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人教版九年级英语Unit 8词汇与句型

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Unit 8.He volunteer主动,志愿to clean up the city park.

1.fix up=repair修理;give away捐赠,捐出去;

(give up放弃smoking;give up hope放弃希望;give up eating junk food;)

(1)I fixed up (repaired)修理the bikes and gave them away to the sick生病的 children.

(2)Mr White gave lots of money away to the charity/hope project.

(3)Jimmy,would you mind giving up smoking?

(4)Please don’t give up hope,please try again!

2. be similar to/take after像,相似;

(Look after照料,照顾;take care of照料,照顾;take good care of细心照料)

(1)Tom is similar to/(takes after)像,相似his mother.

(2)I take after my father.

(3)When I’m out please help me take care of my pet cat.

(4)I can’t go out with you,I have to stay at home and look after her.

(5)Doctors, Thanks for taking good care of me.医生,谢谢你对我细心的照顾!

3.run out of money/time(用完,耗尽)钱/时间

(1)Jimmy ran out of money to buy the car.

(2)She ran out of time to play games all day.

4. use up the money/time/energy用完,耗尽(时间,钱,精力

He used up all his money to buy the tall buildings.

5. come/came up with想出注意,提出看法 a (good idea/plan/a good solution to the problem) Think/though up a plan/an idea.

(1)Amy came up with/thought up a good idea.想出主意,提出看法

(2)We need to come up with a plan.

6.hand out/give out分发,给出;(hang out闲逛,消磨时光)

(1)Boys and girls,please keep quiet,I’ll hand out paper分发试卷 to you.

(2)You could give out food at the food bank.

(3)We always hand out ads in front of the shopping mall on weekends.

(4)We always hang out at the shopping mall在超市闲逛 on weekends.

7.put up(the picture/the sign张贴图画/标示; (put on穿上)

(1)Boys and girls,if you have any questions,Please put up your hands请举手

(2)Tom,please help me put the pictures up on the wall.

(3)It’s cold outside,please put on your sweater/coat!穿上毛衣/外套

8.put off推迟,拖延;make a plan制定计划;

(1)Please don’t put off things today till tomorrow.请不要把今天的事情推迟到明天。

(2)We have to put off the meeting till tomorrow.把会议推迟到明天

(3)We can’t put off making a plan.推迟制定计划

9.set up设立(组织,机构);set up an English corner设立英语角;

(1)He set up a food bank 设立食物行to help the homeless people.

(2)You are going to set up a food bank to help hungry people.

10.clean up清扫,清理;

(call sb up给---打电话;wake/woke up醒来;wake sb up把某某叫醒)

(1)You could clean the city park up on weekends.

(2)I called him up last night,but nobody answered the phone.

(3)I woke up at seven this morning.

(4)My mother woke me up 把我叫醒earlier this morning

11.cheer up振作,使振作起来;

(1)I ‘d like to cheer up the sick生病kids.

(2)Cheer up,my kids!please don’t worry so much!

12.work out the math problem解决数学难题;work out fine起作用,有效果

(1)Jim,could you help me work out the math problem?

(2)The medicine work out fine on me?药物在我身上起作用了

13.volunteer志愿者;volunteer to do志愿去做

(1)You could volunteer in an after-school study program.


▲一.I am a member 成员of the Youth Volunteers Service青年志愿服务 of our school. Every week wesomething for the school. Our school has a big garden, and there are many flowers in it. Every Friday afternoon, we work in the garden to the flowers after school.We usually水. The streets our school are very busy, so they often, but the dustmen清洁工 seem to be very busy似乎很忙. So we also help clean the streets every week. we tell the young students to. The of the Youth Volunteers Service have to do more. They always the students who

▲Wednesday,October 9th ,Fine

This morning, my friend and I went to the park by bike. A boy before us was on a bike ,too. He very . he 地板上 and couldn't get up. My friend and I rode to him and tried to help him. He sat up but couldn't stand up,because he. We decided to send him toe on his bike. In the hospital,he and 疗. There I phoned his home and told his parents about the .

His parents came to the hospital . After knowing what had happened they thanked us. Then we said good-bye to them. Though we didn't play in the park,we felt very happy because we had done what we should do.

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