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language for us.

to Shanghai.

8.My daughter’will be very interesting.

in class?


here is bad. It rains a lot.

.I want a cheap one.

in the bank.

do a lot of heavy work in factories, so people can have more free time.

of China.

22.The King’.

.There are always a lot of fans waiting outside her house.

take the plane to travel.


in our class. It takes her two hours to go to school every day.

singer and we all like him very much.

for its long history and pyramids.

32.Don’t ride a bike on the highway. It’.

from the cars, or they will hurt you.

35.Every night, Tony’before he goes to sleep.

37. Y,was born in China.

with us. We’re afraid of making any mistakes before him.

40.She’to her classmates. She always laughs at others when they make mistakes.

.He always does what the teacher tells him.



nearly before, but now you can’t find any.

of Jay Zhou on the wall in Tommy’s bedroom. He is a big fan of Jay.

47.Don’a boy in black. He looked un happy.

49.We can’50.Don’to study harder from now on.

a time there lived a king.

56.In HARRY POTTERbusinessman. He was one of the richest man in the world.

.He wrote a lot of plays.

.He could buy many things he wanted but he had no friends.

to Shanghai because her father found a new job there.

of a railroad in the mountains.

didn’t want a foreigner for Chinese railroad.

with my friends.

There were many old things there.

in China.

74.The Shenzhou th.

78.Lily’79.I hope everything goes well.

,so I must have a good rest.


to my friend when I was in London.



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