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Unit7 Where would you like to visit

一 知识点归纳:


If it If I (be) you, I 2.学会谈论自己想去的地方,会使用下列句子:

Where would you like to visit ? I would like to go somewhere relaxing.

I hope to go to France some day. I `d love to visit Mexico.

3.掌握would like to句型.


4.across意思是 through意思是past意思是



6. tire (v./n.)→→ educate (v.)→→

peace (n.)→ trek (v.)→→(v-ed.) thriller(n.)→7.unless后面引导的是句子称为,若主句中有表示将来的时间状语,

从句则必须用 时态代替一般将来时.

(invite) me.

I will go to Beijing unless it 8.be supposed to do = 9.hope做动词时,主要有两种用法

1)10.I `d like to go somewhere relaxing.形容词修饰不定代词,放在不定代词


14. consider 意思是后面跟

eg: 为什麽不考虑去巴黎呢(Paris)

15. one of后面跟意思是eg:武安是河北省最活跃的城市之一。


16.provide sb.with sth.= provide = offer 17.be willing to 意思是

例: 他乐意帮助我学习英语

18.so…that…意思是经常与too…to…和 enough互换


而 so that意思是 同时也有 的意思.



(friend) to others.

8.Li Hong is very interested in English. She said she wanted to be a (translate) when she

was older.

(will) to do such things.


11.You’re supposed to pay the bill by Friday.(改为同义句)

You’re Friday.

12. I’d like to travel with someone. He can translate things for me.(合并为一句)

I’d like to travel with someone translate things for me. 对画线部分提问) your dream?

14.I’d like to go to 对画线提问 you like to go on vacation?

15.I hope I will pass the math exam next time. (改为简单句)

the math exam next time.


16.Are you ______to visit the place all by yourself?

A.will B. willing C. would D. go

17.—Why do the people decide___there these days?—Because there’s not much to do.

A. visit B. to visiting C. not visiting D.not to visit

most of the students would like to go to college after high school.

A.what B.if C. whether D. that

19.He’s working hardhe can pass the exam.

A.because B.so that C.that D.because of

20. —What do you thi?—Excellent.

A.translator B.translater C.translating D.translate

A.including B.included C.includes D.include

22. —Where are you going to travel this summer holiday?—I’m going.

A.somewhere warmly B.warm somewhere C.relaxing somewhere D.somewhere relaxing

23. —What are you thinking about? —I’m consideringa letter to my parents in the USA.

A.reading B.writing C.to write D. to read

B.were C.are D.is 25.My famigreen trees around it.

A.with B.in C.for D.among


Nowadays, more and more people like to travel in their holidays. The other day I read a report about people spend their holidays. It is reported that in recent years several new holiday habits have the most interesting one is the growth of holiday camps.

From the report we can see that in 1990, forty percent of people stayed for their holidays. However, now the percentage has fallen to nine percent. More people go out for fun. People enjoy the fresh air, clean water and green hills when they go camping in places in 2002 only twenty-seven percent preferred to go there. What great changes!

to travel. Second, people prefer to live a high quality and colorful life. Third, money by living a simple life.

26.A. time B. ways C. meaning D. cities

27.A. Between B. Around C. Among D. With

28.A. places of interest B villages C. seaside D. home

29.A. from B. away C. to D. of

30.A. hoped B. enjoyed C.stopped D. disliked

31.A. when B. where C. while D. as

32.A. What B. Why C. How D. When

33.A. cost B. save C. afford D. spend

34.A. attitudes B. rules C. games D. partners

35.A. little B.much C. few D. no

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