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初二英语期末练习8A( Unit1—Unit6)

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. 初二英语期末练习8A( Unit1—Unit6)

一、 单项选择

( )1 The “US”_______ ?United States?.

A. stand for B. stands for C. stand up D. stands as.

( )2. The box is ____than that one. I can?t carry it.

A. more heavy B. much more heavy C. very heavier D. much heavier ( )3. Look, Daniel is running ________ Nick.

A. as quickly as B. as quick as C. more quickly D as more quickly as

( )4. --Please don?t be late next time. --__________

A.OK, I will. B.OK, I won?t C. Yes, I don?t D. No, I do.

( )5. It took him half an hour _____ writing the letter.

A. to finish B. finishing C. finish D. finishes

( )6.There will be __space for wild animals to live.We should stop people __down forests.

A. more and more, cutting B. less and less, cutting

C. fewer and fewer, cutting D. no more, to cut

( )7. He spent an hour _______ the story last night.

A. reading B. read C. reads D. to read

( )8. ---Would you like _____ the children _____ clothes?--Yes,I?d like to.

A. providing, for B. to provide, for C. to provide, with D. provide, for

( )9.I wanted to buy a book by Mo Yan, but there was __left in that bookshop.

A. none of B. none C. no one D. nothing

( )10. The teacher looked ____at the boy, because he kept ___ in class.

A. angry, talking B. angrily, taking C. happily, to talk D. angrily, talking

( )11.-- Run Shaw died this morning. -- _______ .

A. It?s isn?t good. B. Don?t worry.

C. I?m sorry to hear that. D. That?s all right

( )12.Jack decided to _____ Beijing before New year?s Day.

A. get to B. arrive in C. reach D. all the above

( )13. He ___ the box _____ tools just now. Now the box is full of tool.

A. filled, with B. is, full of D. is filled, with D. full, of

( )14. Not only we but also my grandpa often __with others on the Internet.

A. chats B. chat C. chatting D. is chatting

( )15. I often heard your daughter _____in the next room at the weekend.

A. sang B. sing C. singing D. sings

( ) 16. They had a good time ________chess on that day afternoon..

A. play B. play the C. playing D. to play

( ) 17.He is _______ in travelling. He has visited over 100 _______ all over the world.

A. interested, place of interests B. interesting, places of interest

C. interested, places of interest D. interesting, places of interested

( ) 18. You had better do DIY yourself _________ paying someone to do it.

A. instead B. insteading C. without D. instead of

( ) 19. When he heard the exciting news, he was too excited______ a word.

A. not say B. to say C. not to say D. doesn?t say

( ) 20. —Why not go birdwatching tomorrow?

A. You?re great ! B. What a shame! C .Good idea! D. No, I don?t


Jack lost his Job last week. It was difficult for him to find another told him 1

that it was possible to get a new one in a town two hundred kilometersget there a train. He was the only one

in the carriage(车厢). The train started. Suddenly a man came in a gun(枪) and said

to him,“Your money your life!” Jack sat there without “I 9 any money,”Jack answered.

“Then why are you so afraid of me?”the man asked angrily.

“Because I you were the conductor,(列车员) and I didn?t buy a ticket,”answered Jack.

( )1、A.work B.jobs C.ones D.one

( )2、A.Nobody B.Somebody C.Anybody D.No one

( )3、A.from B.farther C.away D.off

( )4、A.by bike B.on foot C.by train D.by bus

( )5、A.off B.on C.up D.to

( )6、A.with B.has C.have D.there was

( )7、A.but B.and C.so D.or

( )8、A.stands B.standing C.stood D.stand

( )9、A.don?t have B.have no C.didn?t have D.had

( )10.A.know B.didn?t know C.think D.thought


In the past 300 years, more than 130 species of animals have become extinct. One of

these extinct species is the passenger pigeon(旅鸽). At one time there were millions of these

birds in North America, but now there are none. The last one died in the Cincinnati Zoo in

1914. Another extinct animal is the cape lion(西非狮). They died out in1860. What leads to

animals to become extinct? Too much hunting is one cause(原因); pollution(污染) is another.

Governments around the world try to protect wild animals in danger. In the United States,

the US Fish and Wildlife Service is responsible for(承担义务)endangered animals. It has listed

nearly 200 species of endangered animals in North America.

6.The underlined word “extinct” in the first sentence probably means “______”

A.ill B.dying out C.becoming D.changing

7.There were many cape lions in North America ___________

A.last century B.in the twentieth century

C.more than one hundred years ago D.in 1914

8 ____ isn?t the reason for the extinction of wild animals in North America.

A.The pollution B.Too much killing C.Too much hunting D.The war

9.There are ___ species of wild animals in danger listed by the US Fish and Wildlife.

A.less than 130 B.about 200 C.over 300 D.nearly 300

10.The best title of this passage should be “ ______”.

A.A sad story B.Endangered animals in North America

C.Wild animals become extinct D.The US Fish and Wildlife Service


A. 根据句意,用所给中文提示,首写字母或英文解释,填所缺单词。

1. At the b________ of the term, he decided to work hard, but later, he gave up.

2.There are fewer __________(狼) in the world than before. They are in _________(危险).

3.A lot of__________(游客)come to the Great Wall every year.

4. Read these i___________ before you start to use the washing machine.


5. Do you know the_____________(重要性) of English study?

6.We must make laws to_______( stop sth from happening) people destroying farmlands.

7. I want to do DIY, but now I need pair of s_________ to cutout pieces of the card.

8. Nothing is __________( 不可能的) if we put our hear into it.

9.You?d better _____________(not be) late next time.

10. The cold weather makes some birds ______ (飞) south for the winter.

B. 根据句意用括号内所给词的适当形式填空。

11. Daniel,_____ (not shout) at your teacher. It is _______( polite) to do so.

12. Tell the children ______(not play)in the street. It?s dangerous.

13. Look, the bridge is ____________(make) of metal instead of stones!

14. Why not ________ (ask) him ________ (have) a cup of coffer with us?

15._____(luck), the old man fell onto the ground, but,_____(sad), no one would help him.

16. --His grandfather is ill. He was even (ill) this morning.

--What leads to his _______(ill)? --An unhealthy diet.

17. Though the great man lost his life, we thank him for his ________(kind) for ever.

18. My brother likes sleeping with the window __(open)while I like with the window ___(close)

19. These_______ (visit) are talking noisily. They are too noisy. I feel ________(bore).

20. I?m looking forward to __________(hear) from you.

21. Your answer is still_________(correct). You keep _______(spell)the word wrong, Tom!

22. Enjoy _______(your), boys and girls. All the gifts are now ______(you).

23.Can we stop________(clean)? I?m hungry. Let?s stop _______(make) some sanwiches,OK?

24. It?s very difficult for giant pandas____________(live) in the wild.

25.He listens to the teacher ______(careful) than you. Your ______(careless) will lead to failure.


1. Daniel 是个慷慨,幽默的孩子。 Daniel is a _______ and ________ boy.


He is _____ and can keep _____ ____ his friends. He ____ _____a bad word about anybody.

3. 我的书比你的少。I have ______ books ______ ______.


Andy got a good result in English exam ____ _____ ______ _____ his classmates.

5. 我们所有人迫不及待地下车。All of us couldn?t ____ ____ ____ ______the bus.


We hope you can ___________our _________ and join us.

6. 许多男人着迷于足球。Many men are _____ _____ football.


The baby______ panda ______ about 100grams ____________________.

8. 湿地可以为野生物提供食物和栖息地.

The wetlands can food and _____ wildlife.


Bears ______ _____ in the daytime. They sleep __________the winter.

10. 为了赢得这场比赛,我们必须有团队精神。

In order _____ ______the game, we must work ______ a ______.

11.我建议他选修手工制作。I advised him ____ ______ a ______ __in DIY.


If we ________ _______ , soon there will be _____ ____ left in the world.



The Changjiang River is one of ______ ______ _______ in the world.

14. 请怜悯这些狐狸吧。 不要再为了它们的皮毛而捕杀它们。

Please take _____ _____ these foxes. Don?t hunt them _______their fur _____ _____.


The ostrich (鸵鸟) is a bird of the deserts of Africa. It is the largest of all birds. A fully

grown North African ostrich can reach 2.75 metres (9 feet) in height and weigh nearly160 kg.

They live in Africa. Sometimes the ostrich is called the "camel bird". Like the camel it lives in

the desert(沙漠), and can live a long time without water.

An ostrich has two long legs and a long neck. Its neck doesn?t have any fur. It has the

biggest eyeballs of any bird; they are 2 inches (5 cm) across. Ostriches?wings are small, and it

cannot fly. But it can run very quickly --- about 30 km. an hour. It is the fastest-running bird.

The nest of the bird is a great hole in the sand. There the ostrich lays ( 产) 10 or 12 large

eggs. She watches her nest and leaves it only during the hottest part of the day. It lays the

largest egg of any living bird.

Ostriches eat mostly plants, but also eat insects, fruits, seeds, nuts, and some small

animals (like lizards). They can live up to 40 years.

People often hunt ostriches for their feathers and other parts of their body., but it is not


假如你是Peter,你想加入The Wild Animal Lover Society,向此协会写份申请表。包括以下要点:( 注




4. 很多野生动物如狼,熊,老虎等处于危险之中,我们要采取措施……


6. 联系方式: 010—5558 6390, ?

Dear Sir or Madam:








Yours sincerely,



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