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( ) 1. —Listen! There is someone at the door.

—Oh, ______ must be Meimei.

A. he B. she C. one D. it

( ) 2. –When did you plant so many trees on the hill.

—In ______ spring of 2000.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( ) 3. –What do you think of my house?

—Wonderful. Ours ______ so good as yours.

A. are B. is C. aren’t D. isn’t

( ) 4. –Can seawater reach here?

—No, because the ground here is about 200 meters ______ sea level (海平面)

A. over B. above C. up D. on

( ) 5. —Jim and Jack are twins. Do you know who is the ______ one? —Sorry, I don’t know.

A. young B. younger C. youngest D. oldest

( ) 6. —______ has made you so sad?

—My dog’s death.

A. Who B. What C. Which D. Whose ( ) 7. —Do you know Alice?

—Yes, We_______ each other since we were at primary school.

A. know B. are knowing C. knew D. have known ( ) 8. –What would have for breakfast?

—________ will do. I don’t mind.

A. Anything B. Something C. Everything D. Nothing ( ) 9. –Where is your hometown? Is it far from the city?

—Let me show you on the ______.

A. book B. picture C. map D. photo

( ) 10.—Do you often get to school on foot?

—Yes, especially ______ it is fine.

A. if B. when C. though D. because ( ) 11.—Did you go to the cinema yesterday?

—No, because I ______ the film.

A. have seen B. will see C. had seen D. would see ( ) 12.—Here is ______ for your grandpa.

—That’s very kind of you. He really needs it.

A. a walking stick B. a stick for walk

C. a walk stick D. a stick to walk on

( ) 13.—Look! The lights are on. Bruce ______ be working at his lessons. —Don’t be sure. Let’s go and find out.

A. can B. may C. should D. must

( ) 14.—This watch is two thousand dollars.

—Oh, that’s ______ expensive. We can’t buy it.

A. too much B. much too C. rather much D. much more ( ) 15.—You looked tired. What’s wrong?

—I couldn’t ______ asleep last night because the people upstairs were having a party.

A. get B. turn C. go D. fall

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