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Unit 10 By the time I got outside the bus had already left.单元过关题


一 单项选择 60分

1. What is a telephone used _____, class? A. toB. in C. for D. about

2. Was a car invented _____ March 4, 1876?A. onB. in C. at D. of

3. Can you tell me _____ the train was invented?

A. what B. who C. when D. which

4. I think the _____ invention is a mobile phone. What about you?

A. helpful B. more helpful C. helpfulest D. most helpful

5. Who can help me _____ my lesson? A. in B. atC. with D. of

6. Rice is grown in South China _____ them. A. bB. inC. withD. for

7. He took my English-Chinese dictionary _____ mistake.

A. to B. by C. about D. on

8. The man is made _____ some extra hours.A. workB. to work C. workedD. working

9. ______, where is the post office near here?

A. In the way B. On the way C. By the way D. To the way

10. This is my new pen. It_____ me 18 yuan.

A. cost B. spent C. paid D. took

11. I don’t like eating chocolate because the taste is too _____.

A. salty B. sour C. sweet D. hot

12. This kind of food is cooked by a cook _____ Jack.

A. call b. calls C. called D. calling

13. They have sprinkled _____ salt in the soup.

A. any B. much C. many D. lot of

14. English is _____ useful language, isn’t it?

A. a B. an C. the D. x

15. Our classroom _____ every day, so it’s very clean.

A. cleans B. is cleaning C. is cleaned D. cleaned

16 Because of the disease , thousands of people fled _____ cities ___villages.

A. from, to B .to, from C .from, in D out, into

17Do you know where Tony is? He said he was going to help me with my math, but he didn't__ A. go off B. show up C. stay up D take up

18 The thief ran away when the burglar alarm ____

A. went off B. go on C. go by D. go into

19When she got_the shop, she realized she had__her money at home.

A .to, left B. to,forgot C. at, missed D. on, given

20 By last year they ___for forty years.


A. had married B. had been marriedC. marriedD. have been married

A. what will Tom do B. what did Tom do C. what Tom will do D. what Tom did 22--When did you I’ve A. get married; been married B. married; been married

C. get married; got married D. get married; married

23 A. with B. for C. to D. / A. a little B. little C. a few D. few

n’t afford it.

A. so; that B. such; that C. so; as to D. enough; that A. How many B. How much C. What D. Which

B. exhausting C. tire D. tiring A. /; an B. the; an C. /; the D. a; the

A. Latest B. the late C. Late D. the latest

30 My watch is broken. I’ll go and buy a new二、阅读下面文章,选择正确答案。(10分)

Scientist has told us so much about the moon that it's quite easy to tell what it would like to go there. It's certainly not a friendly place. As there is no air or water, there can be no life of any kind. Mile after mile there are only plains (平原) of dust(土) with mountains around them above, the sun and the stars shine in a black sky. If you step out of the mountains shadows (阴影)it will mean moving from terrible (非常) cold into great heat(热).

The moon is also a very silent (安静) world, for sound waves (波) can only travel through air. But from the moon , you can see a friendly sight (景象). Our earth is shining more brightly than the stars. It looks like a very large ball, coloured blue and green and brown.

31. What kind of place is the moon?

A. It is a friendly place.B. It is a lively place.

C. It is a nice place for man to live

D. It is a lifeless place.

32. Temperature on the moon _______.


A. are usually the same B. are always very low

C. can be very different D. are usually very high

33. The moon is a silent world because _______.

A. there is no life there B. there is no air there C. there is no green tree there D. there is no water there.

34. When we look from the moon, the sky is _______.

A. blue B. black C. green D. brown

35. “?there are only plains of dust with?”,the word “dust” means _______.

A. ground B. dry earth C. land D. field


36_____you ever_________(forget)a relative’s birthday?

37They gave me a_________(ride)on the way to school.

38 Thewomanfelt much _______after she made another mistake (embarrass)

39 My uncle will get ______ next Friday (marry)

40By the time I got to the bus stop, the bus had already _________(leave).

41T hey _______ (make) a lot of friends since they came to our school.

42T hat’s the ________(end) of the story.

43The mice all _______(flee) away when the cat appeared.

44We _______(learn)eight units by the end of last week.


At, call, try, discover, however, beyond, travel, send, be, understand, reach, good

Scientists think that there has life on the earth for millions of years. haven’t found life on other planets yet. Why?

The earth is a planet and it goes around the sun. There are other planets that also go around the sun. The sun and its planets the solar system(太阳系). The solar system is a small part of our galaxy(银河系).

The stars we see at night are the suns in other solar systems. There are more than 200 billion stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way, and our sun is only one of them.

But scientists have many other galaxies in the universe. They are a long way away and their light has for many years to us. It’s hard to is.

Scientists have of spacecrafts to visit other planets in our solar system, and some spacecrafts have gone in space yet.

But why has no one from other planets sent us a message? Have they send information to us? Are we alone. Is there life out there in space? We don’t know.


五、任务型阅读 (10)

This summer, the most popular touristy sight in China is Tibet. Why? Because the Qinghai-Tibet Railway was open on July 1.

The Qinghai-Tibet Railway is the first railway between Tibet and other parts of China. It is 1,142 kilometers long and is the world’s highest railroad.

About 960 kilometers of it is over 4,000 meters above the sea level. Many people thought it was impossible to build a railway so high. But the railroad was successfully completed last October.

The railway makes travel cheaper for Tibetans. Most of them don’t have enough money to travel by air.

It will also bring more tourists to Tibet. A recent Xinhua report said that the new railway will bring 3,000 to 4,000 tourists to Lhasa each day. In Shanghai, one travel agency has worked out a 10-day-trip from Shanghai to Lhasa at a price of 3,600 Yuan.

A railway trip to Tibet is more comfortable than driving or flying. Each train has special windows to keep out ultraviolet rays(紫外线) and sandstorms.

Thin air makes you feel sick. To stop this from happening, the train gives oxygen through its air-conditioning system. If you feel sick, you can find oxygen masks near the seats.

55. This summer, the most popular touristy sight in China is _________.

56. The Qinghai-Tibet Railway is the World’s highest railroad and it is _________ long.

57. The railroad was successfully completed _______________.

58. The railway makes travel to Tibet _________ than by air.

59._________________ makes you feel sick. So you can find oxygen masks near the seats.

一 选择题 1-5_____________6-10_______________11-15____________


二 阅读理解 31-35_________________

三 用单词的适当形式填空36______________37______________38______________ 39______________40______________41_______________


四 用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空。

45.___________ 46.____________ 47___________ 48._____________49._____________ 50___________ 51.____________ 52____________ 53_____________ 54______________

五 55_______________56_______________57_______________

58_______________59_______________ (请你仔细检查!!)


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