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第二卷 笔试部分(100分)


21.Beijing is____capital of China and it is ____city with many places of interest.

A.a ; a B.a ;the C.the ; a D.the ; the

22.---I want to buy a computer. Could you lend me ____money?

---Sorry,I don’t have______.

A some;any B some:some C any;some D any;any

23.My friend would like to eat some______, but I’d like to drink some _____.

A.hamburgers; juices B.hamburger;juices

C.hamburgers;juice D.hamburger;juice

24.---Hello! Is that Kate speaking?


A.it’Kate B.I’m Kate C.This is Kate D.Kate is me

25.---_____do you send an email to your friend ?

--- Once a week.

A.How often B.How long C.How soon D.How much

26.---When were you born ?

--- I was born _____ the morning of May 7th,1996.

A.in B.on C. At D.to

27.If you finish your document,you can _____the printer______the computer and print it.

A.next;to B.connect;to C.switch;on D.ask;for

28.---What do you do?


A.I’m a reporter B.I like doing sports C.I have to go now

29.---Could I use your dictionary?

---Yes,you _____.

A.can B.could C.need D.should

30.---Excuse me.____ do you say "autumn" in American English? ---It’s "fall".

A.How B,When C. Where D. Why

31.I could_____ believe it when I read the letter.

Because I never heard about it.

A.often B.almost C.nearly D.hardly

32.---What about ____ hiking this Sunday?

--- Sounds great .I’d like ____ with you.

A.to go;going B.going;to go C.going;gong D.to go;to go

33.---What _____the number of the students in your school?

---About two thousand. A number of them ______ from England.

A.is;are B. is;is C.are;is D.are;are

35.---I need something for cutting the paper.

---Oh,you want a knife? Ok, I’ll get ____ for you.

B.it B.that C.this D.one

六.完形填空(每小题1分,共10 分)

C. Once a man and his wife worked for an old man. There was a big box in the old man’s living room. The old man pointed to the box and said,"There’

s only one thing you ____do. Don’t open the box." ______

saying this, he left his home.

The woman said to her husband, "there must be _____expensive in the box. Let’s open it,shall we?" her husband said _____ to her. But the woman didn’t give up her ____ . One day , she decided to find out ____ was in it. Her husband didn’t stop her. She opened the box and looked inside. To her surprise,she found nothing in the box.She tried hard to close it,but she ____. That evening the old man came home and found the box was ___ .He was very ___ and asked the woman and her husband to leave his home.

"But there was nothing in the box," the woman said. "We haven’t taken anything at all." The old man ____ them, "the box is not important, but I can’t believe you. That’s important!"

36.A.may not B.mustn’t C.dare not D.needn’t

37.A.After B.For C.By D.Before

38.A.nothing B.everything C.something D.anything

39.A.no B.yes C.goodbye D.much

40.A.work B.box C. way D.idea

41.A. which B.what C.who D.that

42.A.did B.refused C.failed D.succeeded

44.A.honest B. happy C. careful D.angry

45.A.turned to B.listened to C.shouted at D.smiled at

七.阅读理解(每小题2分,共36 分)

My granddaughter, 10 ,was very happy the day before yesterday because her mother and the mother of one of her classmates took them to a park and

a Pizza Hut(比萨饼屋)to celebrate Children’s Day . For a whole day, the two girls played heartily-no homework, no extra-curricular(课外)skills training. The happy life lasted only for one day. Yesterday, everything returned to normal:doing homework till late at night and going over lessons learned at last weekend’English and "Olympic mathematics" courses.

Every time I went to my daughter’s house in the evening, I saw my granddaughter sitting by the small desk in her room doing math exercises or writing a composition given by her teacher. On the white wall behind the desk are some words she wrote.One sentence reads:“Why is the exercise endless?"

Poor girl!

Although teachers have stopped giving after-school homework to primary school children,parents have been forcing their kids to take part in different kinds of training courses-learning English, painting, music, weiqi, "Olympic mathematics" and so on, every Saturday and Sunday.

Are these extra-curricular courses really necessary in children’s education? The answer is certainly"No".Take the so-called "Olympic mathematics" for example. These courses are very difficult for the children to understand. Often, they are different even for adults.

46.The writer’s granddaughter celebrated her Children’s Day by _

A playing all day B. doing nothing

C.having a party D.going over lessons

47.Usually at weekends the girl will_______.

A. stay at home B.play with her classmates

C. do whatever she likes D..go to different kinds of training courses

48.The writer thinks that her granddaughter _____.

A.lives a happy life B.goes to bed early at weekends

C.has too much homework D.likes to do more exercises

49.Which is true according to the passage?

A.The"Olympic mathematics" is too difficult for kids.

B.The writer thinks playing is more important than learning

C.Teachers often give students useless homework.

D.The parents don’t want their kids to do lots of homework

50.From the last paragraph we know that the writer thinks _____.

A. only school courses are useful to kids

B.some extra-curricular courses kids learn after school are not necessary

C.some extra-curricular courses are even more difficult for adults

D.kids should not learn different courses


Bill was fourteen years old.He had a part-time job which made him get up at five .He was a newspaper boy. Though it was hard work, he enjoy it a lot.

Each morning, Bill left his house at five fifteen to go the corner. The newspapers had been set to the corner by a truck at midnight. He always rode a bike to carry them.

In winter it was still dark when he got up, but during the rest of the year

it was bright. Bill had to send the newspapers to the houses of people in all kinds of weather. He tried to put each paper in the

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