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let’s celebrate sectionA

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Unit 8 Topic 3
let’s celebrate !
Section A


Spring Festival

Spring Festival (January/February)

Chinese people eeat dumplings and
perform lion and dragon dances


Sants claus Christmas(December 25th)

Christmas tree

People in many countries celebrate
Christmas and give each other presents


Families in the USA get together for a big dinner . Many people eat turkey and potatoes.

Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday in November)

Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival (lunar January15th) It means the end of the Spring Festival . On this day, people eat sweet dumplings for good luck,watch a lantern show and guess riddles.

Match the festivals with the dates
Easter Lantern Festival Christmas Spring Festival Mother’s Day Mid-autumn Festival Thanksgiving April Fool’s Day Teachers’ Day Father’s DAY Lunar Jan. Ist 4th Thursday in Nov April Ist Lunar Aug. 15th Sunday between Mar.22-Apr.25 Lunar Jan. 15th 2nd Sunday in May Sept .10th 3rd Sunday in June Dec. 25th

Chinese New Year’s Eve(the last day of lunar December) People have parties and do not go to bed until midnight to welcome the New year .

Mid-autumn Festival (lunar August l5th) On this day people eat mooncakes and enjoy the bright full moon .

Teachers’ Day (September 10th)

Students give



flowers to their teachers.

April Fool’s Day (April 1st) Children and some young people their friends . play tricks on

Mother’s Day (the second Sunday in May)

People show their love to their mothers by giving _______and cards other_________ presents
And they often have a big dinner.

Easter (One Sunday between March 22nd and April 25th )

Many people believe Christ came back to _______ on life Easter Day.
eggs People make colorful______ to celebrate the festival.

Project: Write a short passage about a festival

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