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[名校联盟]山东省平原县第五中学九年级英语上册《Module 3 Unit 1 when will the matchbe held》课件

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Module 3 Sporting life
Unit 1 when will the match be held?

Words and expressions
sporting 有关体育运动的





Words and expressions
stand for against 代表;象征 与......相对,

tough 艰苦的强硬的

Talk something about the pictures.

Part 1
1. Look at the photos and describe them . You can use some of the words in the box to help to help you. allow competition defeat fan hold point season score stand for team win

Listen and check the words you hear. competition defeat fan hold point season score team win

Complete the table.
Competition The School’s Basketball Competition Teams HAS against BIG Next match Next Saturday Last match score All Stars 98 points to Globetrotters 52 Betty’s favourite team to win BIG

5 Complete the sentences .
1. Tony looks tired because he is training with BIG for the ____________________________ school’s Basketball Competition . _____________________________ 2. Betty is coming to the match because she is going to write a report for _____________________________ New Standard _______________ .

3. Betty has seen HAS play this season and she thinks ______________ they are great . 4. Tony and Daming think they will win this time _______________ . 5. Betty and Lingling say they think that BIG will lose in order to _______________________________ make Tony and Daming try harder to win . _______

6. Read the sentences from the conversation. Say who the underlined words refer to .
1. You look tired. Tony 2. You were defeated last time. BIG 3. Are you coming?

Betty( and Lingling, possibly)

4. And if you want my opinion …

Tony 5. … you’ve got no chance !
BIG 6. … you won’t be allowed to watch with our fans … Betty and Lingling


7. Listen and repeat .Make sure you pause between each sense group .

Yes . / I'm training / with BIG , / the Beijing International Globetrotters , / for the School's Basketball Competition . / It's the big match / next week.

8. Say the sentence.
Well , you won’t allowed to watch with our fans if that’s what you think ! Now listen and check .

9. Work in pairs. Talk about your favourite sports team or sports star this season .

I think ... will win a gold medal at the Olympic Games. And I think ... will be defeated.

Now work with another pairs .Talk about your favourite sports team or sports star . Do you agree or disagree with each other ? I agree. I think you’re right. It’s true. So do I. I don’t agree.

Words and expressions

sporting a. (关于)体育运动的;从事(或喜好)体育 运动的 It was her first international sporting event. 那是她第一次参加国际体育比赛。

allow vt. 允许,准许[O2][+v-ing] Swimming is not allowed at this beach. 这片海滩禁止游泳。 She allowed us to smoke. 她允许我们抽烟。

allow vi. 1. 容许[(+of)] The situation allows of no delay. 情况不容许有任何延误。 2. 考虑[(+for)] In working

with this cloth, be sure to allow for shrinking. 用这种布缝衣,务必考虑到洗后会缩水。

defeat vt. 1. 战胜,击败 The French defeated the English troops. 法国人打败了英国军队。 2. 使失败,挫败 Our hopes were defeated. 我们的希望落空了。

stand for 代表;象征 The American flag stands for freedom and justice. 美国国旗代表自由及公平。 What do the letters UN stand for? 字母UN代表什么?

against prep. 1. 反对;违反 The fight against inflation has been going on for almost two years. 抑制通货膨胀的战斗已展开近两年了。 2.倚;靠 His desk is against the wall. 他的办公桌靠墙放着。

against prep. 3.逆;对着 They sounded a sharp warning against all these tendencies. 对于这种种倾向,他们发出了严厉的警告。

tough a. 1. 强壮的,结实的 Donkeys are tough little animals and can carry big loads. 驴是结实的小动物,能负重载。 2. 顽固的,固执的 He is a tough nut. 他是一个顽固的家伙。 3. 不屈不挠的,刚强的 He is a very tough man.

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