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1. speech n. v: speak 发表演讲 make/give a speech

2. competition n. (C.)比赛 n. competitor 竞赛者 v. compete竞赛 a speaking competition
Do you want to take part in the dancing competition ____________(compete)?

3. fun: n. 乐趣;有趣的事 [U] funny: adj. 可笑的;滑稽的
fun What _______ it is to swim in the river in summer! funny in the hat. You look _______ That’s the ________ funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

confident, confidently, confidence a. adv. n.
He made a speech confidently at the meeting yesterday. He is confident in English. confidently reads English to my My brother___________ father. Confidence is very important in learning.

5. advise v. 建议 ,劝告 I strongly advised you to read this book. (read) following The teacher advised the rule. (follow) advise sb to do sth advise doing sth = suggest doing sth

to learn (learn) My teacher advised me English by speaking more. Our monitor advised climbing (climb) the hill this weekend.

[U] Please give me some advice on cooking. =Please give me some suggestions on [C] cooking.

6. the whole class = all the students of the class

the 放在whole 的前面, 放在all 的后面
all my life =my whole life 7. talk with communicate v.沟通,交流 communication n.沟通

communicate with sb

with his 8. He often communicates ______ Chinese friends ________ Chinese. in 用某种语言 用介词 in
9. so+ adj. / adv. + that 句子 He was so angry that he couldn't say a word. He is ___ young that she ______after herself. C A.too, can look B. very, can’t look C. so, can’t look D. so, can look

10.The party gave us a chance to show (show) our ability.

give sb a chance to do sth

11. He thinks we should buy a new computer. In his opinion ____________,we should buy a new computer. In his view ____________,we should buy a new computer. whenever(when) you 12. I’ll go and help you ________ need . = I’ll go and help you at any time you call me. I will tell you __________(what) I know. whatever


should; ought to + 动词原形 肯定式: should do sth= ought to do sth. 否定式: should not (shouldn’t) do sth =ought not to do sth.
疑问句: Should we do ……? Ought We to do ……? Should we discuss it now Yes, we should. / No, we shouldn’t. Ought we to discuss it now? Yes, we ought to. / No, we ought not to.

had better + 动词原形 肯定式: had better do sth. 否定式: had better not do sth. had better=’d better had better not= ’d better not
Children had better not play computer games too much.

1. --- I made some stupid mistakes in the exam. --- You __________ more careful. D A. ought to B. should C. Ought not to be D. should be 2. He ___________ go there by train. A A.oughtn’t to B. oughtn’t C. ought to not D. didn’t ought to 3. --- Ought I her the truth? ---Yes, you . ? tell, ought B. tell, ought to C C. to tell, ought to D. to tell, ought 4. It’s so cold. You'd better ________out .

A. not to go B. don’t go C C. not go D. to not go

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