. His hobby is _________( covers 封面). _______( strange (奇怪的)hobby. 8. That is a _________

Blackboard writing and summary
Lesson53 A strange hobby
1. hear of… 听说……

I have never heard of that person.
2. an ordinary hobby←→ a strange hobby 3.collect rocks 4.a guy in Germany 5.books with green covers 9. be full of 10.add … to …

6. for a special reason
7. seem like 8. in one’s spare time

1.Learn some new words and phrases by heart. 2.Retell the story. 3.Collect more strange hobbies either from books or from the Internet.

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