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Starters units1—3

1. ---What’s this in English? ---It’s an orange. (其中 what’s = _______ ____; it’s = ____ ___)

2. ---What color is the key? ---It’s black and white.

---What color are the strawberries? ---They’re red. (其中they’re = _______ _______)

3. ① a或an与可数名词单数连用,泛指某类人或某物中的一个。

a用在以辅音音素开头的词前,如a book; an用在以元音音素开头的字母前,如an apple.

② the表示某个或某些特定的人或事物,也可以指上文提到过的人或事物。

如:This is a cat. The cat is white. It's an English book. The book is yellow and green.

注意:一个f ____f (类似的字母还有h, l, m, n, r, s, x) 一个u _____u

Unit 1

1.我姓格林。你姓布朗吗? My last name is Green. _____ _______ _______ _______ Brown?

2. first name 名字 = given name last name 姓氏 = family name an ID card 一张身份证

3. phone number 电话号码 = telephone number 4. name’s = name is I’m = I am

5. 我____ 你____ 他 _____ 她 ____ 他的 ____ 她的 ____ 你的_____ 我的___

Unit 2

1. isn’t = _____ _____ ; aren’t = _______ ______ 不是 2. play computer games玩电脑游戏

3. call sb.at + 电话号码 拨(某电话号码)找某人 4. excuse me 请原谅,打扰了

5. a set of keys 一串钥匙 6. How do you spell it?(it 为宾格) 你怎么拼读它呢?

7. Is this/ that your dictionary? 这/那是你的字典吗? 答:Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t.

8. Thank you very much. 答:You’re welcome. (不用谢)

Unit 3

1. these’re = ______ _____ those’re = _____ _____ that’s = _____ ____ 注意:this is _____缩写 2. thanks for +动词ing 为…感谢 Thanks for helping me.=Thanks for your help.感谢你的帮助。

3. a photo of your family = your family photo 你的全家福照片

4. 比较:Here is your letter. 这是你的信。 Here are the watches. 这是那些手表。

Unit 4

1. under the chair /on the floor在椅子下/在地板上 in the room 在房间里

2. take ―带走‖,从近处带到远处 如:Please take these books to Mary. 请把这些书带给玛丽。 bring ―带来‖,从远处带来 如:Please bring me some books.请给我带些书来。

3. need + 某人或某物. ―需要…‖ 如:She needs these books. 她需要这些书。

4. 比较:---Where is (= ________) the baseball? ---Where are his dictionaries?

---It’s under the dresser. ---They’re in the backpack.

5. I know. 我知道。 否定句:I don’t know. 我不知道。 一般疑问句:Do you know? 你知道吗?

6. Can you bring some things to school ? 你能带一些东西来学校吗? 答:Yes, I can. / No, I can’t. Unit 5

1. 球类运动前不用the,如:play volleyball/ basketball every day 每天打排球/ 篮球

2. play sports做运动,参加体育比赛 = do sports sports collection体育收藏 sports club 体育俱乐部

3. watch TV 看电视 watch them on TV 在电视上观看它们

4. Let + 代词的宾格 + 动词原形 ―让某人做……‖

如:Let’s ( = ______ _______) go. 让我们走吧。 Let me see. 让我看看。

5. have (第三人称单数形式) _____ do (三单) _____ they (宾格)______ us(主格)______

7. 比较good 和well :That sounds good. 那听起来不错。 He can play chess well. 他下棋下得好。


8. 比较:---Do they have a computer? ---Does he have a soccer ball?

---Yes, they do. / No, they don’t. ---Yes, he does. / No, he doesn’t.

Unit 6

1. have … for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner 早餐/ 午餐/ 晚餐吃……

2. healthy food健康食品

4. good(adj. 好的)& well(adv. 好) The good runner eats well.这个优秀的运动员吃得好。

5. 名词所有格:① 一般加 ’s;以 s 结尾的(特别是名词复数),在 s 后加 ’ 如:

Sally’s address 莎莉的地址 the teachers’ room 老师们的房间 three hours’ class 三小时的课

② Mary and Linda's desk 玛丽和琳达的课桌 (两个人共有的课桌,desk用单数)

Mary's and Linda's birthdays 玛丽的生日和琳达的生日 (各自的生日,birthday用复数)

③ …of + 名词 (无生命的物体) 如:the color of the sweater a photo of your family

Unit 7

1. How much is this sweater? = What’s the price of this sweater? 这件毛衣多少钱一件。

2. at a very good price 以优惠的价格 on sale 廉价出售;出售 great sale 大减价

3. T-shirts in black = black T-shirts 黑色的T恤衫

4. for + 钱的数量= at the price of + 钱的数量 以……(具体的)价格

We have black and blue hats for $15. 我们以15美元出售黑蓝色的帽子。

同义句:We sell black and blue hats at the price of $15.

5. Here you are. 给你。 6. You're welcome. 不客气。

Unit 8

1. date of birth 出生日期 =birthday 2. how old 几岁,多大年纪 3. I’m twelve. = I am twelve years old. 我十二岁。

4. ① on + 具体某一天或具体某一天的早、中、晚 如:on Sunday on January 2nd 在1月2号

on the morning of October 1st 在十月一号的早晨 on Monday evening 在星期一晚上

② in + 时间段 如:in the morning / afternoon / evening在早晨/中午/晚上

in a year / month/ week在一年/月/周里 in April在四月里 in 2011 在2011年

③ at + 几点,例如: at 8:00 at noon/ night在正午/夜里

5. 特殊疑问词:what(什么),how(怎么样,如何),where(在哪里),when(何时),who(谁),what time (几点),how much(多少+不可数名词;多少钱),how many (多少+可数名词)

Unit 9

1. Her favorite subject is science. = She likes science best. 她最喜欢的学科是科学。

2. on Wednesday 在星期三 3. after class 课后 after school 放学后

4. play with 和… 玩耍 5. 对星期几提问:What day is it today? 对日期提问: What’s the date today?

6. The students go to school every day.

否定句:The students don’t go to school every day.

一般疑问句:Do the students go to school every day? 回答:Yes, they do. / No, they don’t.

Mary does homework at 20:00.

否定句:Mary doesn’t do homework at 20:00.

一般疑问句:Does Mary do homework at 20:00? 回答:Yes, she does. / No, she doesn’t.


一 用所给词的适当形式填空

1. What’s _______(you) name?

2 .Nice to _______(meet) you.

3. ______(I) name is Gina.


4. _______(he) name is Jim.

5._______(be) you Mary?

6. What ________(be) her name? 7. Hello! I ___________(be) Alan.

8.. Here are two ______ (picture).

9.. Is _____ (these) your eraser?

10.. _______ (that) are my brothers.

11.. ______ (Her) isn’t Susan. Her name is Mary.

12. Lin Hai and Guo Peng are my ______ (friend).

13. My name _________(be) Jenny.

14.. Barry ______(like) fruit salad.

15.. Here are some _______(tomato).

16.. They eat _____ (good) and they are healthy.

17.. He is a good _______ (run).

18..There are some ________(tomato)in the basket.

19..Do you like French ________(fry)?

20..She ________(have)ice cream for dessert.

21..________(health)food is important.

22.She ________(do not)play sports.

23..________ your mother ________(watch)TV every day?

24..The little girl likes ________(strawberry)a lot.

25.Lots of children(孩子) like ________(play)football.

26.Chicken ________(be)very delicious.

27.My daughter ________(run)evening morning.

28.He wants ________ (swim) in the pool.

29.He likes _________(run ) in the morning.

30. It’s very exciting (have) a Chinese friend.

31.School usually _______(start) at 8:30 am

32.Please _______( fill ) in the blanks.

33. Can he ________ (swim)?

34. Why do you want ________ (join) the club?

35. The clothes at the store ________ (be) cheap and nice.

36. Do you like ________ (swim) at the pool?

37. ________ (not talk) in class!


38. I’m = what’s = her name’s = isn’t = let’s =


39. The boy isn’t David. _______ is Jim.

40. My father’s sister is my ______.

41. ______ me, is Jim your brother?

42. Linda is my ______ and I’m her mother.

43. Tommy’s father and mother are his ______.



43. August is the ________ month of a year.

44. _________ is the second month of a year.

45. __________ is the first month of a year.

46. September is the _________ month of a year.

47. __________ is the eleventh month of a year.


1. three (序数词)___________ 2. ninth (基数词)_________

3. birthday (复数)___________ 4. Jan. (完整形式)__________

5. October (缩写形式)_________ 6. eight (序数词) ___________

7. 10th (完整形式)___________ 8. second (缩写形式)_________

9. twenty (序数词)____________ 10. thirty-first (基数词)___________ 根据句意和所给单词首字母或汉语提示填空。

1.Monday is the s_____ day of the week.

2.Sam is 12 years old. His b_____ is October 3rd.

3. 4.What s____ do you play at school ?

5.Teachers’ Day is on S______ 10th.

6.September is the n______ month of the year.


1. He eats two _______ (egg) for breakfast.

2. Barry ______(like) fruit salad.

3. Here are some _______(tomato).

4. They eat _____ (good) and they are healthy.

5. He is a good _______ (run).


1.My partner doesn’t like ________ (科学)

2.Jennifer’s ________ (最喜欢的) day is Friday, because he can play football.

3.I like art very much. It’s __________ (有趣的)

4.I am s______ you like some subjects.

5.My m_______ teacher is Mr. Liu.

6.I eat l_______ at twelve o’clock.

7.He likes English because it is f______.

8.We can play games on M_______ afternoon

9.I don’t like (星期三), but Selina does.

10.I want to have a trip (在附近) the city of Lanzhou


1. --Thank you very much! --You're w______

2. Do you w______ a big bed or a small one for your son?

3. I get a school bag at a very good p______

4. There is a big s______ near our school. There are many school things in it.

5. You can b __ some food in a supermarket (超市).


1. --Where do you want to go? —______ here, please. I can tell (告诉) you.

2. The trousers are too ______ . Do you have long ones?

3. She likes______shoes, but I like white ones.


4. The blue sweater is very small. I want a one!

5. We __ all kinds of things. What would you like to buy?

IV. 写出下列各词的复数形式

1)key ________ 2)box_______ 3) library______ 4) month________

5)party______ 6)family_______ 7) boy______ 8) woman ______

9)man ________ 10) day _______ 11) watch _______ 12) photo ________

13) orange ________14)dictionary _______ 15) tomato _______ 16) dollar _________

17) class_______ 18) strawberry ______ 19)this______ 20) child _________

21)that_______ 22)it______ 23)I _______ 24)me_____ 25)is_________


( )⒈ ―What’s your name, please?‖ ―____‖

A. My name’s Lucy. B. I’m nine. C. I’m Meimei.

( )⒉ ―Hello! Good morning!‖ ―____‖

A. Morning. B. Good. C. How do you do?

( )⒊ ―How are you, Peter?‖ ―____‖

A. Fine, thanks. B. Guess. C. How are you, Lin Tao?

( )⒋ ―____, Li Lei. ‖ ―Nice to meet you, too.‖

A. How are you B. What’s your name C. Nice to meet you

( )⒌ ―____‖ ―I’m fine. And you?‖

A. Can I have some water? B. How are you? C. How old are you?

( )⒍ ____ you Ann?

A. are B. Are C. Is

( )⒎ What’s ____ name?

A. you B. is C. your

( )⒏ Nice to ____ you.

A. Meet B. thank C. see

( )⒐ ―Hello!‖ ―____‖

A. Thanks you. B. Hello! C. Oh!

( )11.What ______ this in English? It’s ______ .

A.is,map B.are,a map C.is,a map D.are,map

( )12.一Is this your eraser? — ___________ .

A.No.it isn’t.It’s my eraser. B.Yes,it’s.It’s my eraser.

C.Yes,it is.It’s my. D.Yes.It’s my eraser.

( )13.一Is that your backpack? 一No.it isn’t.It’s ______ backpack.

A.my B.her C.he D.me

( )14.一Is this your ruler? 一 ______ .It’s his ruler.

A.Yes,it is B.No,it isn’t C.Yes,it isn’t D.No.it is

( )15.It’s a pen.________ ?It’s a desk.

A.What is this B.This is what C.And what’s this D.What’s it

( )16.一_______ do you spell computer?


A.Can B.What C.How D.Who

( )17.一What’s this in English? — ______ a pen .

A.This’s B.This is C.Its D.It’s


( )18.一Is that an eraser? — ___________ .

A.Yes,it isn’t B.No.that isn’t C.Yes,that is D.No,it isn’t

( )19.一Is that a bus? — __________ .

A.It’s a bus B.Yes,that’s a bus C.No,it isn’t D.No,it’s a bus

( )20.My name is ______ .

A.Sun Hui Min B.Sun HuiMin C.Sun Hui min D.Sun Huimin ( )21. Please call Jenny ______ 341-6528.

A. to B. at C. in D. of

( )22. Jack, ______ this your key?

A. be B. am C. is D. are(

( )23. —What’s that? —______ is a pen.

A. This B. It C. He D. She

( )24. I ______ a watch. Is it your watch, David?

A. look B. spell C. lost D. found

( )25. Please call Jane. This is ______ phone number.

A. my B. your C. her D. his

( )26. This is ______ eraser and ______ eraser is Tom’s.

A. the; a B. the; an C. a; the D. an; the

( )27. It isn’t ______ notebook. It’s ______ notebook.

A. my; your B. my; you C. me; your D. me; you

( )28. —______ you spell your name? —K-E-L-S-E-Y.

A. How are B. How do C. What are D. What do

( )29. —Is that his ring? —______.

A. Yes, he is B. Yes, this is C. No, it isn’t D. No, that isn’t

( )30. —______, Bob. What’s this? —A map.

A. Excuse me B. Nice to meet you C. Thank you D. OK

( )31. —Where’s the cat (猫)? —It’s ______.

A. on the table B. under the table C. on the chair D. under the chair

( )32. —Is this ______ alarm clock? —Yes, _____ is my brother’s.

A. a; he B. a; it C. an; he D. an; it

( )33. Two books and a pencil case are in the ______ of the desk.

A. tape B. floor C. drawer D. chair

( )34. Can you bring my dictionary to school? I _______ it.

A. need B. know C. bring D. take

( ) 35. —Where are his notebooks? —______ are on the desk.

A. You B. They C. These D. Those

( )36. Jane, bring my math book ______ here, please.

A. to B. at C. in D. /

( )37. —______ is on the dresser? —A key.

A. What B. What color C. How D. Where

( )38. —Is the eraser in your backpack? —_________. I lost it this morning.

A. Yes, it is B. No, it isn’t C. Yes, they are D. No, they’re not

( )39. —Mom, ________ my backpack on the sofa?—Sorry (对不起), I ______ know.

A. is; am not B. do; am not C. is; don’t D. do; don’t


( )40. —Please take the notebook to your sister. —______.

A. Fine, thanks B. Excuse me C. OK D. Good morning

( )41. We play ______ basketball every day.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )42. —Do you play baseball? —No, but I watch baseball games _____ TV.

A. on B. at C. in D. for

( )43. —Let’s watch TV. —Oh, no. It’s ______.

A. interesting B. boring C. relaxing D. good

( )44. —That’s a good song (歌曲). —Yes, it _____ nice.

A. spells B. calls C. sounds D. watches

( )45. His school has three _________: a soccer club, a basketball club and a tennis club.

A. sport B. sports club C. sports D. sports clubs

( )46. —Are ______ your cousins? —No. I don’t know ______.

A. they; they B. they; them C. them; they D. them; them

( )47. I ______ two pens, and my brother ______ three.

A. have; has B. has; have C. have; have D. has; has

( ) 48. —______! I have four volleyballs. —That’s great. But I only _____ volleyball games.

A. Look; look B. Look; watch C. Watch; look D. Watch; watch

( )49. —Do you have a telephone? —______. And it’s red.

A. Yes, I am B. No, I’m not C. Yes, I do D. No, I don’t

( )50. —Let’s play soccer. —______. It’s interesting.

A. I don’t play soccer B. I don’t have a soccer ball C. That sounds difficult D. That sounds good

( )51. This is _______ apple, and that is _______ pear.

A. a; a B. a; an C. an; a D. an; an

( )52. ______ dessert, he eats ice cream.

A. In B. To C. Of D. For

( )53. —Jane, ______ your brother like oranges?—No, he only likes apples.

A. is B. are C. do D. does

( )54. To keep (保持) ______, John plays sports every day.

A. last B. healthy C. boring D. difficult

( )55. —Let’s have some ______. —OK. I like fruit.

A. bananas B. hamburgers C. eggs D. chicken

( )56. Can you ________ the strawberries to me, Mom?

A. have B. bring C. watch D. eat

( )57. They have ______ desks and chairs.

A. a lot B. a lots C. lot of D. lots of

( )58. —_______ do you like? —Ice cream.

A. What B. How C. Where D. What color

( )59. Bill ______ soccer, but he doesn’t ______ basketball.

A. like; like B. likes; like C. like; likes D. likes; likes

( )60. —Do your parents like chicken? —______. But I like it.

A. Yes, we do B. No, we don’t C. Yes, they do D. No, they don’t

( )61. They have clothes

A. at good price B. at a good price C. in good price D. in a good price


( )62. The red socks______ $4.

A. are B. is C. am D. can ( )63.—______?

—It's red and blue.

A. Where's your shirt B. What color is your shirt

C. What's color your shirt D. How old is your shirt

( )64. We have T-shirts blue, red, yellow and black only 25 yuan.

A. in; in B. on; by C. in; for D. on; on ( )65. ______ girls, we have many skirts, ______ are very nice.

A. To; They B. For; They C. To; It D. For; It

( )66. —How much______ the socks?

— __ twenty dollars.

A. is; It's B. are; They're C. are; It's D. is; They're

( )67. —Does the bookstore ______ math books?

—Yes. Do you want to______ one?

A. sell; buy B. sell; sell C. buy; buy D. buy; sell ( )68. These shirts only 5 dollars. Do you want ?

A. are; it B. is; them C. are; them D. is; it ( )69. —Can I help you?

—______ . I want a red skirt.

A. Thank you B. I'm sorry C. You're welcome D. Yes, please ( )70. Twenty-eight and twelve ______

A. are fourty B. is forty C. is fourty D. are forty ( )71. --Do you like these yellow shoes?

--Yes, ______

A. I don't like them B. I'll take it C. I'll take them D. it's 5 dollars

( )72. — Thank you very much.

— ____________.

A. Here you are B.You’re welcome C. Thank you too D. Not thanks

( )73.Please come ______ see ______ yourself at Huaxing Clothes Store.

A.to;about B. at; for C.and;for D. to; at

( )74. He has__________ basketballs.

A. twenty three B. twenty-three C. three-twenty D. twenty-third

( )75. — What is the ____________ of your sweater?

— It’s $ 50.

A. color B. size C. price D. style

( )76.He is a ______ boy .

A 13—year---old B 13 year—old C 13—years old D 13 years old

( )77. October comes before _____ and after _____

A September November B November September

C December September D September August

( )78. The ____- month of the year is April.

A first B second C third D fourth

( )79. ______ of the students has a bike in our class.


A Every B Each C Some D All

( )80. When is Women’s Day ?It’s _____

A June 1st B March 8th C March 12th D September 10th ( )81.How many days are there in September ?

A 28 B 29 C 30 D 31

( )82. When is your birthday ?It’s May _____

A four B fourteen C fourth D forty

( )83. Thanks for _______ me.

A come B to come C coming D comes

( )84. My mother’s birthday is _______

A July 22st B July 22th C July 22nd D July 22 ( )85.______ is your birthday ?

A When B Where C How many D When

( )86.Can his father play _____?

A the piano B a piano C pianos D piano

( )87.Do they have sweaters_______ a very good price?

A on B of C in D at

( )88._____________________?

It’s September 10th

A When does the game begin? B What day is today ?

( )89. The blouse is very good . I’ll ______ it.

A bring B sell C take D want

( )90.The girl ______ green is Jim’s sister.

A on B in C of D 不填

( )91—What _______ do you like?

----- I like math.

A. day B. subject C. fruit D. sport

( )92. ----______ do you have P.E.?

----We have it on Friday

A. When B. What C. How D. Why

( )93. ---______ is your P.E. teacher?

---Mr Green.

A. What B . Who C. Why D. When

( )94.---Why _____ he like English ?

- Because it’s interesting

A. do B. is C. does D are

( )95. –______is your English ?

--It’s very good .

A.What B. Who C. How D. When

( )96. I have P.E. ______history _____ Monday.

A. and ,on B. and ,at C. or, on D. or ,in ( )97. ______ comes after Friday.

A. Sunday B. Monday C. Tuesday D. Saturday ( )98. --What’s your favorite subject ?

C When is Teacher’s Day ?D What time is it? 9


A It’s a music B. It’s music C. A music D. They’re music

( )99. I like music .It’s ________

A.relaxed B. relaxing C. boring D. busy

( )100. Look! He is in a new sweater. How ___he is!

A. free B. difficult C. cool D. easy

( )101. I like science , _______ it’s difficult .

A. and B. or C. but D. because

( )102. We have history ____ Monday and Thursday .

A.on B. in C. at D. /

( )103. –do you have art ?

--- On Wednesday.

A. What B. When C. Where D. How

( )104. They play basketball ______ two hours every day.

A. on B. from C. in D. for

( )105. I’m tired(累的) ______happy .

A. and B. with C. or D. but

( )106.Math is difficult__________ boring for me.

A. and B. with C. or D. but

( )107.Jim likes to play football _____ his friends on Sundays.

A.with B. for C. of D. to

( )108.Mary’s favorite _______is Friday.

A. month B. day C. subject D. time

( )109. – ______ does he like science ? –Because it’s interesting.

A. What B. Why C. When D. Where

( )110.—When do you have your English lessons ?—On_______.

A. the morning B. the Friday morning C. Friday morning ( )111. I’m_______ you are right .

A. sure B. good C. think D. know

( )112. I think science is really ________ .I don’t like it .

A. difficult B. interesting C. exciting D. funny

( )113. This is my book. __ are over there.

A. Your B. Yours C. You D. Mine ( )114. Whose pen is it? It’s __.

A. her B. hers C. she D. his

( )115. __ bag is new and __ is new, too.

A. Our, he B. Ours, his C. My, his D. My, her ( )116. This room is ours, and that one is __.

A. they B. them C. theirs D. their ( )117. Whose pencils are there? They’re __.

A. my B. me C. mine D. our ( )118. Is the new watch __? Yes, it’s __.

A. you, me B. yours, mine C. your, my D. your, mine ( )119. Whose shoes are these? They are __.

D. the morning Friday 10

A. me B. mine C. my D. I

( )120. She is a student , __ name is Han Mei.

A. its B. her C. hers D. his

( )121. It’s a dog. I don’t know __ name.

A. its’ B. its C. it D. it’s

( )122. This ruler isn’t mine. I think it is __.

A. he B. him C. his D. her

( )123.__ schoolbag is beautiful. But __ is more beautiful.

A. Jims, my B. Jim’s, mine C. Jim’s, me D. Jims’, I ( )124. __ am a boy and __ is a girl.

A. My, she B. I, her C. I, she D. Mine, she

( )125.I like __ new dress.

A. She B. her C. hers D. his

( )126.I often help __ mother do __ housework(家务活)。

A. me, she B. mine, her C. my, her D. I, hers

( )127.Is that __ hat? No, it’s not __. It’s __.

A. your, my, Toms B. you, mine, Tom’s C. yours, mine, Tom 句型转换专练

1. My name is Jim Green (对划线部分提问)

_________ _________ ____________?

2. Her name is Lucy Green (对划线部分提问)

___________ ____________ _______________?

3. I am Lucy.(同义句)

________ ________ ________ _________.

4. Is your name Gina?(作肯定回答)。

Yes,______ _______ .

5. That’s my ruler.(作否定句)

______ ______ my ruler.

6.Call John.His telephone number is 139-4045. (改为一个句子)

_______________________________ .

7. His English name is Mike.(对画线部分提问)

______ _______ English name?

8. It’s a(对画线部分提问)

_______ _______ ?

9.This is my friend. (改为一般疑问句)

_____ _____ your friend?

10. —Is she your cousin? (作否定回答)

No, ______ ______.

11. Those are my brothers. (改为单数句)

______ ______ my _______.

12. Emma is her sister. (同义句改写)

Emma ______ she _____ ______.

13. This is a backpack. (把a换成two改写句子)

________ _______ two ______.

D. your, mine, Tom’s11


14. this, is, notebook, his_______________________________________?

15. my, pencil, isn’t, it, case _______________________________________.

16. a, is, it, jacket_______________________________________?

17. telephone, that, is, her, number _______________________________?

18. do, you, spell, watch, how _______________________________________?

19. My TV is on the desk .(划线提问)

________ _______ your TV?

20. They are on the sofa (变为一般问句)

________ ______on the sofa ?

21 .The pictures are on the wall. (划线提问)

______ ______ the pictures?

22 .The chairs are under the table .(改为单数句)

______ __________ under the table

23.Frank’s tape is in the tape player. .(划线提问)

_______ __________ Frank’s tape?

24.The notebook is under the model plane .(改为否定句)

The notebook _____ _____under the model plane. 。(就划线部分提问)

____ _______in the bag ?

26.This is a key (改为复数句)

______ ______ ________

27.Those are English books .(改为单数句)

______ _____ ______ English ________.

28. video tapes ,the ,are, the , in , bookcase(连词组句)


29.I know your schoolbag is black.(改为否定句)

I _______ ______ your schoolbag is black. .

30.Do they have a TV? (改为陈述句)


31. Do Ken and Rice have soccer balls? (作肯定回答)


32. I have a red watch. (把主语换成she改写句子)


33.Sonia has a bag. (改为否定句)


34. He plays computer games every day. (改为一般疑问句)


35. Does his sister like pears? (作肯定回答)


36. This is an orange. (改为复数形式)


37. I eat apples every day. (把I换成Sally改写句子)



38. He likes ice cream. (改为否定句)


39. Ed plays ball games every afternoon. (改为一般疑问句)


40. They are my teachers . (将下列各句改成否定句和一般疑问句)

否定:__________________________ 疑问:_______________________

41. She has a nice volleyball.(同上)

否定:__________________________ 疑问:_______________________

42. They have dinner at 5:30 every day. (同上)

否定:__________________________ 疑问:_______________________

43.Tony is Mrs Brown’s son.(改为同义句)

Mrs Brown ______ Tony’s _________.

44.dinner, chicken, for, Bill, likes, eggs, and, (. ) (连词成句)

45.His bike is eighty dollars.(对划线部分提问)

______ ______ ______this bike?

46.How about these red and blue T-shirts?(改为同义句)

_____ ______ these red and blue T-shirts?

47.Mr. Cool’s store sells bags.(改为否定句)

Mr. Cool’s store ______ ______ bags.

48.How much is the sweater?(改为同义句)

______the______ ______ of the sweater?

49.1 want a green T-shirt.(对划线部分提问)

______ ______ you want?

50. We have a basketball game. (改为一般疑问句)

______ ______ ______ a basketball game?

51. The school trip is October 30th. (对划线部分提问)

_______ ______ the school trip?

52.My uncle is thirty. (同上)

_______ ______ is your uncle?

53. Mary, are you thirteen years old? (作否定回答)

_______, _______ ________.

54.What’s your age? (同义句)

_______ ________ are you?

55. My science teacher is Mr. Wang.(对划线部分提问)

_________________ _____________ ______________ science teacher?

56. He likes the bag because he likes its color.( 对划线部分提问)

______________ ______________ he ______________ the bag?

57. She likes green best. (同义句)

___________________ _____________ _________________ is green.

58. I think that subject is boring.(同义句)

I __________________ think that subject is ___________________.

59.I have a ball.(改为一般疑问句并作否定回答)


__________ _________ _________a ball? _______,_______ ________

60.My brother has a sports collection.(改为一般疑问句并作肯定回答) _______ _______brother _______ a sports collection ?

________,________ ________.

61.We watch TV every day.(改否定句)

We ___________ __________ TV every day.

62.Her sister watches TV every day.(改否定句)

Her sister ___________ ________TV every day.

63.Do they have tennis rackets?(改为单数句)

________ _________ _________ tennis ______?

64.I have a ball.(用Tom 代替I 改写句子)

_________ __________a ball.


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