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八年级英语下册_作文复习课件 (1)

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Unit 1
本单元的考点:一定要注意将来时的运用,比如写克拉玛 依城市的未来。 你可以用以下句子开头: I am from Karamay. It’s a beautiful city with many green trees and tall buildings . It’s famous oil for its . (我来自克拉玛依,这是一座有着………. 的城市) I think in ten years, the road will be wider and cleaner. And There will be more trees and flowers beside them,the bigger and more beautiful.The people in city will be happier and richer . Karamay will be (我想十年后,克拉玛依路,城市,人们会…….), I love my hometown, I hope that she will be and .

My future life

Unit 2 本单元的考点:回复求助信。当人家遇到困难时,给别人 真诚的建议。 Dear , I’m sorry to hear that .But don’t worry, there are a lot of thing you could do First,…… Second,……Finally,……来组织整篇文章。 I hope that you can be better soon.Good luck! Yours, 签名 常见的建议有:(1)you should say sorry. (2) you should write a letter. (3) you could buy him a gift. (4) you should talk about it with her/him. (5) you should find a part-time job.等等 最后,别忘了在信的结尾写上 Good luck. 祝人家好运。

Unit 3 本单元的考点:用过去进行时,来表示当过去某事发生 的时候,某某正在做某事。而同学们千万不要忘了过去 进行时的格式 was (were) + doing 例如:When the accident happened, Sam was taking a shower, Nick was watching TV. Then they helped the injured people together. (当事故发生时,山姆正在洗澡,尼克正在看电视,然后 他们一起去帮助伤者) 大家试着写一段: 昨天早上当老师走进教室时,我们正在休息,有些人在 听音乐,有些人在做作业,有些人在交谈。我正在和汤 姆下棋。

昨天早上当老师走进教室时,我们正在休息,有些人在 听音乐,有些人在做作业,有些人在交谈。我正在和汤 姆下棋。 We were having a rest when teacher came into the classroom yesterday morning.Some students were listening to music, some students were doing their homework, and some students were talking. I was playing chess with Tom.

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