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Unit 8 When is your birthday



1. January is the first m_______ of a year.

2. My friend’s b______ is in October.

3. Teachers’ Day is on S_______ 10th.

4. We have an Art F______ each year.

5. I like go to the c_______.

6. _______ (二月) is the second month of a year.

7. When is your _______(聚会) ?

8. _______(妇女) Day is on March 8th.

9. The fourth month of a year is_______(四月).

10. They have a speech _______(比赛).


( ) 1. My school trip is _______ May.

A. In B. on C. at

( )2. —When is his birthday?

—It’s _______

A. February B. February second C. 2008

( )3. His _______T—shirt is white.

A. brother B. brothers C. brother’s

( )4. —____ is your mother ?

— She is fifty.

A. How old B. How age C. How

( )5. The baby is _______.

A. ten month old B. ten months old C. ten month’s old

( )6. _______ is between December and October.

A. November B. August C. September

( )7. He is_____ student to school.

A. on B. the first C. two

( )8. My aunt meets me_____ 9 o’clock

A. at B. in C. on

( )9. The shop ______a lot of present

A. sell B. sells C. sell’s

( )10.The ID card is ____backpack

A. in B. at C. for

III. 完型填空(10)

I’m Mary. I’m a student in a junior school. I am 15. My th.I like my school. Art Festival on the

my brother. He is 14 . He ping—( )1. A. birth B. birthday C. telephone number

( )2. A. like B. have C. want

( )3. A. have ( )4. A. the ( )5. A. are ( )6. A. old ( )7. A. His ( )8. A. nine ( )9. A. likes ( )10.A.am B. need B. a B. am B. years B. He B. ninth B. like B. is C. go C. an C. is

C. years old C. Jeff C. ninth C. has C. are

IV. 阅读。(20)


I have many good friends. One is John. He runs very fast. He always says to us “I can run very, very fast.”One day a man goes his house, takes some good things, and runs away. John runs after him and cries out,“Stop, do you know I can run faster than you?”But the man runs faster. John is angry. He runs very fast to me. I ask him,“Why you run so fast?” He says,“I want to catch the man.”“But where is he?” “He is behind me, he thinks he is faster than me, but you see I’m faster.”

( )1. John is_______

A. a boy B. a runner ( )2.John likes to tell people______.

A. he can walk fast B. he can run fast C. he can catch the ma ( )3.John is happy because he ______

A. catches the man

B. run faster than the man C. walks very fast

C. one of my friends

( )4.When his friend sees him, John runs_______ .

A. behind the man B. before the man ( )5. Which is right?

A. The man is right B. John is wrong B It’s My Birthday Anna White hopes you can come to her party Time:4:30 Date: Sunday, February 16th Place: Flat 13A, Dong Qian Road Telephone: 890126

1. When is Anna’s party?


C. alone

C. John’s friend is wrong

2. At what time is it going to star?


3. Where is she going to have her party?


4. What’s her telephone number?


5. What’s her address?


VI. 句型转换 (15分) 对划线部分提问)

you born?

2. We have an English contest. (一般疑问句)

______ have an English contest?

3. He likes doing sports on weekends.(改为否定句)

He _______ ports on weekends.

4. What’s Han Mei’s age? (改为同义句)

_______ Han Mei? 对划线部分提问)

Tina _______? th.(对划线部分提问 )

______ _______ on May 4th?


1. 一年中有几个月?

______ ______ _______ are there in a year?

2. 我们每年五月份办一次艺术节?

We have ______ Art______ ______ May every year.

3. 请读一读第二课。

Please read ______ _______ ______.

4. 我的生日聚会在八月五号。

My birthday _____ is _______ _______ .

5. 这个孩子一岁了。

The boy is ______ _______ _____.

IX.书面表达 (10分)

利用下面的词,写一篇自我介绍, 不少于50词。 如: Mike, American, basketball, June 11th,No.1School, Middle School, 836—77989等。



I.1.month 2.birthday 3.September 4.Festival 5.cocert

6.February 7.party 8.Women’s Day 9..April 10.contset

II. 1.A在一段时间前用in。


3.C 名词所有格的正确形式。

4.A问年龄用how old。

5.C month 的复数加s。


7.B 表示顺序用序数词。

8.A在几点几分用at 。




IV.(A)1—5. ABBBB

(B)1. Sunday, February 16th 2. 4:30 3. Flat 13A

4. 890126 5. Flat 13A,Dong Qian Road

V. 1.When is your mothers birthday? 2.How old is May’s sister? 3.Do you have a Music Festival?

4. My fifteen birthday is today.5.I like sports collection

VI.1.When were 2.Do you 3.doesn’t like 4. How old is 5. What does like 6. What is . VII.1.How many months 2.an Festival in 3.the second lesson 4.party August 5th.

5.one year old.

VIII .My name is Mike. I m an American boy. I like basketball and volleyball. I’m now in NO.1Midle School. My birthday is June 11th.My phone number is 836—7789

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