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1.If you feel nervous, just take a few deep __________. (breathe)

2.Everyone hopes that there will not be any____________in the world. (thief)

3.This is the ________ and thinnest of all the e-books in the world. (light)

4.Nanfang Weekend is a ______(week)newspaper.

5.To tell you the ___________(true), I feel sad while you were away.

6.Their diets are not healthy. What about_________(we)?

7.Many kinds of animals are _______________(消失),so we must take actions to protect them.

8.Do you know the difference __________“besides” and “except”?(在??之间)

9.Please knock at the door before ___________ (进入) the room.

10.As a secondary school student, you should pay attention to your ________ (行为)

11. My daughter never listens to me and she always behaves _______________ (different).

12. Don’t be so nervous. Please be _____________(relax) and you’ll be better.

13. It’s raining heavily. He has no ______________(choose) but to stay at home.

14. The dresses _____________ (them) are made of cotton, but they sell well because of the famous designer.

15. The young man died in his _____________ (thirty), and his family felt very sad.

16. Your views on environment are _________(相似的) mine?

17.Can you ____________ (匀出) me a minute? I have something important to tell you.

18. I don’t care ______________ (是否) I can get the free ticket or not.

19. As a student, please put more__________ (努力) into your study.

20. _____________(呼吸) fresh air and enjoying the nice views by the lake are good for us.

21. The poster says more than one __________will attend the presentation. (导演)

22. She had been very successful before ______ the film industry. (进入)

23. Who do you think thought of that __________ending of the story? (令人惊讶的)

24. We all know that he is always trying to do things ____________. (不同地)

25. The teachers often tell us not to do anything __________ the law. (反对)

26. Audrey Hepburn is considered as one of Hollywood’s all-time ________ actresses. (great)

27. My parents often remind me of the road _________ on my way to school every day. (safe)

28. How do you like the film _____ on the novel of Mo Yan? (base)

29. It’s said that young man went abroad for further education alone in his __________. (20)

30. We are not sure whether the victim was killed or he killed ___________. (he)


1. Don’t go_______ the fifth street, or you will go too far. (超过)

2.________ your answers with those in your book to see if they are right. (比较)

3. The roads are becoming more and more _________ because of too much traffic. (拥挤的)

4. His uncle is one of the best___________in that company. (工程师)

5. Most of the girls like to wear __________ clothes. (时尚的)

6. It’s helpful to the future_____________of Chinese students. (develop)

7. I hear that the charity show will be___________ live on CCTV-2. (cover)

8. What a ____________ending! You will find the robber is a policeman at the end. (surprise)

9. For your own _________, you’d better not play football in the street. (safe)

10. As we all know the sun is ________from the earth than the moon. (far)

11. This kind of dictionary is very ________ (use).

12. Vitamins(维生素)are essential (必需的) for healthy ________ (grow).

13. I would rather______(wear) green than red. Red is a girl’s colour.

14. I don't like fishing. I'm an _____________(patient) boy.

15. He is the chairperson of the _____________( student ) Union.

16. Yao Ming is _______________(成功的) in his basketball career(生涯).

17. Human beings are_________(有创造力的) animals.

18. The students are doing a project on colors-- what they ____________(代表).

19. Wearing green clothes can make you ________(精力充沛的).

20. Wearing red can help you when you can’t make a ___________(决定).

21. He got to the cinema on time and_________ (breath) heavily.

23. Do you think the book written by Moyan is worth ___________(read).

24. If you work hard at your lessons, you can pass the exam ____________(success),I think.

25. In this horror film, a doctor was found_______ (die) in his office.

26. Smoking has a bad ________(affect) on our health.

27. The _______(late) news can tell us what happened in the world in a very short time.

28. I had to stay at home because it was raining ________(heavy) outside.

29. Every year, thousands of ________(visit) come to Taizhou to enjoy its beauty.

30. He is too _________(careful) to make so many mistakes in the test.

31. The _______(twelve) of March is Tree Planting Day.

32. We are old enough to look after__________(we).

33. Zhou Xun is considered as a __________(talent) actress.

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