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人教五四制英语9年级上册Unit 9 The skies of two cities

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Unit 9 The skies of two cities



Part 1


1. He’s lived here all his life. 他一辈子都住在这儿。

all one’s life 一生,一辈子

2. They picture the place with palm trees, beaches, and Hollywood, where so many famous movies have been made.

在他们的想象中,那里有棕榈、海滩和好莱坞。在好莱坞摄制了许多著名的电影。 picture n. 想象,设想

3. It is the largest city in the state and the second largest city in the United State.


4. Its western part lies by the Pacific Ocean. 它的西部紧邻太平洋。

lie by 在??旁边

5. You might imagine that LA must be a very beautiful city.


must 一定是,准是,想必

6. A lot of work has been done to improve the air in the past thirty years, though much still needs doing.

尽管在过去的三十年里人们已经作了很多工作来提高空气质量,但是还有很多事情要做。 much n. 必须做的事,必不可少的东西

7. Most importantly, people realized that they must learn to care for their living environment . 最重要的是人们意识到了必须学会关注他们的生存环境。

care for v. 照顾,照料

8. They share the driving duties from day to day.

他们一天一天地分担开车的任务。from day to day 一天一天地



In the hospital I saw many people waiting ____ the doctor.

A. seeing B. to see C. for seeing D. to seeing

【答案】 B

【解析】 wait to do sth 等待做某事


I won’t watch the TV play if my father ____ me do my homework.

A. let B. will let C. won’t let D. lets

【答案】 D

【解析】 if 引导的主将从现句,从句中一般现在时表示将来


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