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人教五四制英语9年级上册Unit 7 Countries and Languages

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Unit 7 Countries and Languages



Part 1


1. Chinese has the largest number of speakers. 说汉语的人数是最多的。 the number of … ??的数目

a number of … 许多

2. What do you mean by(doing)sth? ??是什么意思?

3. Captain:船长, 队长, 上校

4. Spanish has a growing number of speakers all over the world.

全世界讲西班牙语的人越来越多growing: increasing

5. To go in for sports helps you stay fit. 参加体育活动能帮你保持健壮的体魄。 go in for 参加(竞赛、考试、活动)

6. on one’s own 独自,靠自己

7. To fail in the competition is very disappointing. 在比赛中失利非常令人扫兴。 disappoint vt. 是某人失望、沮丧

8. 不定式做主语,it 作形式主语,保持句子平衡



He wants to _____ a doctor when he grows up.

A. be B. do C. work D. make

【答案】 A


want to be 想要成为


My sister does not feel_____. She feels ______.

A. sick, ill B. ill, sick C. well, good D. well ,sick

【答案】 D

【解析】 well a. 健康的,sick a. 生病的


1.This pen belongs to _____ . ______ is a red one.

A. him, Mine B. his, My C. him, My D. his, Mine

2.Lesson 49 is another way of saying the ______lesson.

A. fourty-nine B. forty-ninth C. forty-nine D. fourty-ninth

3.______people came to the meeting.

A. Thousand of B. Thousand C. Thousands D. Thousands of

4.It was raining hard, they_____ stay at home.

A. must B. would C. had to D. could

5. Many people are waiting ______ the doctor in the hospital.

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