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外研版初二英语上册期末试题 2

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( )1. ____ do you exercise? Three times a week.

A How long B How often C How far D Where

( )2.He tries ____ English, and he practises ____ English every day.

A to learn, speaking B learning, speaking

C to learn, to speak D learn ,to speak

( )3.We should eat ____ vegetables and ____ meat to keep healthy.

A more, more B less, less

C more, less D less, more

( )4.Don't forget ____ the windows when you leave.

A close B closing C to close D closed

( )5.Eating ____ junk food is bad for your health.

A too much B too many

C much too D many too

( )6.It takes about twenty minutes ____ there.

A walk B to walk C walk to D to walk to

( )7.-How far is it from here to your school?


A It's thirty minutes

B 40 minutes ago

C Half an hour's walk

D 20 years old

( )8.Mary is going ____ December and she's staying ____ a week.

A on, for B in, for C at, for D at, in

( )9.-Dad,could you buy me a MP4 like this?

-Sure, we can buy ____ one than this, but ____this.

A a worse, as good as B a better, better than

C a cheaper, as good as D a more important, not as good as ( )10.The camera is very good. It ____ me 5.000 yuan.

A took B spent C takes D cost

( )11.-Which do you like better, the red one or the blue one. -____.I like the green one.

A Either B None C Nothing D Neither

( )12.This picture is ____ beautiful ____ the three.

A more, than B more, of C the most, of D most, in ( )13.There are many green trees on ____ sides of street.

A each B two C both D either

( )14.Tom's mother asked me ____.

A if I was in Grade One B were you in Grade One

C if I am in Grade One D that you in Grade One

( )15.-Is your grandma still ____?

-Of course,she ____ with my aunt in the countryside.

A live , lives B living , alive

C alive, lives D alive, live


(A)根据对话内容,从方框内选择恰当句子,并将其代表字母填写在横线上。(10分) A:Hi, victor !Have you got any plans for the coming holiday?

A:Yes,I plan to go to Australia this summer.

But didn't you go there last year?

B:That's true. Will you travel alone?

When I saw him yesterday,he was reading a book about Australia.

A:Thank you for telling me.I will call him later.


A: Great, weekend again! I'm so happy. 1 ____________?

B: I'd like to do sports.

A: Me , too. What sport are you going to do ?

B: 2 _________________.

A: But the radio says it will be rainy tomorrow.

B: It's just the time for it ! I enjoy swimming in the evenings and on rainy days. A: 3 __________________.

B: OK! Let's meet at the gate of Hongta Swimming Pool.

A: 4 __________________?

B: At 9:30 a.m. tomorrow. Any problem?

A: No problem. See you then.

B: 5 __________________.


1. I buy a book. (改为现在完成时态)_____________________________________________

2..I have been in this school since 2000.(改为一般现在时)_____________________________


4. He likes classical music, _________________? (反意疑问句)

5. I spent two hours doing my homework. (改为同义句)

It took ______________________________.


feel, look, smell, sound, taste

1. Rock music _________ noisy. 2. Ice cream __________ delicious.

3. Coffee ___________ strong. 4. The vegetables __________ fresh. 5 .Sam bought a pair of trousers. The trousers ________ soft.

6. The policeman there __________ smart. 7. This chair _________ comfortable.

8. I can’t eat the meat. It __________ awful!

9. They think Americans __________ very cheerful and friendly.

10. The bedroom __________ very quiet. The children are asleep.

Ⅴ. 从A组和B组中选择合适的词填空。(12分)

A: bring hope invite offer teach try want

B: eat see sell speak take understand watch

例句:He hopes to watch the World Cup on television.






6. Kate is from England and she can _________ me _____________ English. He ___________ me ___________ Beijing Opera last night. The man in the market __________________ us some vegetables. I _______________________ her, but I couldn’t. She spoke too fast. Wait a little bit. The waiter __________ us cakes ___________. They __________________ me to the theatre.

Ⅵ. 用所给动词的正确形式填空。(12分) come meet protect stop eat make

1. The bear was very sad because it found no food _____________.

2. _______________ wild animals, we must protect the places where they live.

3. It’s hard ______________ the killing, because those people make money from animal skins.

4. People are planting trees and flowers _____________ their city more beautiful.

5. I’ll be very happy _____________ with you.

6. The best plan is ______________ at the station, at four o’clock.

Ⅶ.选词填空。(12分) freezing hot rain storms shower snowy

1. Put the fire on! It’s ___________ in this room.

2. You’re wet! Did you wait for the bus in the _______.

3. It’s dangerous for ships to keep going to heavy _________.

4. We’ve had a very _________ winter this year.

5. It’s too ________ here. Can we open the window, please?

6. Villagers are now waiting for a __________ to come so that the rice will grow.

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