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32.Last year how many chickens on the farm?(语态)

A.killed B.was killed C.were killed

34.--I would like to play ping-pong with Lily this Saturday morning, Mum.

--Really? I’ll ask her if she over there.(条件状语从句)

A.will come B.came C.comes

35.--You can not play basketball yet, Tom.(时态)

--Well, Mum, I my homework.

A.finished B.finish C.have finished

36.An old woman got on the bus and my mother asked me her.(动词短语)

A.make room for B.to make room for C.making room for

37.The boss didn’t the workers though they had worked very hard for him.(近义辨析)

A.cost B.pay C.spend

39.--Could I borrow your dictionary?

--Of course, you .(情态动词)

A.could B.can C.must

40.--When are you going home?(时间状语从句)

--Not until my mother here.

A.comes B.came C.will come

44.--Li Ming is now in Shanghai.(时态)

--Really? How he there?

A.did, go B.does, go C.will, go


28. If he ______________ on time, we will go without him.(条件状语从句)

A. doesn’t come B. don’t come C. didn’t come

29. — What did you do last Sunday, Mike ?

— I ______________ on the lake with my grandpa.(时态)

A. go fishing B. went fishing C. will go fishing

32. An English speech _____________ to the children tomorrow.(时态)

A. is given B. has been given C. will be given

33. —Why didn’t you come and open the door for me, dear ?(时态)

— Oh, sorry, I ____________ in the kitchen. I didn’t hear you.

A. cooked B. would cook C. was cooking

40. — How can you start playing games so soon, Tom ?(时态)

— I _____________ my homework, Mom.

A. have finished B. finished C. finish

37. ____________ the TV, please. The baby is asleep.(动词短语)

A. Turn on B. Turn down C. Turn in

39. — Where is your English book, Mike ?(近义辨析)

— Sorry, sir. I ____________ it at home.

A. have lost B. have forgotten C. have left

36. You ____________ ask the teacher if you want to leave the classroom.(近义辨析)

A. supposed that B. are supposed to C. are wanted


30. We should keep the habit of taking notes when the teacher ________ .(时态)

A. will talk B. would talk C. is talking

31. She was surprised __________ me last night.(非谓语)

A.to see B. see C. saw

32. You _______ study hard if you want to get good grades in English.(情态动词)

A. can B. may C.must

33. Some of my classmates ________ from other cities.

A. comes B. is C. are

37. We believe that Mary ____ take the money at that time, though she was poor.(助动词)

A. won’t B. wouldn’t C. is not going to 09年

30. —Must I return home before 10:0G, Mr. Zhang?

―No, you

A. needn't B. mustn't C. can't

32. I will come to see you if it rain tomorrow morning.

A. won't B. didn't C, doesn't

34. I enjoyed to music, so my mother bought me a MP3 player.

A. to listen B. listening C. listen

36. Mr. Li to Chengdu, so you can't see him in his office now.

A. has gone B. has been C. went

37. Neither you nor Mike suitable for the job.(主谓一致)

A. was B. were C, are


30. —Excuse me,sir! Can I finish my homework tomorrow morning?

--Oh, no. It ______ be finished tonight.

A. would B. should C. could

35. It _______ that it is going to rain.

A. seems B. looks C. as if

"Thank you”,when others have helped you.

A. to say B. to speak C. to tell


A. to swim B. swimming C. swims


31. Where my glasses______? I can't find them.

A. is B. are C. was

32. — May I do the homework tomorrow?

一 No, you______. You should hand in before class tomorrow.

A. mustn't B. needn't C. couldn't

33.The old parents _____a great deal of their savings on their son's new house.

A. cost B. spent C. paid

34.1 often hear her _________.this song. Listen! Can't you hear her___ in the next


A. sing; sing B. singing; singing C. sing; singing



85.It as if it was going to rain. missing necklace.

81.The policemen are 查)the two men and will soon find the thief.


75. The rain __________(持续) for about three hours yesterday.


72. Children should learn to ______________(尊重) each other.

71. Meg’s bike was ______________________(偷) last night.

67. The little boy likes to ______________( 分享) his apples with the little girl.


76. Class is over. Please (收集)all the basketballs for me.




73.1 have ________(带来)an umbrella to your mother.

75.The flood which happened last _________(造成)100 people's death.




Do you like eating fish? How many times a week do your family eat fish?

Fish are good for our health. In most places of the world, people (81)

(sell) fish for thousands of years. We can get fish easily. But there is

bad news: people (82) (have) no fish to eat by the year of 2048! Why?

Scientists (83) (start) to make a study in 1965. More than 40 years

have passed, and now the study (84) (show) that 29% of sea fish have

nearly died out. Although people kill fewer fish than one hundred years ago, the

species(种类)of sea fish (85) (get) fewer and fewer.


根据短文内容,用括号内动词的正确时态形式填空 (call)the conductor(售票员)

(catch)cold. And I'll probably die. "

The other woman said, "Well, conductor, if you (shut) this window. I will die. I feel difficult in breathing. ” The conductor didn't

know what to do. A man who was listening all the time

(have) an idea.

"First open the window. That will kill one. ” he said,“Next shut it That (80) (kill) the other, then we can have peace. ”



Liu Xiang was born in Shanghai on the 13th of July, 1983. He is 1.88m tall

and men's 110m hurdles in the 28lh Olympic Games. It is the first gold medal that

Chinese have won from this competition in the Olympic history. He (walk) in the street, he stopped to answer the

(sing) songs with friends if I feel tired after training, or

go to a movie for relaxation."

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