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1、The poor man needs our help, ______ he?

A. need B. needn’t C. does D. doesn’t

2、He’s never watched such an important watch, ______?

A. hasn’t he B. has he C. isn’t he D. is he

3、You have few friends, ______?

A. haven’t you B. have you C. you have D. you haven’t

4、Tom has supper at school, ______?

A. hasn’t he B. has he C. doesn’t D. does he

5、He’s almost finished ______ the book, ______ he?

A. reading, isn’t B. to read, isn’t

C. reading, hasn’t D. to read, hasn’t

6、You were on the farm yesterday, ______ you?

A. didn’t B. don’t C. can’t D. weren’t

7、Don’t close the window, ______ you?

A. did B. will C. was D. won’t

8、Let’s go shopping, ______ we?

A. shall B. will C. was D. is

9、Joan’s late for school,______?

A. wasn’t she B. hasn’t she C. isn’t she D. doesn’t she

10、The meeting will begin at half past two in the afternoon, ______.

A. does it B. doesn’t it C. will it D. won’t it

11、The sick man’s allowed to take a walk in the garden every day, ______?

A. is he B. isn’t he C. has he D. hasn’t he

12、There are few people on the playground, ______?

A. are there B. are they C. has he D. hasn’t he

13、Tom could hardly work out the maths problem, ______ he?

A. couldn’t B. could C. didn’t D. did

14、Let’s go to the island, ______?

A. won’t you B. will you C. shall we D. will we

15、Don’t forget to give Polly some food and change he water, ______?

A. will you B. shall we C. won’t you D. do you

16、There are few people on that village, ______ there?

A. did B. does C. was D. are

17、She is too young to go to school, ______ she?

A. didn’t B. does C. wasn’t D. is

18、John had to join a long queue to get a ticket, ______?

A. did he B. didn’t he C. had he D. hadn’t he

19、--Your blouse is yellow, isn’t it? --______.

A. Yes, it is. B. It's red. C. I'm not sure. D.I don’t know.

20、You have met before, ______?

A. haven’t you B. have you C. do you D. don’t you

21、Allen has never been to Beijing, ______?

A. has she B. hasn’t she C. has Allen D. hasn’t he

1、He has a lot of work to do, ______ ______?

2、Uncle Wang forgot to bring your bag, ______ ______?

3、There’re more than ten pandas on the hill, ______ ______?

4、Tom wants to get his TV set back, ______ ______?

5、It’s fine today, ______ ______?

6、Lima’s just come back from America, ______ ______?

7、Mary bought some shampoo in the supermarket,______ ______?

8、Nobody was looking for me, ______ ______?

9、He needs our help, ______ ______?

10、We must study English hard or we can't be good at it, ______ ______?

11、You may use his eraser, ______ ______?

12、He didn’t say you were foolish, ______ ______?

13、They’ll be on duty next Monday,______ ______?

14、Tom didn’t watch TV last night, ______ ______?

15、She’s been to Shanghai, ______ ______?

16、Open the windows, ______ ______?

17、That’s a model plant,______ ______?

18、Robert knows little Chinese, ______ ______?

19、What an interesting story, ______ ______?

20、Your parents must be in the library, ______ ______?

21、You don’t think he will come back before school, ______ ______?

22、You’d better do it now, ______ ______?

23、Everything is ready for the party,______ ______?

24、They usually play football after school, ______ ______?

25、Mary made few mistakes in the exam, ______ ______?

26、He has never seen her before, ______ ______?

27、Jack hardly goes to the cinema, ______ ______?

28、There’re twenty-one girl students in your class, ______ ______?

29、Miss Green is going to work in London, ______ ______?

30、There’s going to be a meeting this afternoon,______ ______?

31、You had a talk with John just now, ______ ______?

32、Lucy had a party last Sunday, ______ ______?

33、It’s going to rain this afternoon, ______ ______?

34、Mr. Green bought nothing yesterday, ______ ______?

35、Let’s sing an English song together, ______ ______?

36、Let me try it a second time, ______ ______?

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