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八(上) UNIT 1 Lesson2

1.一个医学的机器人 2一个学习机器人

3.整理房间 4.扫地

5其他什么 6.使某人一直忙个不停

7.持续做某事 8作为结果

9充满,溢满(2种) 10铺床

11准备食物 12为某事做准备

13.帮助某人做某事 14再也不(4种)

15从不感到累 16照看病人

17互相不同 18练习做某事




22 A和B的不同之处(2种)

23 A:你能告诉我一些关于…?


24。different (n.)__________ 25. dangerous (n.) ____________26. memory(v.)___________

27.factory (pl.)__________ 28. operate (n.)__________ 29 pleasure (a.)_________,__________

30. medicine (a.)_____________


一、 Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms.

1、 After the accident, he completely lost his _____.(memorize)

2、 A salesman came up to me and said in a________ voice,“Can I help you?” (please)

3、 It’s a ________ to talk with you.(please)

4、 Our teacher was _________ with our work.(please)

5、 It is _______ to drive with a dirty windscreen.(danger)

6、 Today’s life is _______ from what it was 50 years ago.(difference)

7、 Since you cough a lot, you’d better take some ______ (medical)

8、 Listen to the teachers __________ in class and many of your problems will go away.( care)

9、 The electric light is one of the greatest ______.(invent)

10、 The robot is performing an _______ on the patient.(operate)

二、 Choose the best answer.

( )1、As soon as the ______ news came into our ears, we all cheered and became ________.

A. exciting; exciting B. excited; excited

C. exciting; excited D. excited; exciting

( )2、Some farmers saw _______ in the sky.

A. strange something B. something strange

C.strange anything D. anything strange

( ) 3、He didn’t say _____ because he had ______ to say.

A. anything; nothing B. anything; something

C. nothing; something D. something ;nothing

( ) 4、Don’t forget ______ me when you arrive there.

A. telling B. to tells C. to call D. rang

( ) 5、Tom is taller than _______ in our class.

A. anyone else B. any other one

C. any else one D. any other students

( ) 6、Jack said that he knew _______ about that.

A. something B. nothing C. anything D. everything

( ) 7、Is there _______ I can do for you?

A. something else B. anything else

C. something others D. anything what

( ) 8、He stopped ____ a rest, and soon he felt _____ than before.

A. having; much better B. to have; a little better

C. having; more better D. to have; very better

( ) 9、______ heavy work it is!

A. How B. What C. How a D. What an

( ) 10、A: May I _____ your bike, Tom?

B: Sure , but you can’t _____ it to others.

A. borrow , lend B. borrow , borrow

C. lend , borrow D. lend ,lend

( ) 11、She had to do it again, ______ she?

A. had B. didn’t C. did D. wasn’t

( ) 12、--Can you teach me how to use the computer?

-- __________

A. It’s a pleasure. B. My pleasure.

C. With pleasure. D. For pleasure.

( ) 13、You are not good at English. Let me help you ____ your English.

A. to B. on C. in D. with

( ) 14、My grandmother’s garden is ______ beautiful flowers.

A. fill of B. full of C. fill with D. full with

( ) 15、Shanghai looks _______ than before.

A. more beautifully B. far more beautiful

C. far beautiful D. very beautifully

16、Could you tell me _______ (something;anything)about robots?

17、Housework keeps us ______ (busy; busily) .

18、Robots are good friends of ________ (humen; humans)

19、Shall we develop a robot to help firemen ____ (put off; put out) fires?

三、Rewrite the following sentences as required.

1、I don’t think Mary will take part in the contest.(反意疑问句)

I don’t think Mary will take part in the contest,_____ ______?

2、It can help us do jobs like tidying up rooms.(句意不变)

It can help us do jobs _____ ______ tidying up rooms.

3、What’s the difference between robots and ordinary machines? (句意不变) _______ _______ robots _____________ from ordinary machines?

4、People use wood to make paper. (句意不变)

People use wood _______ _______ paper.

5、He couldn’t make model planes before school. (句意不变)

He _____ _______ to make model planes before school.


______ _______ can he type?


______ _______ will your father come back?


_______ ________ will Tom stay in Shanghai.

9、 _______ _______ is it from your home to your school?

11、 They didn’t go out because it rained heavily. (句意不变)

They didn’t go out ________ _______ the _______ rain.

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