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七年级上Unit 3 复习

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一、词组 1. help sb. with sth. help sb do sth 帮助某人做某事 She helps me study English. 2. No problem 没问题

3. speak Chinese/English 讲汉语(语言能力) He speaks Chinese.

say (侧重说话内容) He says he wants to go home now.

tell sb. about sth. Please tell her about it .

4. want sth 想要某物 I want some bread.

want to do sth. 想要做某事 I want to have lunch.

5. help\study each other 互相帮助 / 学习

6. live in … 居住在… / live with 和谁住在一起

7、 good & well 区别:

My English is very good . I can speak English very well .


1. 情态动词(can / can’t / could / will / would )+ 动词原形

对比:He speaks English./ He can speak English.

2. What does he say他在信里说了什么?

3. like … very much \ a lot 非常喜欢……

like … a little 有点喜欢…

don’t / doesn’t like … at all 根本不喜欢……

三、语法: (一) 一般现在时,be 动词与实义动词不同时使用。

1.肯定句: We speak Chinese. 否定句: We don’t speak Chinese.

一般疑问句: Do you speak Chinese? 回答: Yes, we do. / No, we don’t.

2.肯定句 否定句: Mike doesn’t teach English.

一般疑问句: Does Mike teach English? 回答:Yes, he does./No, he doesn’t.

We are like English . ( 错) He js comes from China . ( 错)

(二.)、当主语是第三人称单数时,动词有以下几种变化形式 :(见书本122页)

①+ s like—likes want—wants

②以s/x/sh/ch/结尾的动词+es guess--guesses teach-- teaches

③以o结尾的动词+es do—does go--goes

④ 辅音字母+y,把y改为i + es study—studies fly—flies



1.职业地点/名称 teach (教)--- teacher (教师) study (学习)-----student (学生) work (工作)---- worker (工人) act (表演)---- actor (演员) drive (驾驶)----- driver (司机) farm (农场)----- farmer (农夫)

cook (烹调) ----- cook (厨师) salesman 男售货员 --------- salesgirl女售货员

3. 家庭成员 grandfather-----grandmother (they are grandparents)

father/dad ----- mother /mom/mum(they are parents ) uncle ----- aunt

son ----- daughter brother ----- sister cousin



in a school 在学校 in a hospital 在医院 in an office 在办公室 in a shop 在商店

in a restaurant 在餐馆 on a farm 在农场

2. on the sofa 在沙发上 3. a photo of my family 一张我家的相片

4. The young woman in yellow is his aunt . 那个穿黄衣服的年轻女士是他的婶婶。 6.


1. I’m home.(be home) 我回来了.

2.Glad to meet you ! = Nice to meet you ! 很高兴见到你们!

3. My parents are office workers. They both work in an office. 我父母都是职员,他们都在办公室工作


(一) 提问职业:1-.What do you do? =What are you ? - I am a doctor.

2.-What does he \she do? = What is he/ she ? -He \She is a doctor /nurse / driver.

(二) 提问工作场所: 1. Where do you work? - I work in a hospital\school.


Fruit: (可数) Food: (可数) vegetables (不可数) rice bread meat chicken fish

Drink: (不可数) tea milk water juice

eat (吃) + drink (喝) = have

something to drink 喝的东西 something to eat 吃的东西

have breakfast吃早饭 have lunch 吃午饭 have dinner 吃晚饭

have sth for breakfast/ lunch/ supper 吃什么作为 早/午/晚餐


1. help oneself (to sth) 请自便 (吃些某物)

e.g. Help yourself/yourselves (to some fish)(看主语是单数或复数)

Mary , help yourself to some chicken. (单数)

Help yourselves to sme water , kids . (复数)

名词) = want sth想要某物

e.g.Would you like some eggs? = Do you want some eggs?=What/How about some eggs? 些鸡蛋怎么样?

动词)=want to do 想要做某事

e.g. What would you like to drink? = What do you want to drink? 你想喝些什么?

3. do some shopping/go shopping购物

4. May I take your order? = May I help you?(限于用餐)

5 . 表邀请、提建议的句式:

⑴Would you like to + 动词原形 ?

肯定回答:Ok. I’d love/like to./ Good idea./No problem.

拒绝: No,thanks./I’d love that. But I’m afraid I have no time /I’m sorry I can’t. I have to …⑵ How/ What about + Ving …..?

肯定回答:Good idea./ Great./ I ‘d like that , thanks .

拒绝:I’d love that. But I’m afraid I have no time /I’m sorry I can’t. I have to …..

(3)Why not /Why don’t you + 动词原形

e.g. Why not /Why don’t you have some milk? 为什么不来些牛奶呢?

肯定回答:Good idea./ Great./ I ‘d like that , thanks .

拒绝:No,thanks. I’d like some juice .

6. be glad to do(动词原形) 乐意做某事

e.g. I’m very glad to be here. 我非常乐意呆在这儿

7. be kind to sb 对某人友好 e.g. They are all kind to me.他们都对我很友好。

(三) 模糊的量


some apples 一些苹果 some meat\water 一些肉\水

2. many + (可数名词复数) 许多 much + 不可数 许多

many friends 许多朋友 much water 许多水

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