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Unit6 P441.一起;伴随着 along with=together with 2.更喜欢某物 prefer sth. 3.更喜欢做某事 prefer doing / to do sth. 4.宁愿某人做某事 prefer sb. to do sth. 5.比起……更喜欢……prefer sth. to sth. 6.宁愿做某事而不愿做某事prefer doing sth. to doing sth. = prefer to do sth. rather than do sth. P451.演奏不同种类的音乐play different kinds of music P46 1.使某人想起某人/某事remind sb. of sb. / sth. 2.提醒某人做某事 remind sb. to do sth, 提醒某人… remind sb.+that从句 3.不能忍受做某事 can’t stand doing sth. 4.对某人重要 be important to sb. 5.你认为/觉得…怎么样?What do you think of/about…? =How do you like…? P48 1.最新的电影 the latest movie 2.近几年来;多年来 over the years 3.寻找乐趣 look for entertainment 4.有一些亮点 have a few good features 5.一定要做某事;务必要做某事be sure to do sth. 确信某事 be sure of/about sth. 6. 最…之一 one of the +最高级+pl. 最著名的中国摄影师之一 one of the best-known Chinese photographers 7.在这次展览中 in this exhibition 8.当今世界上in the world today=in the modern world 9.展览;陈列 on display=on show 10.人物照 photos of people 11.乡村照 photos of the countryside 12.世界一流的摄影师 a world-class photography 13.不管什么;无论什么whatever=no matter what 无论什么时候 whenever= no matter when 无论在哪儿 wherever = no matter where 无论怎么样 however= no matter how 无论谁 whoever= no matter who no matter+疑问词 14.错过做某事 miss doing sth. 15.正如这个名字所显示的as the name suggests 16.建议做某事 suggest doing sth. 17.错过这次展示 miss the exhibition 18.在一个星期一的上午on a Monday morning P49

1.一个去度假的安静的地方a quiet place to go on vacation

2.在一个热天 on a hot day

3.使某人感到恶心 make sb. feel sick 4. 给某人写一封回信write a reply to sb. 5.必须坦白的说 have to be honest and say 6.一个游览的好地方a good place to visit 7.有幸做某事 be lucky to do sth. 8.六个月的英语课程 six-month English course 9.如此多可看可做的事 so much to see and to do 10.一个中国音乐会 a Chinese music concert 11.我的大部分朋友 most of my friends 12.传统音乐 traditional music 13.很适合某人的意;对某人很合适suit sb. fine/well 14.传统音乐 tradinional music 15.去吃意大利食物 go for Italian food 16.许多不同种类的食物 lots of different kinds of food 17.我的房东一家 my host family 18.带某人参加印度电影节take sb to an Indian film festival 19.期望做某事 expect to do sth. 期望某人做某事 expect sb. to do sth.

P50 1.我只吃味道好的食物。I only eat food that tastes good. 2.保持健康 keep /stay healthy 3.一群年轻人 a group of young people 4.相聚,聚在一起(v.)get together 聚会(n.) get-together 5.讨论这个问题 discuss this question 6.老实说,说实在的 to be honest=to tell you the truth 7.更不喜欢做某事 prefer not to do sth. 8.炸薯条,炸土豆条 French fries 9.快餐 fast food 垃圾食品 junk food 健康食品 healthy food 10.与…保持距离 stay/ keep away from 11.意见一致 be in agreement 12.对…有害 be bad for… 13.对…有好处 be good for … 14.在实验室里实验 in laboratory testing 15.几种类型的油 some types of oil

16.致癌 cause cancer 17.增加得癌症的危险 increase the risk of cancer 18.烧烤肉 burnt barbecued meat 19.烤制食品 burnt food 20.煮熟的;孰透的 well cooked 21.即使;纵然;尽管 even if=even though 22.有点儿焦 a little burnt 23.均衡的饮食 a balanced diet=a balance of diet 24. 实验证明 it’s been found in laboratory testing that… P51 25.重要的是要吃得均衡。 The main thing is to have a good balance. 26.附加疑问句 tag question 27.味道好的食物 tasty food 28.严格的素食主义者a strict vegetarian

29.被…震惊 be shocked by…

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