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( A. white B. wrong C. strong D. not real

( A. letters B. photos C. greetings D. gifts

( A. show B. fall C. rest (

A. very hungry B. very satisfied C. very angry ( A. Look through B. Look up X ii选择填空 (共15小题 , 每小题 1分 )

( A. the; an B. /; the C. a, an D. the; /

( A. watch; spoke C. are; sighed D. look; promised

( C. extra; included D. more; including

( B. like; tasted C. prefer; excited D. prefer; surprised

( ---- It ________ me 200 yuan.

A. How long; took B. How much; cost C. How often; spent D. How many; paid

( ) 11. ---- Are you ________?

---- Sorry, I am ________. Could you please give me five more minutes?

A. free; surprised B. fine; OK C. busy; ready D. ready; unprepared

( ) 12. ---- What's your plan for your holiday?

---- It ________ the weather! If ________ doesn't rain, I will go climbing.

A. depends on; it B. looks on; it C. relies on; she D. tries on; she

( ) 13. ---- Have you ________ Tim to go with us'?


---- No. He wants to but he ________ care for his sister because his parents are busy.

A. regretted; should B. persuaded; has to C. contacted, likes to D. introduced; needs to

( ) 14. ---- I ________ your advice very much.

---- You are welcome. I hope it is ________ to you.

A. like; unhelpful B. raise; unhopeful C. appreciate; helpful D. thank; hopeful

( ) 15. ---- Hello, waiter. We didn't ____ any noodles, but there is a bowl of noodles on the _____. ---- Sorry, it is my error.

A. order; bill B. take; paper C. produce; brain D. rent; book

( ) 16. ---- ________ it is late, I shall go home now.

---- OK, go ________.

A. So; down B. If; up C. Since; ahead D. Because; out

( ) 17. ---- What did the man say to you?

---- He ________ me where the post office ________.

A. tells; is B. asks; is C. said; was ( ) 18. ---- What ________ is a basketball? A. shape; round B. height; oval D. shape; square

( ) 19. ---- What did Jack eat?

---- He ________ an apple before he ________!

A. ate; sleeps B. had eaten; slept D. has eaten; slept

( ---- ________

A. I'm not sure about it! C. I am sorry to hear that. II.完形填空(10分)

One day, Bear came to a great forest, where they found many acorns(橡子) ____22____ Bear set Fire at the edge(边缘) of the forest, and he and his Fire blazed (发出火焰) up happily for a while ____25____ it had burned almost all of its wood. It started to smoke. "___26____ me! Feed me!" Fire shouted to Bear. But Bear and his people did not hear Fire's ____27____.

At that moment, Man came walking through the forest and saw the small Fire.

"What should I feed you?" Man asked, He had____28____ seen Fire before.

"I eat sticks and wood of all kinds," Fire said.

Man ____29____ a stick and put it on Fire. Man got a second stick and then a third one... By this time, Fire's hunger was satisfied.

Man warmed himself by the Fire, enjoying the changed colors. Man and Fire were very happy 2

together, and Man fed Fire sticks whenever it got hungry. And now Fire ____30____ to Man.

( ) 21. A. whatever B. however C. wherever D. whenever

( ) 22. A. blessing B. playing C. sleeping D. lying

( ) 23. A. people B. sister C. brother D. parents

( ) 24. A. less B. more C. little D. few

( ) 25. A. until B. unless C. if D. but

( ) 26. A. Hire B. Twist C. Feed D. Mend

( ) 27. A. education B. step C. voice D. cries

( ) 28. A. ever B. never C. always D. often

( ) 29. A. picked up B. took up C. looked up D. put up

( ) 30. A. lowers

III. 阅读理解(共35分)


teaching English in Thailand.

simple - it was an easy way to make money.

describe colours, shapes, body parts, days of the week and classroom objects!

with whatever I need for the subject.

I guess me. 18 weeks ago these children ( B. England. C. China. D. Japan.


B. Wilton, 3, who can tell different colors.

C. Nick, 5, who can count from one to one hundred.

D. Leonie, 6, who is good at English grammar.

( ) 33. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. The writer might be short of money when he traveled in Thailand.

B. All the children in the writer's class are very naughty.

C. The writer will never be a teacher again.

D. The writer never has classes in the classroom.

( ) 34. What is the meaning of the underlined word "unconfident" in Chinese?

B. cheers C. likes D. belongs 3

A. 粗心大意的 B. 缺乏信心的 C. 不切实际的 D. 骄傲自满的

( ) 35. What is best title for the passage?

A. Teaching is a good job. B. How clever the Thailand children are!

C. My travel experience in Thailand. D. First time as an English teacher in Thailand.


The city of Cannes in the southern part of France, in the Riviera region and has a population of nearly 70,000. Cannes is very famous around the world for its Film Festival and also for its Cannes Lions Festival. It is a comfortable city and has tourism (旅游业) as its main industry. Cannes offers some of France's finest hotels. You can surf the Internet for more information about hotels.

love the beach, sun and sand.

La Croisette is a 12 km waterfront avenue (海滨林荫道and restaurants around. Visiting the Musee de la Castre is also for seeing beautiful works of art, paintings and so on. And if you want to relax,

you can visit the ?les de Lérins (Lé rins Islands) with (气氛restaurants are very good, although the prices are sometimes expensive. Depending on whether the ( A. Directs. D. Lies.

( A. Marseille. C. Cannes. D. France.

( A. Lé B. the Musée de la Castre

D. Marseille

( A. on the water Front B. in d'Antibcs C. in Meynardier D. in Cannes

( ) 40. According to the passage we can know that the passage is about _________ in France.

A. fashion B. places C. people D. sports


On my first holiday in America, I went to a large supermarket to buy breakfast. And although this was an English-speaking country that I knew well through films and TV, I was amazed. Everything came in unfamiliar (不熟悉的) packaging (包装),with things I'd never heard of, Even things as simple as corn chips were strange, in different colours including black and purple.

Tilse, who works for Nutrition Australia, first realized there was a problem six years ago. After 4

teachers at her children's school quietly shared their opinions about the diets, she knew something about it. "They cared for what many children were bringing to school for lunch," she said. "Mostly packaged foods, such as chips are not healthy."

Tilse said, “They've managed to escape war areas and get to Australia, only to face the very real risk of running into heart disease. All because they're making wrong choices about food."

"Before I came to Australia, I'd never seen a sandwich," said Joseline Ntunzusenimanima, a 33-year-old mother of seven from Burundi in East Africa. "There were so many fruits I had either never seen or not been able to buy for many years. I was in shock for the first four days after I arrived. I didn't know what to do or where to go because I was just amazed to see plenty of food, peace and safety."


A. Happy. B. Excited. C. Amazed. D. Comfortable.

( ) 42. Tilse thinks that most packaged foods in Australia are _________.

A. interesting and cheap C. strange and expensive ( A. Six. B. Seven. C. Eight. D. Nine.

( A. music B. news C. food ( ) 45. What is the best title for the passage?


A. see films B. play golf

C. live in a Disney hotel D. go boating on the lake

( ) 47. There will be ___________lands in Hong Kong Disneyland in 2015.

A. six B. seven C. eight D. four

( ) 48. We can know the ___________about the two parks according to the passsage. a. telephone numbers b. websites c. addresses d. ticket price

A. a & b B. a & d C. a & c D. c & d

( ) 49. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Tokyo Disney has two separate parks. C. Disneyland Paris is the best one in the world.

D. Hong Kong Disneyland has five different lands nowadays.

( ) 50. The writer wrote the passage to ___________.

C. ask us to visit the Disneyland The United States is suffering its worst drought (干旱) in almost sixty years. The National and soybeans (大豆

The drought of com and soybeans increase. Both of them are used in food production Last week the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

feed prices to keep them. That increased supply of meat would reduce meat prices in the short term. But those prices could increase in several months.

Mr Vilsack says the effect of the drought is hard to predict(预测). Some areas are getting rain, and drought-resistant (抗旱的) seeds have helped crops grow well in some areas.

( ) 51. We can know the drought record of the USA has been kept for ________

years of the USA up to now.

A. 97 B. 207 C. 221 D. 117

( ) 52. Which of the following American presidents met with Tom Vilsack?

A. George Washington. B. Abraham lincon. C. George Bush. D. Barack Obama. 6

( ) 53. If the price of a kilo of corn was 3 dollars last December, how much is a kilo of corn now?

A. 2.4 dollars. B. 3 dollars. C. 3.6 dollars. D. 3.9 dollars.

( ) 54. Why is the meat price lower than before?

A. Because there are more and more animals. B. Because farmers kill them to save their food.

C. Because people don't like eating meat now. D. Because the government (政府) asks the

( ) 55. What is the best title for the passage?

A. US faces the worst drought in almost sixty years. B. Take action to help the USA.

C. What does the country do in the drought areas?

D. President Obama meets with Agriculture Secretary.

B: How about fifty yuan?

B: (61) ___________

A: Why? It is said that Mr Smith is a good teacher.

B: He talked too much.

A: That's why I like him. (62) ___________ Besides, history is interesting itself.

B: I'm not interested in history because all the things happened in the past. (63) ___________ A: (64) ___________ It tells us something about our ancients(祖先).

B: (65) ___________




66. Susan's parents were ___________ (disappoint) when they knew Susan failed the exam.

67. If I forget my father's birthday, please ___________ (remind) me.

68. "Don't cry, baby!" the father said ___________ (gentle) to the girl.

69. You went in the wrong ___________ (direct), sir.

70. I am afraid that you are ___________ (cheat) by the little boy.

71. Mr Smith got a good ___________ (educate) when he was young.

72. I plan to give a ___________ (surprised) to my son on his thirteenth birthday party.

73. The kindergarten teacher ___________ (clap) to attract the children's attention.

74. The population of his hometown has greatly __________ (increase).

75. I want you both to be on your best ___________ (behave) at Grandma's.





(2) 80

Shenzhen City Police Bureau that personal electrical bikes would be forbidden.










I. 1-5 DCBBC

6-10 BDCAB 11-15 DABCA

26-30 CDBAD

36-40 DCBAB 41-45 CDBCA 16-20 CDABC II. 21-25 CDABA III. 31-35 BDABD 46-50 DBAAD

56-60 FDEAC 51-55 DDCBA 61-65 DGAEB

IV. (One possible version)

66. disappointed

68. gently

70. cheated

72. surprise

74. increased 67. remind 69. direction 71. education 73. clapped V. (One possible version)

people have different people disagree with the idea. Here are the reasons. Firstly, electrical bikes offer convenience. For example, they are easy to park and cheap ride electrical bikes. In my opinion, forbidding electrical bikes is not a good idea, but people must obey the rules and be more careful.




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