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I'm more outgoing than my sister.

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一 、写出下列单词的比较级





二 、重点词组识记

1. 和...样_______________________2. 擅长于_________________________

3. 使某人做某事_______________________

4. 看起来一样__________________

5. 与┈不同_________________________

6. 超出_________________________ 7. 两者都_________________________


9.只要、既然_________________________10. 事实上_____________________



1.Who is ____________( heavy), Wang Lin or Lin Tao?

2. Mr Green is ____________ ( serious) than Mr Brown.

3. The sun is ____________( big) than the earth.

4. Unit 4 is ____________ ( difficult) than Unit 5.

5. My mother is ____________ (young) than your mother is.

6.There is going to be a singing____________(compete) this afternoon.

7.Who is the____________(win) of the 100 meters race ?

8.I can dance____________(well) than any other student in our class.

9.Jim works as____________(hard) as Jim. So they both get good grades.

10.Can you say it____________(loud) ? I can’t hear you .

11.I like the friend who is a good ____________(listen) .

12.It’s not very important for me____________(be) the same.

13.She likes to have friends who are ____________(difference) from her.

14.Lingling has long hair, but her sister’s hair is longer than____________(her). 15.I like to have a friend who enjoys____________(tell) jokes. 16. Bob enjoys ____________ (tell) jokes.

17. It is very necessary for us ____________ (read) English in the morning. 18. He can hardly make the baby ____________ (stop) crying.

19. The movie is very ____________ and I am ____________ in it. ( interest) 20. Both of ____________ (they) are outgoing. 21.He sings ____________ (well) than his sister. 22. Here are some ____________ (photo) for you


1. 他多长时间拜访祖父母一次?他每月拜访祖父母3到4次。 How __________ does he visit his grand parents?

He __________ his grandparents __________ or __________ __________ a month.

2. 我姐姐和我一样。我们都很外向。

My sister is the __________ __________ me. We are both __________. 3. 我们应该每天打扫教室。

We should __________ our __________ every day. 4. 小明擅长游泳.

Xiao Ming is __________ __________ __________. 5. 你看上去和你的妹妹长得一样.你们是双胞胎吗?

You and your sister __________ __________ __________. Are you twins?

五 、单项选择

1. —Is your brother good at _________basketball? —Yes, he is.

A. to play B. plays C. played D. playing

2. This book is _____________ as that one.

A. same B. different C. the same D. Difference

3.We all like Tina,so she is very ________ in school

A. pretty B. beautiful C. funny D. popular

4. Mary likes to have friends who are different ______her.

A. at B. of C. from D. for

5. Sandy is ________ at playing soccer than Simon.

A. better B. good C. well D. best

6. ______ they look different, they have some similarities.

A. But B. As C. Although D. When

7. I’m a little ______ than my brother.

A. tall B. taller C. the tall D. the taller

8. He was too tired,so he ______.

A. stopped resting B. stopped to rest C. stopped to work D. stops working

9. _Of the two man, who is your father?

______ of them is my father. A. Neither B. Both C. None D. Either

10.This watch is______ than that one .

A.more cheaper B.much cheaper C.more cheap D.much cheaper

11.I like to have friends who are different______ me.

A.to B.as C.from D.than

12. — What do you think of your Chinese teacher ?

— I love her . She is really______ . She always works till middle night.

A.outgoing B.funny C.hard-working D.serious

13. —______ is better ,this blue dress or that red one ?

— I think the red one is better.

A.What B.Which C.Where D.When

14.Both Lisa and I have long hair, but my hair is longer than______ .

A.she B.her C.she’s D.hers

15.Don’t______ the people who are in trouble .

A.laugh B.laugh at C.laugh for D.smile at

16. —She is Lucy, isn’t she?

—______ . Lucy is taller than her.

17.Which do you like ______ ,apples or oranges ?

A.best B.good C.well D.better

18. —Can you play ______piano ?

—Yes ,I can.

A.a B.an C.the D./ _

19.She is shy and she often speaks______ .

A.quietly B.quiet C.loud D.loudly

20.English is______more interesting than history.

A.a lot of B.a few C. lots of D.a little

21.In some ways ,Lily and lucy look______, but the twins are a little different______each other.

A.same;from B.the same;from C.the same;as D.same;as

22. ______you drive carefully,you will be very safe.

A.As long as B.As soon as C.As well as D.As for

23.My new dress is______to the one you have.

A.expensive B.cheap C.beautiful D.similar

24.It’s dangerous______so close to the river.

A.be B.is C.to be D.being

25.You should ______ the room every day.

A.clean up B.to clean up C.cleaning D.cleaned

26. ______ of the twins are middle school students.

A.Both B.All C.One D.Every one

27.He always makes me______

A.to feel happy B.feel more happy C.to feel happily D.feel happy

28.Jack is______ football than any other students in his class.

A.better at B.better in C.good at D.good in

29.This book is interesting ,that is______I like it so much. A.what B.why

C.where D.when

30. — If you ride a bike to school ,you will not get to school on time.

----Do you mean it is ______for me to take a bus ?

A.necessary B.important C.serious D.easy


上周星期天你在公园的路上遇到了一个五年没见面的小学同学王辉。你发现他与五年前有很大的变化。请你描述一下他的变化。提示词: play football popular outgoing athletic polite funny

要求: 表达清楚,不少于60词。

Last Sunday on my way to the park I met a classmate of mine .We were in the same primary school five years ago . His name is WangHui .I found he was much taller than before.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

文: He told me that he liked playing football. He was on the school team and he was very popular in his class. So he looked more athletic than before .Then he told me that he studied well in his class. We talked for a long time .He told e a lot of funny stories of him.I thought he was more outgoing and polite than before. At last we decided that we would go to the movie together next week.

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