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1. China is old country with long history .

A. The ; an ; a B. / ; a ; the C. / ; an ; a D. The ; a ; a

2. A group of are talking with two .

A. Frenchmen ; Germen B. Frenchmen ; Germans

C. German ; Frenchmen D. Germans ; Frenchmans

3. Let’s go and have a drink . We’ve got time before the train leaves .

A. little B. few C. a few D. a little

4. Nobody knows what happened her the morning of May 8 .

A. for ; in B. with ; on C. to ; on D. at ; in

5. I live on floor of the hotel , so I have to take a lift .

A. twenty-seventh B. twenty-seven

C. the twenty-seventh D. the twenty-seven

6. — If you don’t like the red coat , how about the green one ?

— OK, but do you have size in green ? This one’s a bit small for me .

A. a big B. the big C. a bigger D. the bigger

7. My English used to be very poor . I wanted to give up , Dad would encourage me to work harder .

A. However B. Whatever C. Whenever D. Wherever

8. — Would you like to go to the concert with me ?

— I’d love to , I can’t . I have a lot of homework to do .

A. or B. so C. but D. and

9. I won’t return the book to the library because I reading it .

A. wasn’t finish B. don’t finish

C. haven’t finished D. won’t finish

10. He told me he her with her maths the next evening .

A. will help B. would help C. helps D. is helping

11. I have got a lot of CDs of the most popular singers . I can’t decide .

A. which one to listen to B. to listen to which one

C. which one should I listen to D. what I should listen to

12. He in the bathroom , but he was . We didn’t know who had killed him .

A. was found ; dead B. was found ; dying

C. found , dead D. is found ; died

13. I’m looking at the photograph you sent me with your letter .

A. who B. which C. whom D. it

14. — I don’t know if he to Kate’s birthday party .

— He’s sure to go if he .

A. goes ; knows B. will go ; knows

C. goes ; will know D. go ; know

15. — Must we clean the classroom now ?

— No , you .

A. must B. needn’t C. aren’t D. mustn’t

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