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1. I still remember the teacher _______I first met in the school.

2. I'll never forget the blue bike________ my father bought for me on my 13th birthday.

3. Mr Black is going to Beijing _______is the capital of China.

4. I will never forget the days _______I spent with your family.

5. I'll never forget the last day______ we spent together.

6. This is the school ______playground is big.

7. Do you still remember the place______ we visited last week?

8. Do you still remember the old man_______ we met in the park last week ?

9. Have you ever been to Hangzhou,_____is famous for the West Lake?

10. People often like clothes ______ can make them look young.

11. —Now many people smoke and get ill.

—So we should do something ______ can help stop smoking

12. —There are so many girls over there. Which one is your sister? —The one ______hat is yellow.

13. Success will belong to those ________never say "impossible".

14. Who is the student _____was late for school today?



( ) 1. Your teacher of Chinese is a young lady____ comes from Beijing.

A. who B. which C. whom D. whose

( ) 2. What’s the name of the program________.

A. which are listening B. you are listening to

C. to that you are listening D. that you are listening

( ) 3. The students were all interested ____ you told them yesterday.

A. in which B. in that this C. all that D. in everything

( ) 4. He was the only person in his office______ was invited.

A. whom B. whose C. that D. which

( ) 5. This is the museum______ we visited last year.

A. where B. in which C. which D. in that

( ) 6. Charlie told his mother all____ had happened.

A. that B. what C. which D. who

( ) 7. Do you know the student_____?

A. whom I often talk B. with who I often talk

C. I often talk with D. that I often talk

( ) 8. I like the house_____ windows face south.

A. whose B. who’s C. it's D. its

( ) 9. Would you tell me where to get the dictionary _____?

A. what I need B.I need C. which I need it D. that I need it

( )10. The young woman_____ I spoke just now is a young doctor.

A. who B. to whom C. whom D. that

( )11. I’ll tell you __________ he told me last week.

A. all which B. that C. all that D. which

( )12. We’re talking about the piano and the pianist _______ were in the concert we attended last night.

A. which B. whom C. who D. that

( )13. The girl ________ an English song in the next room is Tom’s sister.

A. who is singing B. is singing C. sang D. was singing

( )14. Those _______ not only from books but also through practice will succeed.

A. learn B. who C. that learns D. who learn

( )15. Anyone ________ this opinion may speak out.

A. that against B. that against C. who is against D. who are against

( )16. Can you lend me the novel ______ the other day?

A. that you talked B. you talked about it

C. which you talked with D. you talked about

( )17. Is there anything _______ to you?

A. that is belonged B. that belongs C. that belong D. which belongs

( )18. ---- “How do you like the book?”

---- “It’s quite different from _______ I read last month.”

A. that B. which C. the one D. the one what










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