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1、Phrase 词组

first name

3.电话号码 4.身份证 5.卷笔刀 6.电脑游戏 7.失物招领 8.一串钥匙 9.为..而感谢

last name
phone number

ID card pencil sharpener
computer game lost and found a set of keys thanks for….

a photo of family 10.一张家庭照片 tennis racket 11.网球拍 sports collection 12.运动收藏品 play/have sports 13.参加体育运动 14.relaxing 反义词 difficult 15.每天 every day 16.许多,大量(两种) a lot of/ lots of 17.健康食品 healthy food 18.跑步明星 running star 19.食物清单 food list


every day


lost and found sports collection


running star


pencil sharpener

tennis racket

a backpack
注意啦:含有线类的球拍用 “racket”就是拍子的,如乒乓 球拍,则要用“bat”!!!

10.那是我的祖父母。 11.我叔叔的女儿是我的表妹。

That is my grandma.

My uncle's daughter is my sister. 12.谢谢你的家庭相片 Thanks for your family photo.


Where's my math book.

your keys are on the drsser. 15.他的录像带在椅子下面。 His tape is under the chair. 16.我妹妹的手表在抽屉里。 My sister's watch is in the drawer.

2、Sentence structure 句型
1.你叫什么名字? 2.很高兴遇见你。 3.他的电话号码是12345。 4.这是我的橡皮。 5.那不是她的字典。 6.打扰一下,请原谅。 7.这个用英语怎么说? 8.戒指怎么拼写? 9.请打345-653找Tony. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1.What’s your name? 2. Nice to meet you. 3. His phone number is 12345. 4. This is my eraser. 5. That isn’t her dictionary. 6. Excuse me . 7. What’s this in English ? 8. How to spell ring? 9. Please call Tony at 345-653.

? ? ? ? ? ?

17. Can you take these things to school? 18. Do you have a volleyball? 19. Let’s play basketball. 20. That sounds interesting. 21. But I don’t have a ping-pong bat. 22. But he doesn’t play sports, he only watches them on TV.
17.你能把这些东西带到学校去吗? 18.你有排球吗? 19.让我们去打篮球吧。 20.那听起来很有趣。 21.但是我没有乒乓球拍。

22. 但是他不参加体育运动,他只是在电视 上看它们。

? ? ? ? ?

23. Does Lucy like tomatoes? 24. My parents don’t like unhealthy food. 25. Runner eats well. 26. I eat eggs and bananas for breakfast. 27. Running star eats lots of fruit and vegetables.

23.Lucy喜欢西红柿吗? 24.我父母不喜欢不健康食品.



要求: 1、包含前面所学句型 2、没有语法错误 3、不少于70词

Hello, everyone , My name is jack. I miss you! ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ____________

____________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ___________________.

The answers to these questions are mixed up. Match the questions and the correct answers. 这些问题的答语顺序是乱的。将问题和正确的答语相匹配。

1. Hello, I’m Jim. What’s your name? 2. What’s your phone number?

It’s 297 4823 I don’t know.

3. Do you have a basketball?
4. Is this your ruler? 5. What’s this in English?

My name’s Lin Qian

That sounds boring.
No, I don’t. Yes, it is.

6. Let’s watch TV.

Complete the conversations with the words in the box. 用方框中的单词补全对话。
I’m my what’s have yes you let’s don’t

Conversation A
A: Hi! My name’s Nick. B: Hi, Nick! I’m Jane. A: Nice to meet you , Jane. B: What’syour last name, Nick? A: My last name is Smith.

A: Let’s play (basketball). B: I don’t like basketball. A: Do you have a computer games B: Yes , I do. A: Let’s play computer games!

Listen and number the picture[1-4]





Read the sentences below. Then listen again and circle T (for true) or F (for false) 再听一遍录音,在正确的句子后面圈出T,在错误 的句子后面圈出F

1. The boy is Nick Smith.


T F 2. Nick doesn’t like his class. He thinks his class is great. T F 3. Jane has a computer game. Nick has a computer game. 4. The computer game is on the table. T F It’s under the bed.


Student A looks at the picture on this page, and Student B looks at the picture on page 81. Ask and answer questions to find differences between the pictures. Use the questions in the box. 学生A看本页的图画,学生B看81页的图画。用方框中的句子进行回答,找

Does Joe have a…?

Where is the…?

The answers to 4
On page 39 On page 81

Joe has (is wearing )a hat. The cat is on the chair.

Joe has no hat.

The cat is under the chair. The book is on the floor. The book is on the table. The computer game is on the chair. The computer game is on the floor/ under the tree.


Listen to the tape. Read and listen again. Then practice the song.
Is this your key? Is this your hat? Is that your pen? Is that your bag? This isn’t my key. This isn’t my hat. That isn’t my pen. That isn’t my bag. Where’s your key? Where’s your hat? Where’s your pen?

Where’s your bag?
It’s in the drawer. It’s under the bed. It’s on the table. It’s under the desk.


Write about what your partner likes and what you like.

写一段话,谈谈你和同伴各喜欢什 么东西

Yang Fan likes soccer. I also like soccer …

Yang Fan likes soccer. I also like soccer. But we don’t like baseball, because it’s difficult. She likes bananas and apples, but s he doesn’t like pears. I like oranges, but I don’t like strawberries. She likes chicken. She has chicken for lunch. And I have eggs and lots of vegetables for


salad under difficult

let’s 例:difficult



I think math is so difficult.


得相 好信 的自 成己 绩能 !在 !考 试 时 取

B 1. _______ is from England. _______ name is Jack.
A. His; He B. He; His C. I; My D. She; Her B 2. ----_______ her telephone number? ----_______ telephone number is 055-1234. A. What; My B. What’s; Her C. What’s; My D. What; Her 3. Jim’s father is your uncle, so Jim is your ________. D A. uncle B. sister C. brother D. cousin 4. They eat ______ healthy food and they’re healthy. D A. lot of B. lot C. a lot D. lots of 5. For ______ breakfast, I like hamburgers, eggs and ______ apple. B A. a; a B. /; an C. / ; a D. a ; an 6. ---- Are the books in the backpack? A ---- ________. A. Yes, they are. B. No, they are. C. No, they don’t. D. Yes, they aren’t. A 7. ---- ______ you have a tennis racket? ---- No, I _______. A. Do; don’t B. Do; do C. Are; am not D. Does; doesn’t

C 8. Lucy ______ ice cream, but she doesn’t _______ salad. A. likes; likes B. like; like C. likes; like D. like; likes D 9. Let’s have some ________. A. apple B. banana C. tomato D. broccoli 10. ----Where is my soccer ball? A ---- __________. A. It’s under the table. B. They are under the chair. C. Yes, it is. D. No, it isn’t. 11. ----Let’s play basketball. C ---- No, that sounds _______. A. interesting B. fun C. boring D. good B 12. ----Hello! My name ______ Cindy. ----Hi! I ______ Gina. A. is ; is B. is ; am C. am; am D. am; is B 13. 当你称呼李老师(男)时,应如何称呼?__________.
A. Teacher Li B. Mr. Li C. Miss Li D. Sir Li

14. -----Your bag is very nice. D ----___________. A. Sorry. B. No, it isn’t. C. Yes. D. Thank you. 15. ---- Is this your pen? ---- _________. It’s her pen. B A. Yes, it is. B. No, it isn’t. C. It’s my pen. D. No, this isn’t. 16. Her name is Mary Green. Mary is her _______ name. C A. last B. family C. first D. Chinese 17. Thanks _______ your help. C A. of B. at C. for D. in A 18. He ______ a small room. ________ a table in the room. A. has; There is B. has; Has C. is; There is D. have; There is 19. _______ your sister like English? A A. Does B. Do C. Is D. Are 20. ----Do you like hamburgers? ---- Yes, I like _______ very much. B A. it B. them C. their D. its

66. That’s my book. (改为一般疑问句) Is that your book? 67. She has a ping-pong bat. (改为一般疑问句) Does she have a ping-pong bat? 68. Tom likes hamburgers. (划线提问) What does Tom like? 69. Are these your books? (作否定回答) No, they aren't. 70. It’s my computer. (变为否定句) It isn't my computer.


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