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1、 She often _________(watch) TV on Sundays. 2、--_______you _______(find) your English book yet ?

-- Yes .I have .I________(find) it on my desk ten minutes ago. 3、--_______LI Lei______(do) his homework in his room yet ? –No, he is with his brother _______(play) football outside. 4 .Our teacher told us light_______(travel) much faster than sound . 5.--______he ______( live ) here? ---No, he didn’t. 6 He______( swim ) in a river.

7.--_______your friends _______(prepare) for the test ? ---Yes, they are. 8 .How soon _______they ______(come) here?

9. I don’t know if it_____(rain) tomorrow. If it ____(not rain) tomorrow, we’ll go for a picnic.

10. Mr .Wang _____ (teach) in this school since it ___ (open) in 19870. 11.My family _______(move) to France the day after tomorrow. 12. He _______(listen) to the radio when I came in.

13.Jim _______often ________(hear)_______(sing) in the room. 14. --- _______ the school magazine____(publish)? ---Not yet.

15.The baby______ (made) ________ (cry) by his sister. 16.______ this kind of bike_______(make)in the USA? 16.LIei _______(ask) to attend the meeting yesterday. 17. --- Can I______ (borrow) this digital camera ---Yes, but you mustn’t _______(lend) it to others.

18.So far, many man- made satellites ______(send) up into the space. 19.Those old men_______(look) after well last week.

20 Some books _________(buy) by my sister for me tomorrow. 21.knives _______(use) for________(cut) things.

22The child kept ______(move) about while he was asked ____(stand) still. 23.An accident________ (happen) here last night. 24.Many stars________ (can see) at night. 25.My homework has to_______ (finish) on time. 26.Your schoolbag_________(must not put) there. 27.Now many kinds of work_______ (can do) by robots.

28.English________ (speak) as a second language in some countries. 29.A new bridge_______ (build) over the river last year.

30、The children _______often _______ (tell) to be careful with fire.

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