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1. They all passed the exam ______ Jack. He was really sad.

A. except B. beside C. besides D. except for

2. I like gentle music that can make us______relaxed.

A. feels B. felt C. feel D. feeling

3. He ___live with friends, but he ___living alone now.

A. used to; used to B. is used to; is used to

C. is used to; used to D. used to; is used to

4. They went _______ their way to help me.

A in B out of C by D on

5. All of us find ______ necessary to take exercise every day.

A. it B. them C. this D. that

6.They try their best to make him______ at home.

A feel B to feel C feeling D felt

7. Class 4 will go for a picnic. They made __6o’clock to meet at the foot of Mt. Tai.

A. it B. that C. them D. /

8. —My aunt goes to climb Mount Gu everySunday.

—Oh? But she ______ hate climbing mountains.

A. used to B. use toC. uses to D. is used to

9. ------ Will you come to the dinner party?

------ I won’t come until Jenny __________.

A.will be invited B. can be invited C. invited D. is invited

10. John _______ Beijing the day before yesterday.

A. arrived at B. arrived C. reached to D. arrived in 11 .In Switzerland, people ________ visit a friend’s house.

A. make plans B. make plans toC. makes plans to D. make a plant

12.It’s too hot. Do you mind ______ the window?

A. my closing B. my opening C. open D. close

13 .She ______Shanghai next week.

A, is leaving forB. leaves for C. leaved D. left

14.What are you nervous _____, Mary?

A. in B. at C. on D. about

15 .We go to school every day _____ Saturday and Sunday.

A. beside B. besides C. except D. except for

16.Yang Liwei is proud ____ his motherland.

A. in B. of C. from D. for

17.After receiving education, he changed a bad boy ____ an honor student.

A. to B. in C. for D. from

18. He _____ in his English Test Paper. His teacher was very angry with


A. makes some mistakes B. make a mistake

C.made few mistakes D. made many mistakes

19 We Chinese _________ with chopsticks.

A. are used to eat B.are used for eating C.used to eat D.are used to eating

20 I _________ the plant more, but now it is dead.

A. should have watered B. should water

C. am supposed to water D. have watered

21. She doesn’t understand. ________, she is only two years old.

A. After all B. At all C. In all D. For all

22. E-mail English: Let’s meet 4 dinner and then c a movie 2night. :-) Formal English could be:______

A. Let’s meet at four for dinner and then see a movie two nights. :-)

B. Let’s meet for dinner and then see a movie tonight. :-)

C. Let’s have meat for dinner and then see a movie too night. :-)

D. Let’s have a meeting for dinner and then say a movie tonight. :-)

23. We always ________ our friends’ homes without ______ plans.

A. drop by, make B. drop by, making

C. visit, make D. visit, making

24 Don’t throw litter around. Please__________.

A. pick it up B. pick up it C. pick up them D. pick them up

25. -- ______ do you know about customs in Korea?

-- You are supposed bow when you first meet someone.

A. What B. How many C. How much D. Which


We use the Internet for many things: business, shopping, writing letters, talking to people, finding information and so on. In recent years, a new kind of English has grown on the Internet. There's no real word for it yet, so we'll call it e-talk.

People don't like typing too much. To save time, they turn phrases into a few letters (called acronyms). Acronyms are often used in chat rooms(聊天室). Some of them are:

BTW (by the way) BRB (be right back)

LOL (laughing out loud) IMO (in my opinion)

People also use many abbreviations. They are shortened forms of words. Some common abbreviations are:

info (information) puter (computer)

pic (picture) sec (second)

We usually don't see people when we communicate(交流) on the Net, so people have new ways to show feelings. Most people use their keyboards to draw "feelings", such as:

:-) (happy) ;-) (joking) :-( (sad) :-O (surprised) There are even whole new words, like "newbies"(someone who is new on a chat board or forum). When you write something bad about someone else, it's called "flaming" the person.

It takes time for people to get used to(适应) e-talk. Also, different groups on the Net have their own special ways of communicating. Newbies sometimes have to ask other people what they mean. As the Internet grows, e-talk will continue to grow and change.

1. Why are acronyms used on the Internet?

2. What does IMO mean on the Internet?


3. “BTW, my puter is not working well.” means that the person is sad that his computer is having problems. _________ (T or F)

4. If someone is angry, he may type “LOL” or “BRB”.________ (T or F)

5. 将文章中划线部分译成中文



1、You are ________________ (suppose) to shake hands.

2、Keep your eyes __________(close) when you are doing eye exercises.

3、A knife is ________ (use) for cutting things.

4、Trees can keep water from ________________ (run) away.

5、Do you still remember_____________(see) me somewhere in Beijing ?

6、Everything was _______________( familiar ) with me because I was in Japan for the first time.

7、Though you failed this time, don’t give up_______________ (study) .You still have a lot of chances.

8、__________________ ( spend ) time with family is very important.

9、Remember __________(turn off) the light when you leave the room.

10、People are pretty __________( relax ) about time in Colombia. 四根据汉语提示,写出下列短语或句子(注意大小写和标点符号)(10分)


________________________ 2你本来应该问一问你应该穿什么的。

________________________ 3把你的筷子插到你的食物里是粗鲁的。

________________________ 4 我发现记住每件事情是困难的。

________________________ 5他们不怕麻烦的让我感到宾至如归。

_________________________ 五短语(10分)













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