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1.Can you ______ his name at the moment ?

A. think over B. think about C. think of D. think for

2. The girl succeeded in ______ a job in the big city .

A. get B. getting C. got D. to get

3. The new-designed car is on show now . I wonder ____ .

A. how much it cost B. how much did it cost

C. how much it costs D. how much does it cost

4. Ted tried his best , _______ he didn’t catch up with the others at last .

A. so B. or C. and D. but

5. Granny often tells us _____ water in our daily life .

A. save B. saving C. to save D. saves

6.The old man was still ________ when he was taken to hospital .

A. alive B. livable C. lively D. living

7. Hangzhou is famous ________ producing silk in China .

A. from B. at C. in D. for

8.I ____ a gift yesterday , but I didn’t know who sent it to me .

A. accept B. accepted C. receive D. received

9. Mr. Green asked us to stop ______ , so we stopped ____ to him at once .

A. talking , listening B. to talk , listening

C. talking , to listen D. talking , to listening

10. –Smoking is bad for your health .

-Yes , I know . But I simply can’t ______ .

A. give it up B. give it in C. give it out D. give it away

11.I get up very early ______ I won’t be late for school .

A. so that B. because C. since D. when

12. We believe scientists will ______ a way to solve the problem of air pollution .

A. set off B. put off C. come up with D. catch up with

13. This song was very popular _____ .

A. in 1990’s B. in the 1900s C . in the 1990s’ D. at the 1900s

14.I want to devote ______ to my job .

A. me B. my C. mine D. myself

A. except B. but C. beside D. besides

15 . We need a room _______ .

A. to live B. living C. to live in D. lived

16. I hope that you will set a good example _____ us .

A. about B. to C. with D. for

17 .My cousin becomes more and more lively _______ .

A. days after days B. day after day C. a day after day

D. day and day

18 .It’s cold outside . You need ____ warm clothes .

A. wearing B. to wear C. wore D. worn

19. The teenagers should learn ______ the housework at home .

A. doing B. did C. to do D. does

20. More and more young people are doing their best _____ the old.

A. help B. to help C.helped D. helps

21. The book is _____ in French . I can’t understand it .

A. writing B. written C. wrote D. writes

22. –We can use QQ to chat with each other on the Internet . -Really ? Will you please show me ______ it ?

A. how to use B. what to use C. how can I use D. what can I use

23.Her friend died ______ cancer last month .

A. in B. off C. of D. out

24. Doctor Wang often asks us ____ too much meat .

A. don’t eat B. not eat C. not to eat D. doesn’t eat

25. – To _______ did you give the book ?

-My cousin .

A. who B. whom C. where D. when

26. Who is the greatest man ______ ?

A. loving B. alive C. lively D. live

27. What should we _______ the great people ?

A. learn B.learn of C. learn from D. learn for

28. –Do you enjoy ______ a volunteer ?

-If you want _____ this , you’d better join us .

A. being , knowing B. to be , knowing

C. being , to know D. to be , to know

29. Would you mind _____ more slowly ? I can’t follow you .

A. speak B. spoke C. spoken D. speaking

30. My parents ____ for more than four years . I am still very sad when I think of them .

A. died B. have died C. have been died D. have been dead

31. I _____ go to bed ____11 o’clock last night .

A . didn’t , until B. doesn’t , until C. does, unless D. did , unless

32. The scientist devoted all his life _____ scientific work .

A. in B. to C. at D. with

33. The sports meeting was put off _____ the heavy rain .

A. because B. because of C. instead of D. after

34. She worked hard _______ she could pass the final exam .

A. so that B. because C. before D. or

35. All the students in our class went to the Great Wall _____ our teachers .

A. except B. besides C. but D. and

36. –Is Jack good at basketball ?

-Yes , ______ basketball he is also good at table tennis .

A. Except B. besides C. But D. Beside

37. Which do you think is a ______ place to live , the country or the city ?

A. good B. better C. best D. well

38.There is a big supermarket ______ the bookstore ____ the post

Office .

A. both, of B. both , and C. between ,and D. between , of

39. Betty became a nurse _____ the age of 20 _____ 2001 .

A.at, on B. in , in C. on ,in D. at ,in

40. The new bridge _____ across the river next year .

A. will build B. will be build C. will be built

D. will be building

41.I often hear her ______ in the next room .

A. sing B. sings C. to sing D. singing

42.Several hours had passed but they were still _____ the patient.

A. operating B. operating on C. operating for D. being Operated

43. Do you have any ways _____ him from smoking ?

A. of stopping B. to stop C. to stopping D. both A and B

44. He hurried off without ______ goodbye to me .

A. say B. saying C. speak D. speaking

45. Do you know ______ in the world ?

A. somebody famous B. famous somebody

C. nobody famous D. anybody famous

46.I still need ____ hands to help me with my work .

A. other two B. more two C. two more D. two another

47.Li lei does his homework ______ Li Ping .

A. as careful as B. as carefully as C. so careful as D. so carefully as

48.The little girl is ______ to go to school .

A. rather old B. very old C. old enough D. enough old

49.I _______ Beijing _______ March 29th, 1992.

A. was born in , on B. was born on ,in C. were born in ,on D. was born in , in

50.-Mum , Must I finish my homework now ?

-No, you _______ . You may do it this evening .

A. mustn’t B. don’t C. won’t D. needn’t

51. The little girl couldn’t be a student because of her _______ .

A. ill B. sick C. illness D. sad 1. Don’t _______ . He was too sleepy .

A. wake up him B. wake him up C. wake up he D. wake he up

52. –What’s the matter with Mary ?

-_______ .

A. She is a doctor B. She is reading C. She has a bad cold D. She has an apple

53. You don’t feel well ,_______ ?

A. don’t you B. do you C. aren’t you D. are you

54. The boy is young , but he can _______ himself .

A. put on B. dressed C. wear D. dress

55. They ______ the car and drove to the hospital .

A. got off B. got out of C. got into D. got on

56. If you don’t know these words , you can _______ in the dictionary .

A. look up them B. look them up C. look them over D. look over them

57. He doesn’t know the answer . I don’t know ,______ .

A. too B. also C. either D. to

58. The moonlight is coming in _______ the window .

A. over B. across C. through D. at

59. I don’t know ______ yesterday .

A. why isn’t Danny in school B. why wasn’t Danny in school

C. Why Danny isn’t in school D. why Danny wasn’t in school

60. –Do you think ______ is good for you ?

- I think so .

A. read B . reads C. reading D. to reading

61. Our eating habits are different ____ theirs .

A. like B. from C. and D. at

62. The skirt feels soft . Is it made ____ silk ?

A. in B. of C. by D. from

63. ______ trees you plant , _______ our city will be .

A. The more , the beautiful B. The less , the more beautiful

C. The more , the more beautiful D. The less , the beautiful

64. Our English teacher has been teaching _______ .

A. in his whole life B. in his all life C. in whole his life D. in all the life

65. ______ is a kind of sports .

A. Danced B. Dancing C. Dancer D. Dances

66. Please go shopping with me _______ you have time .

A. and B. but C. or D. if

67. –What’s another ________ of saying “exam” ?

-Oh , “ examination” .

A. sentence B. way C. idea D. language

68. There are forty students in our class . One ______ from England , the rest of the class _____ all from China .

A. are ,are B. is , are C. is ,is D. are , is

69. Even the best student in our class couldn’t answer this question , so it _____ be very difficult .

A. must B. could C. may D. can

70. Boys and girls , I have ______ interesting stories to tell you today .

A. much B. a little C. a bit of D. plenty of

71. It’s bad ______ our health to eat too much junk food .

A. of B. for C. to D. in

72. Which team are you going to play _______ ?

A. by B. up C. about D. against

73. I’m ______ busy because I have _______ work to do .

A. too much , too much B. much too ,much too C. too much, much too D. much too , too much

74.The boy is unable ____ the apples in the tree .

A. reach B. to reach C. reaching D. not to reach

75. He doesn’t dare ______ alone at night .

A. go out B. to go out C. going out D. goes out

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