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人教五四制英语9年级上册Unit 10 Mainly revision

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Unit 10 Mainly revision



Part 1


1. In the old days, workers had time off from work to visit their mothers.


off adv. 不工作,不上班,休息、休假

2. After Mrs. Javis died, her daughter carried on the same idea, but she called mother’s Friendship Day Mother’s Day.

贾维斯女士去世后,她的女儿继承了她的想法,但她把母亲友谊节改为母亲节。 carry on 进行,继续

3. The smog was so thick that car and bus drivers could hardly see the road in front of them even though the daytime.

in front of 在??之前

4. In December1952,a very thick dark cloud came down over the city.


come down 落下

5. But not long after that, over 4,000 people died as a result of the smog.

但那之后不久,又有4,000 多人因为烟雾死亡。

as a result of 由于??的结果

6. I’ll give her a bunch of red carnations.


a bunch of 一束,一串

7. I don’t think she really cares what we’ll give her.


care 关心,在意,顾虑

8. Her idea succeeded. 他的想法成功了。

succeed v. 成功,随后

9. Soon all the women in the United States followed her example.


follow one’s example 照??的榜样,以??为模范



Miss Li is one of ______ in our school.

A. a popular teacher B. more popular teacher

C. most popular teacher D. the most popular teachers

【答案】 D


one of +adj. 最高级+ n. 复数


Have you decided ______ Canada?

A. when will you leave B. when you will leave

C. when are you leaving D. when you leaving

【答案】 B

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