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Unit7 Where would you like 电子设计 欧洲最有活力的城市之一 to visit? 26.all kinds of dreams 53.fantastic sights 1.take it easy 各种梦想 奇妙的景色

27.to be volunteers 54.one of the most famous churches 从容,轻松

2.Niagara Falls in the world 当志愿者

28.the 2008 Olympics 世界上最著名的教堂之一 尼亚加大瀑布 55.

3.EiffeTower 56.in the church 2008年奥运会

29.go to the moon 埃菲尔铁塔 在教堂

4.Notre Dame Cathedral 57.underground train = subway 登月

30.one day = some day 巴黎圣母院 地铁

5.ingeneral 总有一天 58.an expensive place

31.be willing to do 通常 一个高消费的地方

6.Ace Travel 文中指一旅行社名 7.providewith 给...提供 8.as soon as possible = as soon as you can 尽快地 9.cometrue 实现 10.I'd love to = want to do sth 想要 11.sail across the Pacific 横渡太平洋 12.dream about things = dream of doing sth 梦想做某事 13.thefindingof 的发现 14.hopes and dreams 希望与梦想 15.hangout 闲逛 16.finish your education 完成你的学业 17.have a good education 得到好教育 18.start work 开始参加工作 19.sothat 如此...以致 20.provide sth for sb = provide sb with /about sth 提供...给... 21.continue doing = go on doing 继续做某事 22.go to university 上大学 23.according to the survey 根据调查 24.the most popular choice of job 选择最流行的工作 25.computer programming


32.achieve one's dreams 实现梦想

33.have similar hopes 有相同的梦想 34.find a good job 找到一个好工作 15 35.hold on 坚持

36.travel posters 旅游景点海报

37.go on a vacation 去渡假

38.go trekking 徒步旅行

39.trek through the jungle 徒步穿过热带雨林

40.go/walk through the park 穿过公园

41.relax on a beach 去海滩渡假

42.beautiful views 漂亮的风景

43.pay for 付钱

44.interest of places 名胜古迹

45.be stressed out 紧张

46.Amazon jungle 亚马逊丛林 47.consider doing sth 考虑做某事

48.consider sb to be sth 把 ... 视为 ...

49consider sb as 认为...

50.travel spotlight 旅游胜地 51.the capital of sth ...的首都 52.one of the liveliest cities in Europe 1

59.travel with someone 60. 与某人一起旅行

61translate things for sb 为某人翻译事情

62.pack light clothes 63.打包轻的衣服 64.have lots of wonderful sights 有一些美丽的风景

65..go out for half an hour 出去半小时

66.answer the phone 接电话

67.call people back 回电 68.out of the office 不在办公室

69.get some information 得到一些信息

70.find out 弄明白

71.vacation packages 旅行指南

72..go on a nature tour 73.

去亲近大自然的旅行 74..have a great whale watch tour 举

行 一 次 大型亲近鲸的旅游 75.depend on 取决于

75.advertisement for vacations 假日广告

76.visit Hollywood 参观好莱屋

77.take a trip = have a trip 去郊游

78..in the east of China 在华东

79.cook one's own meals = cook meals by oneself 为自己煮饭 80.save money 省钱 81.give me some suggestions for


vacation spots 20.put off sth/making a plan 46.shut up 给我一些旅游景点好提议 推迟某事 闭嘴 82be away 21.write down sth 47.support sb 离开 写下某事 支持某人 83.cook Beijing Duck 22.set up a food bank 48.appreciate sb 做北京烤鸭 建立一个食物储蓄站 感激某人 84.stay in an inexpensive hotel 23.call sb up 49.V olunteer Day 住在便宜的旅馆 打电话给某人 志愿日 85.how far 24.put sth to use 50.Clean-up Day 多远 把…投入使用 清洁日 86.botanical park 25.take after/be similar to sb 51.not only …but also…

=look like sb 植物园 不仅…而且…

87.amusement park 游乐园 Unit 8 I’ll help clean up the city parks . 1.clean up 打扫干净 2.cheer up 使开心 3.give out 分发 4.put off 推迟 5.set up 建立 6.think up sth 想出 7.look after = take care of = care for 照顾 8.fix up=repair sth 修理 9.give away 赠送 10.put up = put sth on the wall 张贴 11.hand out 分发 12.work out fine 结局很好 13.at once 马上 14.part of speech 词性 15.work outside 在外工作 16.help homeless people 帮助无家可归的人 17.help sb with sth 帮助某人某事 18.come up with a plan 提出一个计划 19.put up sth/advertisements 张贴广告


26.give away sth to sb 赠送某人某物

27.use up sth/run out of sth =don ’ t have any more sth 用完某物 28.spend time doing sth =It take sb+ 时 to do sth 花费时间做某事 29.tell sb about sth 告诉 某人关于某事

30.donate sth to sb =give away sth. to sb 向某人赠送某物 31.be hungry 饥饿的 32.less( 后缀表否定)—ful(表肯定) 33.homeless 无家可归的

34.Nameless 匿名的

35 careless 粗心的 36.careful细心的 37.a major/great commitment 一个重大奉献 38.major in+ 学科 39.at the elementary school 在小学 40.become/be a veterinarian 成为一名兽医 41.coach a football team for sb 为某人训练一支足球队 42.help disabled people 帮助残疾人 43.blind/deaf people 盲人/聋人 44.It ’ s one’s pleasure to do sth 很乐意做某事 45.be able/unable to do sth 可能/不能做某事


52.be home to … .的家

53.volunteer to do sth 志愿做某事 54.each of them 他们中的每个人 55.plan to do sth 计划做某事 56.in an animal hospital 一家动物医院 57.be a professional singer 一个职业歌手

58.volunteer project 志愿项目 59.test paper 考卷 60.make

a pen pal website 交一个网友

61.sport club 运动俱乐部

62.a photo of sb 某人的一张照片

63.send sth to sb 送某人某物 64.make it possible 使…成为可能 65.fill sth with sth 使…充满… 66.face the challenge 面队挑战 67.use one’s arms well 很好的使用某人的手 68.answer the telephone 接电话 69.open/shut doors 开/关门 70.carry sth 搬运某物 71.be difficult for sb 对某人来说很困难 72.a friend of mine(双重所有格)

=one of my friends


17.scoop ice cream 我的一个朋友 穿过

73.get a specially trained dog 舀冰淇淋 64.so convinced that…

18.heated ice cream scoop 得到一只特别训练的狗 如此确信以致…

74.because of 65.hundreds of 舀冰淇淋的勺子

19.shoes with adjustable heels 成百上千 因为

75.kind donation thousands of 带有可调整后跟的鞋

20.shoes with high heels 慈善募捐 成千上百

76.train to do sth 66.across the whole country 高跟鞋

21.battery--operated slippers/sneakers 遍及整个城市 训练做某事

77.understand different instructions 用电池操作的拖鞋 67.in England

22.operate on sb 明白不同的指示 在英格兰

68.no more 78.fetch one’s book 给某人做手术


79.be used to do 被用于做某事 80.an amazing dog 一只迷人的狗 81.bring home 带回家 82.feel lucky 感到幸运 Unit 9 When was it invented ? 1.be used for 用来做 2.light bulb 电灯泡 3.microwave oven 微波炉 4.by mistake 错误的

5.偶然意外 6.fall into 落入 7.in this way 这样 8.knock into sb 撞上某人 9.invent sth 发明某物 10.be (was/were) invented by sb 被sb发明 11.the most helpful invention 最有用的发明 12.be used for doing=be used to do sth 用来做某事 13.used to 过去常常

14.be used to doing sth 习惯做某事 15.use up 用光

16.the use of sth ...的用途

23.operation 手术

24.do sth by mistake 错误的 /巧合的做某事

25.make mistakes in sth 在某方面犯错误

26.sprinkle salt on sth 把盐撒在 ...

上面 27.an ancient Chinese legend 一个古老的中国传说 28.ancient culture 古文化

29.boil drinking water 煮开水

30.produce sth 制造某物 be produced 被制造 31.pie plate 馅饼盘子

32.flying disk 飞碟 33.throw flying disk 扔飞碟 34.throw sth 扔某物 35.throw sth away 把某物扔掉 36.throw sth about 到处乱扔 37.throw sth to sb 扔给某人 38.throw sth at the dog 朝...扔 39.one hundred years=one century一

百年一世纪 40.stay up all night studying 熬夜学习 41.a radio program 一

个广播节目 42.land on the earth 在地球着陆 43.move across 3

不再 69.stop doing sth 停止做某事

70.run to the local supermarket 跑去当地的超市

71.across the country 整个城市

72.TV star 电视明星

73.invit sb onto one's show 邀请

sb 上 sb 的节目 74.be thrilled 非常兴奋

75.want to do sth 想做某事

76.lose both A

and B 失去A和B

Unit10 By the time I got outside ,the bus had already left . 1.by the time 到..时候 2.go off 闹响 3.run off/run away 跑掉 离开 4.on time 准时 5..break down 损坏 6..show up 出席 露面 7.April Fool's Day 愚人节

8.set off 激起 引起

9..get married 结婚

10..a piece of 一片 一块

11..Qomolangma mountain 珠穆朗玛峰

12..by mistake


错误的,失误的 睡着 63.give sb a ride 顺13.by the time 39.look stressed out 便载某人一程

64.the final bell 到...时候 看上去筋疲力尽

14.He often oversleeps 40.have a bad morning 最后的铃声 他经常睡过头 有个糟糕的早上 65..invite sb to do sth 邀15.The alarm clock went off just now. 41.first of all 请某人做某事

66.stay up late 刚才闹钟响了 首先

16.rush at sb 42.get in the shower 熬夜到很迟

67..April Fool 朝某人冲奔 洗澡 =go into the bathroom

17.rush out of out of the shower 洗澡get 傻瓜

68.costume party 冲出…地方 洗完澡 take a quick show

18.on time 洗一个快澡服装派对


19.in time 及时 20.The door is locked. 门被锁上了

21.break out 爆发火灾/能量

22.feel/be/get exhausted=feel stressed out 筋疲力尽

23.announce sth / that从句 宣布某事

24.Flowers announce that spring is coming .花朵宣告春天的来临 25.convince sb of sth 使某人相信某事 26..set off 激起 27.set off=set out 出发/起程 28.reveal a hoax 揭露一个谎言 29.flee-fled-fled 逃离 30.flee from + 地点 从某地逃离 31.flee away 逃离/逃跑 32.marry sb=get/be married to sb 和某人结婚 33.ask sb to marry sb 求婚 34.in one's forties 在某人的四十多岁

35..have a happy ending 有个美好的结局 have a sad ending 有个悲伤的结局 36..feel embarrassed 感觉尴尬 an embarrassing thing 一件尴尬的事

37..get up 起床

38.fall asleep

43..get dressed 穿衣 44.run all the way to school 一路跑向学校 45..no wonder 难怪 46.run back to school 跑回学校 47.get outside 出去

48.get to school 到达学校 49.leave one's sth at +地点 把某人


50.make it (to sth) 来的及某事 The train will arrive at 10:15. 51.I think we'll make it. 及时赶到/到达目的 52.We've almost made it . 我们几乎成功了/ 办成功/ 做成功 53. Keep on and you'll make it. 坚持就会成功 54.I think we should make it another time. 约时间 55.be late for school 上学迟到

56.come very close 来的非常紧凑

57.be close to sb 与某人亲密

58.wait for sb 等待某人 59.come

out 出版/出来 60.run off to 迅速离开去 61.start doing sth 开始做某事 62.in one's car=by car 乘车 4

69..fool sb 愚弄某人

70.happen to sb 发


71..change the clock to an hour earlier 调整闹钟提前一个小时

72.stay up all night studying 熬夜学习

73..a radio program Unit11 Could you please tell me where the restrooms are ? 1. 闲荡

hang out 2. waterslide 水滑道

3.dress up 盛装 4.hand in 上交 5 buy/sell shampoo 买/卖香波 6. drugstore/bookstore 药店/书店

7.furniture store 家具店

8.music store 音乐吧

9. department store 百货商场

10. Chinese Education Department 中 国 教 育 部

=the Education Department of China 11. hang out with sb 和某人闲荡

12. fresh air /milk/meat 新鲜空气/牛奶/肉 10.be uncrowded/crowded 不拥挤的/拥挤

11.dress up 装饰

12.get dressed 穿衣服


13.dress oneself 39.go out of the front door 65.sound rude 给自己穿衣服 走出前门 听起来粗鲁 14. lend sb sth=lend sth to sb 40.take a right=turn right 66. be polite 借sb.sth 向右转 有礼貌 15. borrow sth from sb turn right onto Oak Street 67.make requests

41.walk about three blocks 向sb 借sth 提出要求

16. No parking . 3 走大约个街区68.change the way we speak 改变我

42.in Watertown 不要停车 们说话的方式

17. no wonder 69. talk with sb 在水镇

43.take a vacation 难怪 与某人谈话

18.(n.)trouble=problem/matter/difficu70. depend on 度假 lty 问题 19.What’s the trouble? 有什么问题? 20. have some trouble (in) doing sth 有困难做 21. sth take some trouble to sb 给sb带去麻烦 22. =take sb some trouble trouble(v.) sb 麻烦sb 23. offend sb 冒犯sb 24. hand out=give out 分发 25. buy some stamps 买一些邮票 26. post office 邮电局 27. on Center Street 在中心街道

28. on Main Street 在主要街道 29. go past the bank = pass the bank /+n. 经过银行 30. come by=go by (不及物) 经过 31.on the left/right(of) 在…的左边/右边 32.save money 存钱 33.on the second floor 在二楼 34..between…and… 在…之间 35.next to 在…旁边 36.in front of 在…前面(外部) 37.in the front of 在…前面(内部) 38.across from 在…对面

44.the world’s largest water slide 世界最大的水滑道

45.rock band 摇滚乐队

46.dress up as clowns 打扮成小丑

47.both …and… …与…都(两者都) 48.take dance lessons 上舞蹈课

49.on the beach 在沙滩 50.Sports Museum 体育博物馆

51.Science Museum 科学博物馆

52.History Museum 历史博物馆

53.exchange A for B 用

A 换 B 54. take the escalator to the second floor 乘电梯去二楼

55. look for 寻找 56.look at 朝…看 57. go straight ahead 一直往前走

58. go up/down 向下/上走 59. at the corner of 在…的角落

60. ask for information/help 寻求信息/帮助

61. be common 共同的

62. be necessary 必要的

63.visit a foreign country 参观外国

64. similar requests 同样的提问 5


71..speak/say to 与……讲话

72. on the other hand 另一方面

73. a direct order 一个直接引语 74.lead in to a question 引 入一个问题 75.be sorry to do 遗憾做…

76.It seems that从句…


77..in a way 在一方面

78.in order (not) to do 为了(不)做某事

79.language etiquette 语言礼节

80. (n.)trouble=problem/matter/difficulty 问题

81. learn sth. by oneself 自学 82. teach oneself teach +sb.+学科 教

sb 学科 83. be pleased/happy/pleasant(物) = nice/pleasure

84. make plans to do sth.=plan to do sth. 计划做 sth 85. walk around 随 意走 , 四处走

86. as many friends as I can / possible尽可能多的朋友

87.get/be angry with sb. 对

sb 生气 88.get/be angry at sth 对某事生气

89.make some mistakes 犯错

90.be excited about sth. 对 sth 很激动 91.leave for + 目的地

6 离开去sp


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